My Winter Skin Care Sin

Hey everyone..
Its been forever since ive last blogged in. Anyways..busy life schedule, stress & strain taking in a lead. Okay, excuses apart, I feel so bad whenever i think of blogging and reading other blogs, I just miss it.
Anyways, to start with, just here to do a random post. About Winter Skin Care Sin that im at present committing on and on every day.

" Its just that Im not applying any kind of body lotions/creams or whatever after my shower or any part of the day "
Yeah..its too bad. Though i know the bad results it leads to, im just not enough motivated to apply these days. Dont know whats wrong with me. To start with here is my story rounded since an year.

[Past] Himalaya Herbals Soothing Body Lotion For Dry Skin:
Tried several other Body Lotions, but this is the only lotion that I adore, love and never ever made me to think of another body lotion. Ofcoure this may be a bit heavy during summers, but i hold on with it by applying just a little. But on terms of moisturization, it does a heavy job. I can sometimes even skip a day without it and the skin still holds on pretty good. In other words this is my HG Body Lotion.

[Present] Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion:
This is my current Body Lotion, which is responsible for my lack of motivation to splurge on beauty rituals. Its fragrance free, but sometimes I feel it smells a bit bad on the other side. Anyways, it dint do any good on moisturizing my skin. I have to apply it twice a day, to see and feel that it sits just on top of skin. No offense though, I bought this after reading several reviews, added I couldnt get Himalaya's Body Lotion in the country that i live. In the end, Im just looking forward to finsh this asap.

[Future] Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion:
Nowadays, after the severe damage that my skin had been through, it even bagged a bit of dark patches here and there due to the dryness. So, turned my eye on this and thinking of to get this one next time. Please do let me know if u like it or not.

Anyways..thats all for now, and hope ild be atleast frequent at blogging from now on.
Ciao Beauties.. :)