Happy New Year..!!

Happy New Year..!!
This Year has brought me several new things in to my life..and the particular being is this Blog. Ive read some few reviews here and there and in the next second I made up my mind to start a blog of myself..and here I am.

I never thought that Blogosphere would be this vast and to speak honestly..I came to know a lot more than I ever expected. To mention this happened in just a past couple of weeks, where Ive met some beautiful Indian bloggers and reading their blogs really sets my stress off. Keep going on beauties..and I cannot wait to explore more..

Well, I cannot mention from name to name..but I really Wish everyone out there to have a Happy & Glorious New year ahead..

Huge Lips and Skinny Hips

Well.. Im not describing any chic..rather its all about a lip gloss. Most of U might be already using this or to say have heard about this. But this made me to think far more than enough.

Huge Lips and Skinny Hips
is a lip gloss from Purple Lab, based on the theme of "Double duty Beauty for Multi-tasking Mavens". (this is what they claim in their website)
Apart from the basic moisturizing oils or lip plumpers, it contains "Hoodia", an all natural extract from a cactus-like plant indigenous to South Africa/Namibia, which is the main source of lime-light diversion. They explain that Hoodia is made up of something called P57, which targets the part of the brain that tells you when you’re full by mimicking the effects of sugar. Thus, it helps in controlling Ur cravings and ur hips turn skinny...?? But what If I put it on after I eat my Cheese Burger?? Or what If one got addicted to these lipglosses and were suddenly discontinued.. (a wild imagination is running..don't ask what it is..hahaa)

Well, It costs $25 each...the colors are all good..but I don't think I'm sold for this. I belong to 'eat well, workout more' category, so this doesn't go. Moreover, I don't want any herb to control what I eat. I just think Cosmetics should just meet the cosmceutical needs and leave the rest to pharmacy..!!

In the end I just think that Its jsut a marketing gimmick to bring out the hype. :D
What do u say..??

[Image Courtesy: PurpleLab]

Review: Nivea LipCare, Star Fruits, Cherry

Review again..
Nivea Lip Care
Star Fruits, Cherry

"Daily Lip Care with a fruity shiny color,
UV Protection..,
NEW, Extra shiny and glossy, 8 hours moisturization"

Well, Its(the review) been forever hanging in the 'Upcoming posts' section.. Sorry, for the late post, but its all party fever everywhere, that I couldn't make up here. Perhaps I should resume atleast now.
To start with Ive made a review of Nivea LipCare Star Fruits, Strawberry earlier. So better click here and read that, because most of the qualities are same, except for 2.
1: Fragrance..
2: Obviously, the color..
Anyways, to move on to the formal review part.. Here it is..

Packaging, Price, Ingredients, Texture..
Same as that of Strawberry flavoured. If U want to digg down, I request to read it here.
I want to point out another one, is that this lipbalm is quite soft or buttery than that of the Strawberry flavoured.

Well, Fragrance really deserves a special sub topic. Why? Let me tell you. Its not as pleasant as Strawberry flavoured. Rather it smells like a medicated one that I ended up wondering whether the real cherrys smells the same way? I love eating them..but why did they smell this way here in the lip balm?? I even though it might have expired, but no.
Anyways..I don't have any issues with the fragrance so far, but If u are looking for it, I'd really suggest to sniff it, before u bring it home.

Color in tube & on lips..
Well, the color is, as U can see in the above pic..its just the same.
On lips, its gives this pinkish hue, gives out more cooler look, unlike the Strawberry one which gives out warmer tone. But the color stays put for longer time.

Efficacy..??Does it Moistuirise..??
Well, it is good in terms of moisturization, but not as good as Strawberry flavored. U need to reapply it more often than the later one, for hydrating the lips.
Added, its (the balm stick) is more softer, that just one swipe is good enough to bring out the color. Rest is same as that of Nivea LipCare Strawberry.
Pros: Price, Packaging, Color (a cool, pinkish tint), softer texture
Cons: Fragrance, Need to reapply every 2hrs to get hydration
Well..I think I will repurchase this one..just because of the color. Im basically a lipbalm baby..haha..Infact I should share here, that a friend of mine even makes a line for me, that goes like this.. "Balm Baby...!! Whats the Balm, Baby?? ". Yeah, she called me a Balm Baby...funny! She asks in this way, whenever I try a new lip-balm.

Depends, again. But its good for teenagers, who cant go with lipsticks.. :)

So, Have U tried it?? Do share ur experiences..!!
By the way..how are ur holidays??

Merry XMas..!!

Merry Christmas Everyone..!!
Though a bit off time or.. pretty late..I know..but I've got no time to make a post.. :P
Been on a short holiday trip and had a rocking Holiday Season bash.. The past 2 days as been like a roller-coaster ride..

The pretty part in Holiday session..is 'Beauty Shopping'. Yay! I tried to make certain purchases(which Il post later), a simple haulage to say. Anyways..Im off to hit the sack now..

Hows ur Christmas by the way..?? Rocking n Cool..??

New: Himalaya Herbals Face Washes

Check out..
Himalay Herbals Healthcare, revamped their Facial Washes..Just the packaging..Im not sure about the changes in efficacy, though the Acitve ingredients remain the same.

[Clicking the image will take u there]

From the CHANGE in their Hair Care range of products..guess its time for skin care range as well. Though there is not much difference in the packaging..I really appreciate the change once in a while. By the way, Ive read somewhere, that it happens once every 18months. I wish if they doesnt change their skin-care products' formulas, because the lotions/potions are really good and doesn't think they need a change.

And..How are your holidays going..??Sorry for the lack of reviews so far..Im really pi*sed off today..thus arises this post of other stuff.

Happy Holidays Beauties.. :)
[Image Courtesy :Himalaya Herbals Healthcare]
[P.S: Im in no way related to Himalaya Herbals Healthcare. Just posting it on the grounds of spreading information]

What did I do last sunday..??

The title might elevate curiosity a bit.. But the image might diminish it. Anyways..
Last Sunday (20-Dec), I felt quite bored, and thought of to go on with a TLC-session. So, after several thoughts, finally picked up to do a hydrating mask. All Naturale... :P
Ingredients that I picked:
Soya Beans: Grinded the beans in to a fine powder, with the help of a heavy duty grinder/mixer.Thats all..just a single element :P

NOTE: Soya beans are hard to turn in to a fine powder. If its not quite possible, then soaking the beans in water overnight, would soften them, which makes them easy to blend in to paste.

Here is how I did it.. I just added a tablespoon of Soya bean(fine grinded) powder to 1 spoon of warm water and mixed it in to a paste. The paste is quite thicker in consisteny, so added a spoon of AloeVera juice( I have several Aloe trees across my home :P ) untill it turned in to a paste, to go as a facial mask. Applied it allover face. Let it for 15-20mins.
Its soo good, that I even tried it on Monday evening...

But Why this..??
Everyone know that milk is good enough as a perfect nourishing agent. But it may irritate sensitive skin (y..it does irritate me! i get red bumps..) But Soya bean powder/milk is a best soothing n hydrating agent. So, its best to pick Soya beans or Soya Milk , if Uve got Sensitive skin.

Ive mentioned it already that I had it twice already as a face pack, which just says how much I like it. U can read here, about Soya Beans properties..and how good it is for skin.
It hydrated my skin, turned smooth and supple. No rashes so far hehee... Its just a hydrating mask.
But i think its better to do a patch test before, If u wanted to try it.

2 Ways..
My Way: I grinded a Cup of Soya beans to a fine powder(dry), so that I can use(a spoon) it whenever I want. Just add a hint of water, its good to go. I think it lasts me for 3-4 weeks.
The Other Way: Soak the soya beans overnight, grind it the next day morning and apply.

Thats it..Il update if any thing strange happens..
Till then Ciao Beauties.. :)

New Year's Resolutions..

Another Year is just a couple of weeks away, infact less than that. So, isnt it a custom or culture to make a New Resolution chart.. whether one follows it or watever.. Well, I do make the list prepared every year and dump it without even following it atleast a week. Yeah..my bad!
And to start with, Im ready to share my New Year's Resolution over here with u.. (whether I follow it or not) about which Ive been thinking of the whole yesterday and made just this..??
  1. Be regular at Workouts : FYI..I don't workout regularly. E.g If i worked out today, I might skip the next 2/more days. Sometimes, I even make it reasonable/flexible to workout atleast 4 days a week, but that doesn't work either.
  2. Drink Water early in the morning EVERYDAY: I do drink water early in the morning, but only if I wake up early, which is pretty rare. Had I got any time, I try to sleep and wake up just an hour before I'm supposed to step out.
  3. Stick to Diet: Ease out there. My Diet is not a hard one. I'm just supposed to eat 'Sprouts +Banana+Milk' for breakfast and in lunch..6-8 Dates/Figs together with food. As-usual, I turn sick psychologically, and end up eating junk, the next day.
  4. Less time for games: I'm a PC game freak. I love NFS, Sims2 (I dint get Sims3..all my friends & family are against me on this n plays evil, to reach it) that I usually end up playing until 3-4AM. n Nowadays, Im playing "Emily's Delicious Holiday Season". Anyways, I made a plan, its just 2 hrs of game play.
Thats all for now.. I'l update from time to time, whenever a new thought creeps in.
Till then..Ciao Belles..
By the way, whats ur new year's resolutions??
Do share it..trust me..its fun.. :P

New: Avatar..!!

I mean.. the movie..
Ive been waiting for this movie to release since ever..and now finally I got the chance to watch it NEXT weekend.."A Boooo.." there.. I know, but I tried so hard to get the movie tickets asap, but destiny wins. Unfortunately, Im liberally free this weekend and got nothing to do, other than feeling bad & waiting for the next week end to arrive fast. I might even suppose to make the coming week days, less productive, by just dreaming about this movie. haha..Honestly, I'm not a movie buff and to judge it, I go to the theater once/twice a year..yeah U heard me right. Ofcourse, I watch TV a lot. Back here, Ive been waiting for this movie, just because its by James Cameron and added, sci-fis are one of those genres that I adore a lot.
Oh man..this is really on my nerves..Cant wait.. :P

Anyways..Any recent movies that Uve watched..??

News: Nicole's trend??

Correct me If I'm wrong or lost..
But is this a new trend or what??
This is how Nicole Kidman was spotted at the red carpet premiere for 'Nine'.
What was that white powder doing underneath her eyes and nose??
Is that....[speechless] ohh..i couldnt figure it out..
or does that belong to winter theme..??
Who did her make up..?? I just want to know who could go this far in terms of sheer negligence..?? Or is he/she drunk?? Going under severe trauma..??

Ohh baby, Nicole is no doubt one of my favorite artists, but dint she have at least a bit of time to glance at herself..??

And I really feel bad about talking about celebrities..Honestly,which I never did before. I used to feel that they had the liberty to wear/carry whatever they want.. I used to justify no matter how so ever they looked, But this instance is really cracking me nuts.

Upcoming Shoping List

I made a schedule to go on shopping just on the word of "XMas-Shopping". Though I don't need any basic necessities so far..Ive managed to pick out some items, that I would make them subjective while shopping.. :)

Beauty related stuff..lined up apart.. and here they go
  • Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack (200gms) : Restocking up

  • Biotique AloeVera Protective Body Lotion SPF70 : Just to try..heard my friend raving +ve about it..Added im a lunatic for Neem based products, and this contains neem as well.

  • Eyetex Dazzler LipStick: Just to try..they are new..never heard of them before..
    Thats my friend who actually called me up to air-mail them, cos she couldn't find them online.. So, this made me to break into further more queries and im all sold out. Im going to try it out as well. Lets wait for the formal review..
    Basically, I know this brand.. called 'Eyetex' which is quite popular for Kajal/Kohl. Back those days, when Im just a kid, 'Eyetex' was treated as a synonym for Kajal. Its only later that I came to know that its the brand name.

  • Hair Gel & Spray :Restocking again..
So..these are the things that creep in my mind so far..Its quite tiny though..But I did manage to grab out to buy something when I don't need to. Anyways..I'm even planning for another Lakme Haulage..while I visit their Lakme Saloon, but that's later..
Till then Bye..

Review: Nivea LipCare, Star Fruits, Strawberry

As promised.., review of Nivea LipBalm. Sorry for the delay, my bad..Blogger didn't show up the pictures from picasa unfortunately, and it took untill now to get it resolved. Anyways.. It says..

"Nivea Lip Care
Star Fruits, Strawberry

Daily Lip Care with a fruity shiny color,
UV Protection..,
NEW, Extra shiny and glossy, 8 hours moisturization"

The lame blurry picture again..I dont know whats wrong with my Camera..Anyways..I bought this in a Drugstore, after reading several reviews. Added, I can remember, back in 'Sawaal-Ibibo' account (Yup, I used to be there before..but not now) someone suggested me to use Nivea lipbalm, for chapped lips. So, as soon as I saw this..I just grabbed it. They even got Cherry flavour, but for some/other reason, I liked this color better than Cherry.

A bit similar to ChapStick..looks like a fatty-chapstick tube. Cap extends, till the bottom. If u see the pic, the whole strawberry colored part is the cap, while the white color below, is what covers the lipbalm-stick. Convenient to carry around. It being in a twist up tube, need not dig in Ur fingers and very convenient to use.

Texture, Color, Fragrance..
Fragrance..I'm spellbound. Smells truly like Strawberries. I'm a die hard fan of Strawberry fragrance. There are times, where I just open it, just to get a sniff, a mean try to elevate senses. hehee..
Color..same as the tube's color.
Its a warm coral red. Glides on well, giving out a subtle sheen to the lips. Few more swipes, can beat any sheer-coverage lipsticks. Though not darker..but U can reach the same color as that of the balm. If Uve got uneven/pigmented lips(like most Indians), this might nor cover up the unevenness. The color just brigtens up the whole look.

Texture is glossy on the lips. Feels neither greasy nor waxy..but feels very light..
But the balm/stick is a bit harder. Not like those buttery sticks, which just glide on while melting up. Ive heard, that in some other warmer countries, it even melted out. :P Dint happen to me, though I went trekking.

Heres the pic of the rear view. Click on the pic to view it large...I tried to get a better one, but this is the best Ive got. I think I should atleast stop holding camera again..
Just to mention..the product is manufactured in Thailand and shipped in, which made my skepticism to rest at bay. No Offense, I just hate some products manufactured in India, because I just don't get why all of them are meant/supposed to be matte. However, 5 years back, Nivea 's Lipbalms are completely different from this. I remember they are around 2o INR..but they are as bad as possible.

Cost 120 INR for 4.8gms. I bought this some 5-6 months back..and its still on the go.

On the label, it said '8 hours of moisturization'..whereas I would say, "2-3 hours of no-drying effect.., whereas the tint lasts untill u wash". There wouldn't be any gloss after 2 hrs. Another swipe after those 2-3 hours, gains back the gloss, with added tint.

Okay..to speak about moisturization, its not a perfect moisturizer, but It can be treated as a lip-tint, which doesn't dry up the lips. In other terms, Ur lips will not be deadly dry at least for those few hours. However, my lips did chap/flaked out after some 4-5 hours, as soon as the balm went off, making me to reapply often.

I have to mention that this could be good for sensitive lips as well. Mean to say, certain products darkens my lips( which is quite common for sensitive lips),yeah even the lipbalms, but this didn't.
Pros: Color, Fragrance (heavenly), Price, Packaging, Tints lips, Glossy sheerness, doesn't darken the sensitive lips.
Cons: Not a complete moisturiser that have to reapply often.

I feel that is should be named rather as "Lip Tint" than LipCare.
If U ever been through Revlon's Beyond Natural Lip Tint..this is just the same.

Well, depends. If u are really interested, U can go ahead giving it a try..but I wont say U'ld lose Ur life, If u wouldn't try it :P Its just a lip tint.

No. Though it is a good liptint(as I say), I sometimes don't prefer the gloss, whenever I need to look formal.

But I really have to drag myself, and heavily make up reasons to break up with it, which shows how much I liked it :P
So..have U tired it anytime..?? Do U like it..?? Pls let me know..
Ciao Belles..

News :Clean & Clear Revamps

Hello Beauties..
If U are one of those teenagers, who are through acne-curses, I bet u would know Clean & Clear range.. So, after getting through several changes in their products since the past few decades, I'm a bit interested to know about their products, n so I just made a search and found that their

Website is fully revamped, with a more girly-desk look...
[Click the image to let U there.. :) ]

Well, I went nuts for its design..because its so far the best I could see among any other Indian(though Clean& Clear is international) Skin-care based websites, with that girly touch. Im loving it..
Apart from that..Its got some skin care tips as well..Go indulge urself for a while,with that Girly theme..

What do u say..??
Do U like it..?? Yay..?? No..??

Q Tip: Go "Oil" in!

Moisture boost for dry hair...and your self image!

Dry humor is funny; but dry hair isn't.
For a moisture boost and hair care pick-me-up, use Coconut oil or Almond oil for a hot oil treatment.
  • Simply shampoo hair as usual..,
  • then massage warmed oil in to your hair..,
  • wrap your hair with a towel or turban and relax for 5-10min..,
  • while the oil does its work, then wash and condition as usual.
You're "Oil" done!
Stay Cool and never dry up..Ciao Belles.. :)

Review: Biotique Almond Kaajal

Another Review.. n Now its..
Biotique Botanical Extracts Bio Kajal, Almond Kajal (Black)

If it ever happened to visit their website, U can browse and get to see whats abt this product, BioKajal. But the packaging of the product(in their website) looks completely differect from what Ive got(below). Anyways, to speak about the brand, Biotique is a brand, where it claims, in short, that its completely natural, with no chemicals/preservatives.

Ive bought this Kajal, last year December, so... Isn't it quite a time to shoot out a review now? Anyways, to start with, I have sensitive eyes, like, I cannot go with Mascaras, Eye shadows, Eyeliners or any of the other Eye Makeup elements, without bleeding or without turning myself as a disastrous raccoon. The minute I put on something over the eye area, my eyes instantly start to weep. I dont know how instant it could be.
So, after searching for a while, I thought I should pick this BioKajal, because there couldn't be any ingredients which could make my eyes irritated.

Comes in a transparent twist-up tube (like that of a lip-stick tube). Kajal comes in like a long-shaped cone, in the tube. Packaging is not so great, especially, though u twist inwards, the Kajal-stick heads out a bit, that it could be a bit necessary to pay caution while fixing up the cap. Apart from that, quite easy to carry.

I dont exactly remember the accurate figure, but it ranges in between 110 -130 INR ( cos its last year's story)

Ingredients are on the cover, which I lost :( . Though, not sure about their percentages, here is the ingredients list.
  • Sesame Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Eclipta Alba
  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Berberis Aristata
Now, If U are into Ayurveda anytime, U would know what 'Triphala Churna" is..and this got it too.

Fragrance, Texture, Color..
Fragrance..just is the time, when I went back to it, to take a sniff. Doesn't smell anything.
Texture is creamy but gives a matte finish. It is quite soft that just a swipe gives out a great black line.
Color is intense black. It stays the same color all through the day, unlike some which changes in to greys. This is the best thing about this....The dark black color, which freshens up the entire eye look.

Now to move on to the point..
about how well it does...its a good Kohl/Kajal except that its a super smudging Kohl. It smudges that great, that u dont even need any eye-makeup removers. In fact, U can just wipe it off with any tissue or ur fingers, and u can see Ur eyes are all clear with no kajal. Sometimes, it smudges that badly that, I always end up wiping off the smudged area, and reapply again and again. Because of this, I never apply it when I have to step out. I use it only during weekends or whenever I stay back home. Thats the thing I hate with it, that since then Ive been searching for a Kohl which doesn't smudge.

On the other side, it cools up the eyes, never gave me any irritation, freshens up the eye-look, Very dark colored black that never fades.
Ive read in their website, that it helps in the growth of eyelashes. I'm not sure whether it did that, but it definitely helped in not plucking it away. To speak here, Ive used Lakme Kajal, and everytime I remove it, I get 2-3 lashes fall off everytime. So, keeping that in mind, Biotique Kaajal, dint do that any.
Overall, it can make a Good Kohl, If u know how to manage on the smudging grounds.
Pros: Intense Black Color, Super Cooling, Freshens up, Good for lashes, Packaging, Price.
Cons: Super duper smudgy..
No. Well, Im thinking of the other Herbal Kajals now..

No. Remember..smudges so badly..

Thats all for the review..
Hows Ur weekend by the way.. I felt so tired, that I dint even get the mood to write up.
Okay..Ciao Belles.. :)

Review: Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

A review about a product from Himalaya Herbals range of Personal Care products..and its..

Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm
"Nourishes Lips. Prevents drying and chapping"
It says over here (in their site) that..
Lip Balm prevents chapping, drying and cracking of the lips. It contains a natural UV filter and Vit.E which nourishes, tones and softens the lips.

Chapped, cracked or dry lips.

Ingredients Include:
* Ricinus communis (Castor, Eranda)
* Cocos nucifera (Coconut, Narikela)
* Triticum sativum (Common Wheat, Godhuma)
* Wrightia tinctoria (Sweet Indrajao, Hyamaraka)
* Daucus carota (Carrot, Garijara)

Use Directions:
Apply smoothly on your lips."

A Tale..
FYI..I dint buy this..infact, I have 3 of these(of which 1, hits pan) all of them are free with 'Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion' & their 'Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion' as well. Im not sure, whether the offer still exists. But this is what the best thing I like about Himalaya Herbals....some way or the other, U get something free with every purchase...Like the other day, I got their Neem Face wash free with Protective Sunscreen Lotion. Not just that..there are several other offers too..which Il definitely mention, when its time. Okay..now its time to move on to the review..

Comes in a Squeeze-out tube, with a Screw top cap, in teal-green color. Very handy to carry on. Weighs 10gms..

I feel its not important to mention Himalaya Herbals Price ranges, as they are always in limits/budget levels. Anyhow..it costs 20 INR for 10gms. So, how much does each gm cost? hehee...

Texture, Color, Fragrance..
Texture is just like that of white petroleum jelly, a bit more on the runny side(Click on the pic)...the way it feels when there are some oils mixed up with petrolatum..,so, it must be a petrolatum based lipbalm. When u apply, it feels gelly & after few minutes, a bit of it absorbs/sinks in and there remains out that messy-greasy feel.
Color..as u can see in the pic..its white
Fragrance..nice smell...i find it a bit on floral/herbal side. But barely there.

Coming to the ingredients list..I like to mention it that "Based on the Indian Norms" nobody is supposed to label the whole 'Inactive Ingredients list' on the product or anywhere else. Though it dint mean in the direct way..but this happens with all the personal care products. So, here comes the ingredients list..
I bet U cant read what it is on the above pic, unless U view it large :P Sorry, my bad..I dint have proper time to get a clear/better pic. Anyways..It says..
"Enriched with Carrot Seed oil, a natural sunscreen and Wheatgerm a rich source of Vitamin E, to nourish and soften lips."
Each gm contains:
  • Oils Eranda (Ricinus Communis) 10mg
  • Garijara (Daucus Carota) 10mg
  • Godhuma (Triticum Sativum) 10mg
  • Hyamaraka (Wrightia tinctoria) 10mg
  • Narikela (Cocos nucifera) 10mg
So..all make 5% of the total product (math again! :D). If u are clueless about any of the above ingredients, U can make a Google search, I know..I know..I dint have to say that though :P

Overall, its a good balm. I don't say that its a Holy grail..but it does what it says. Completely heals chapped lips. Those of u, who got extremely dry lips n continuous chapping lips, this is a must try. The best thing, is that it doesn't make ur lips addicted. Mean to say, u can go with bare lips , after treating ur lips with it. For eg, I tried it one day, and I dint feel the need to apply the next day. Good...isn't it? Added it toned up my lips as well, unlike certain lipbalms, which turn the lips darker..it brightened up the lip color.
The only thing that I dint like about this is the greasiness on lips and the pale-sick color(being white in color) it departs on lips. It just feels like Petroleum Jelly on lips...yeah..a greasy texture.
Pros:Packaging, Fragrance, Price, Hydrates perfectly, Tones up by a shade(Never darkens even the most sensitive lips)
Cons: Greasy feel, white cast on lips.
Well, I have a handful (just 2 to say) of them now, sitting in my vanity desk. I'm not sure though.. Besides I even made my own lipbalm and I love it. So, I think I'll buy it, only if im left alone in an Island ,where there is just that Himalaya Herbals stand-alone store. :P

Hmm..not sure..but depends on u. If u are not allergenic/dislike Petrolatum based lip balms, then u could try this. This could be very handy than that huge pot of Petroleum Jelly jar, in Ur sedentary work life. In other words..this is the best option for those Petroleum Jelly lovers..
And those who hate that sick-pale-white cast on lips, this is a no-no balm for them.

Have u tried this..
Please let me know, what u think..

Q Tip: Just one finger on ur Face..

Yup..Its ur 'Ring Finger"..
Mean to say, whenever U need to do some facial-care routine, one is not supposed to use their entire palm.
Be it massaging, cleansing or applying any makeup..or touching ur face..U just have to get used to 'Use just ur Ring finger' If u need more pressure, U can use ring finger of both the hands, but not any other finger..or whole.

Ive mentioned here, not to touch ur face other than when its ur TLC time. Now, telling that its good to use just ur Ring Finger whenever u have to touch ur face (I mean whenever u r following ur beauty-care routine)

Basically, Ring finger is the best finger, in giving out the optimum pressure (not much like index ginger nor less like small finger) on face. Facial skin is the most sensitive skin, thus it needs less pressure whenever it is supposed to get.

So, next time, try to use just ur ring finger..
Ciao.. :)

Review: ChapStick Classic, Cherry

Now, ask any American about ChapStick and I bet there wouldn't be one, who cannot answer without giving a weird gesture at U, as like 'Don't U really know? '. Besides, its even called as 'America's Legendary LipBalm'. And to move on to the review..Ive tried Classics, Cherry Flavoured, so this is the review of it.

ChapStick Classic, Cherry
"Skin Protectant/Sunscreen SPF4"
Go check out its full details over here in their website..
I ordered this in bulk (10 of them), all Classic range, an year ago. Fasciated, I took out the Cherry flavored.
Tried it for 3-4 weeks I guess and finally, dumped this in bin & ended up distributing the rest, 9 chapsticks, to the near and dears. Not just because I love them, just because I thought it might at least be good on them. Though I never asked them, I could figure that they dint like it much either, because none of them ever mentioned a word about it. :D Anyways, to move on to the regular format of reviewing(boring, yeah, I know!)..

Comes in a regular twist up tube. Very, very convenient to use n carry. U can even dump it in ur back-pocket and nobody could ever notice that. But some find that the cap is quite small, that could easily go missing.

Now that I don't have this one (its in the bin, remember!), one can get its ingredients list in their web. However, heres the ingredient list...
Padimate O -1.5% (Sunscreen), White Petrolatum -44% (Skin Protectant)
Iactive Ingredients
arachidyl propionate, camphor, carnauba wax, cetyl alcohol, D&C red no. 6 barium lake, fragrance, isopropyl lanolate, isopropyl myristate, lanolin, light mineral oil, menthol, methylparaben, octyldodecanol, paraffin, phenyl trimethicone, propylparaben, saccharin, white wax

Color, Texture, Fragrance...
Color is in pink color, much like a Candy pink.
Texture..very greasy. And the stick is so hard, that I need to put a bit of pressure to apply. I even made certain experiments, like preheating it in over for a sec..but no result.
Fragrance..ooh I love it. Its only quality that I love, that made me to stick with it.

In the end..Is it GOOD...??
Honestly, NO!
Ive made a lot of search before ordering it. Its like some liked and the rest hated it. For me, Petrolatum moisturizes like nobody's business. So, Chapstick, constituting Petrolatum, thought I would fall in to the "hearts" category. But, figured that there are 56% other ingredients which doesn't suit me. I even felt like "?" for several days..like why it doesnt suit me, when its called 'LEGENDARY' and been answered when I read this one..
"Stop use and ask a doctor if
• rash or irritation develops and lasts
• condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days "
So, is it a foreword or what? Anyways..

It did NOT moisturise my lips. So, I turned to use it as a sunscreen for lips. And it did'nt do that either. Infact, my lips turned 2 shades darker by 3 weeks. Chaps are never healed. So, it went in the bin.
Pros:Packaging, Price, Fragrance
Cons:Doesnt heal chaps(though reapplied often), turned lips darker, not a good sun protectant.
Repurchase OR Recommend?
No.. If U are thinking of to get ur hands on this one, its better to stick with Petroleum Jelly.

By the way, have u tried it? Is it good with U?
Please do share.. :)

Review: Lotus Herbals Lip Balm, Strawberry

As mentioned, here is the review of
Lotus Herbals Strawberry LipBalm
"Rehydrates Dry & Chapped Lips"

Ive got this lipbalm free with "Lotus Herbals SheaMoist" (the review of it will be coming up soon..). As it came to me, I just have to try it. And here goes about it..

The balm comes in a tiny pot and the balm weighs 8gm. The walls of the pot are tranparent(not visible in the pic), while the cap is cream-coloured, as u can see. Packaging is good, classy, handy. U can carry it wherever u want :P .

Color, Texture, Fragrance, etc..
Strawberry flavoured lip balm is red in color, While the Orange lip balm is orange. The LipBalms' color is same as the colour thats indicated on the product/pot.
Texture..is gelly and waxy. Not thick, but with medium consistency, like that of a cold-cream.
Fragrance..smells like a true strawberry. If there are any, who can go nuts about the strawberry flavour (I belong too) they would end by sniffing this balm till they hit pan :P

Costs 60INR for 8gms of lipbalm. Both the flavours( Strawberry & Orange) costs the same. I dont say it is cheap/affordable, because different people have different levels of categorization for cost price. But, I categorize, based on its effectiveness, how well it performs n so on.. So, based on that..it is pretty expensive.

"strawberry extract, honey, jojoba oil, almond oil, wheatgerm oil"
Again, no infromation about the preservatives or what so ever..

To say it short, 'It is not a good one", when there are several out there in the market.
This smells good.
When applied on lips, it gives that glossy finish( which I liked), but the red-tint never shows up on lips, like the way it looks in pot.
Talking about hydration, the lipbalm dissolves/disappears within an hour, that U need to reapply it often. Sometimes, I feel that, it must have decided to turn my lips addicted to it (like the other commercial lipbalms).
But still, whenever I apply it over, it just sits there, doesn't moisturize at all. More like a wax, that never sinks in to Ur lips.
Pros: Packaging, Fragrance
Cons: Never hydrates, never shows up the tint on lips, need to reapply often.
Ok..with that said, it straight away goes in to the bin. Or sometimes, I just open it to sniff the fragrance. :)

No. Well, for that sake, I didn't even buy it. Its free..with a moisturiser. Im not sure whether this offer still exists, though.

No. I'l never recommend this to anyone. Instead, I'ld say Vaseline does good (to those who are not allergenic to petrolatum) interms of moisturizing.

Thats all. Have u tried this anytime?
Please let us know.. :)

My Holy Grail Face Wash..

Ever wished to get that one face wash, all year long, without looking back or thinking twice, whether its doing good or bad for ur skin?? Well, I no more fall in that category, because I already found my Holy Grail Face Wash..And that is..

Besan OR Gram Flour
Most of U might be using it for cooking purposes, but Whenever I go to grocery shopping, I make sure to get 500gms of Gram Flour, just to fill the need of face wash.

The usage is quite easy.. U just have to take a spoon full on Ur palms, add some water and then rub against both the palms, until it turns in to a paste, apply on face..and then massage with circular movements. Rinse off with water. Repeat twice if ur's is an oil slick.

It can be a bit messy, in the start, but as time passes by, I got used to it..and now I carry a pot/jar in my hand bag too, for whenever I need to wash my face, when away from home.

Well, I used to have oily/combination to start with, in my school days, later once, my Cousin, told me that she was asked to 'Stop soap and use GramFlour to wash face' when she went to a beauty-related audition. So, I started to use it as well. The results are amazing. After using it for some more days, the oil-secretion went controlled. Now can stay for longer periods, without looking like an oil-slick.
In winters, my skin is completely reverse. Its extremely dry. When i started using this, it went mild on my skin, and it made my skin supple.
Whenever, I get acne..(ahem..u know..) I mix in some neem powder and use it, which acts as both cleanser and anti-bacterial.

To look in the properties, GramFlour is a flour made from ground chana dal, a legume otherwise known as Chickpeas. Its rich in Carbohydrates with no Gluten. Now u can make a google search about its constituents, but Im going nowhere. Just because Ive been using it since my high school, :p Its been more that 4-5 years now..and I cannot think of any other face washes( neither of any soap-frees).
Pros: Moiisturizing, Controls OilSecretion, Makes skin Supple, Price, Mild Exfoliator
Cons: Hmm..?? Cant think of any..yeah..usage(but just in the start)

Whats Ur Holy Grail Face wash by the way..??
Please do share with Us..
Untill then Ciao Belles..

Q Tip: Cranky Skin..??

Got Cranky skin..??

Get to the cause of what's irritating your skin.

To avoid irritating your skin or if your skin is already irritated, try using only one beauty product at a time to see which one may be the offender. When using multiple products, it is more likely you may experience an ingredient that triggers a reaction.

And in the end..Off with the beauty talk..I deeply regret for not being able to publish any posts since 2 days..Ive hanled it to the technical team for some maintenance.. and now that Im back..Il definitely make a point to be diligent. :)

Till then..Ciao Belles.. :)

Review: Biotique Sunflower LipBalm

Up for another review about a LipBalm n its..,
Biotque Botanical Extracts Sunflower Lip Balm, BIOLIP
For Chapped and Dehydrated Lips.

" Apply a thick layer on the lips"
Yeah..thats what its says on the product.

Most of U might have a bit of awareness of the so-called-ayurvedic brand called 'Biotique'. I must say that there are several loyal customers out there in the whole world as well. Well, oh well, Ive been using this for an year or so.. and now I'm on my second pot of it. Is it too late for a Review?? Anyways, never too late. Dont get in to a false impression after 'me being on second pot of it' . Lets read on..

A Tale begins
Before starting..I want to tell u a short story. I bought this LipBalm last year, and went to get another one after 5-6 months. To my surprise, the 2nd lip balm that Ive bought is completely different in everything. So, for that sake, I might be referring the 2 , simultaneously, all through the review.

Comes in a Eco-friendly characterised Green pot. Inside its got a white colored rim. In terms of packaing, its handly. But sometimes, it can be a bit heavy/huge(a bit) to carry on. Its weighs 16gms. But afterall, it can be easily dumped in to ur hand bag.

Color, Texture, Fragrance..
Color as u can see in the pic, its pinkish (my 1st pot) n red(my 2nd pot). Confused? Well, Im pretty much confused as well. When Ive bought it for the first time, the color is Pinkish and after 6months, when I bought another one, the lip balm is Red tinted (as in pic below, its the second one). I even tried to ask the Store manager, but I was told, that herbals formulations tend to change color, which I agreed, because its true.

Texture again..2 stories. First LipBalm's texture is thick and kind of buttery, whereas the second one is gelly. Fragrance..same, smells like an ayurvedic. Some might find it difficult to carry it on, but its barely there after applying it on lips.

Coming to the ingredients list..here u go..a pic for U..

Let me write up here as well, cos the pic is so dim (sorry..:( I tried, but.. )
  • Arjun Chal -2%
  • Lodhra Chal -1%
  • Vach Mool - 2%
  • Mulethi - 2%
  • Badam Tail -1%
  • Surajmukhi Tail -3%
  • Arandi Tail - 16%
  • Til Tail - 5%
  • Kusumbhi Tail - 5%
  • Q.S Maram Base (what??)
Treats sores, swelling, dry dehydrated chapped lips, Restores natural suppleness of lips.
Ayurvedic medicine (For External Use only) This is not a Cosmetic Product. It has therapeutic properties.
The feature that I like about Biotique, is that their Key ingredients are more than 10%, unlike several other products, where its less than 10%. Now, thats the ingredients list, n if u r eager abt anything, u can google search it, or ask me, Il update with with further details.

Cost is 130 INR for 16gms. Affordable, Not Expensive, I say. If u happened to use Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm(which costs 60 INR for 8gms), BioLipBalm is of the same price, with added quantity.

As I said, the 2 pots, that I got are different, their result/effectiveness is different as well. Let me put in 2 different segments..

1st pruchase of BioLipBalm:
I loved it, when I bought it for the first time. It moisturized my lips. I can apply it whenever I want, and It gave the lips, that hydrated, watery look. Unlike other lipbalms, which creates the illusion of greasyness on lips (talking abt Vaseline), this made my lips to look watery, not at all greasy. The color on the lips looked birghter as well. Added, it toned my lips by making it brighter by 2 shades. The only bad thing abt this, is that I have to reapply it after 3 hrs..but its OKAY with me, when its doing such. I can tell that I liked it so much, that I finished it within 6 months, though a friend of mine, took for about 8-9 months to hit pan.

2nd Pruchase of BioLipBalm:
After turning in to my Holy Grail Lip Balm, I bought another pot. Soon after I opened it, I can see that the color is different.It looked with a red tint, unlike the past one with pinkish tint. Then I took out and applied, and it is gelly (the earlier one is buttery). There is this tingly sense over, soon after the application. And I checked out, on lips, and looked greasy. It no more gave me that watery/hydrated look. Moreover, it felt like Vaseline, with some color( that greasy texture prevails). However, I dint believe my eyes, for awhile, and thought of to use for some more days, and went on further. But it was the same look.
I dint mind the look, if its enough hydrating. In the long run, it dint moisturize, besides, it started to peel the skin over my lips. Turned the lips darker. So, stopped using it forever. Now im thinking of to use it for cracks (Nice idea right! )

But, why do they have to change the quality when its doing that great. Anyways, I sometimes think that the 2nd one might be an illegal duplication, but I bought it at the same place where I bought the 1st one. Anyways, I can in no way keep on testing it, so I have to skip it.
Pros: Tinted Color, Price
Cons: Different quality with each product, tingling, turns lips darker, peels off, greasy

No. With such a huge difference with each n every batch, I cannot keep on experimenting them, on my lips.

By the way, Have u tried it..?? How is it? Share it with us..
Bye Belles

Made a Lip Balm yesterday.. !!

Hello there..
The title is all about what Im raving now. Few days back, I mentioned in my Blog post, that IVe bought "Petroleum Jelly with Vitamin E". Now after trying it as lip balm for 2 days( b4 going to bed), I could see that my lips plumped up a bit. Im not sure whats the main reason ( which Il get to know somehow, but later) but I'm just so surprised to have a second glance at my lips, myself.
With that I started to use it in the morning , the color is not much alluring, and for that sake, I thought of to add a tint to it.

Well, many of u know that there are several recipes for DIY Lip Balms..I choose Rose flavoured. So I went searching in my Vanity desk, to get some Rose petals powder and my luck, I found it.
Another search for Container (to store the new DIY lip balm) and I got the '25gms empty tin of Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream'. So, let me share the way I did my LipBalm..

  1. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly : Now I have my 125 gms of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, I took out a scoop of 25gms out of it. U can even replace it with Beeswax or Shea butter, Cocoa Butter.

  2. Rose petal powder : U can make ur own, by letting the rose petals dry, untill there is no moisture, then grinding it in to a fine powder in a blender. 2-3 rose flowers are far more. OR, If u are in to first trail, U can visit ur nearby Ayurvedic/Indian store and get readymade Rose petal powder. I used 25gms of it.
Process is simple. Just mixing up all of them together. Many say that its good to heat it a bit and then mix. But I dint heat it, since Petroleum Jelly has got Vitamin E(atleast it claims), im a bit afraid it might lose its properties. But anyways, Ive mixed with my Room heater on. :P
After mixing for about 5 minutes, untill the powder dissolved in it completely, without any clumps, I could notice that the color is not in pink color as I expected. Rather its in Mocha/coffee color and resembled just like a Coffee/Choclate Lip Balm.
Anyways, its just yesterday that I tried it for the first time, and il post the review of it soon. The rose DIY Lip balm is known for moisturizing and toning properties. Lets see

Till then..bye Belles.

Q-Tip: Wash b4 WorkOuts

When to wash face??Before OR After Working Out??
The Solution is simple..
Wash ur face before U start working out.

Okay..Let me give U what exactly happens during 'Work Out Sessions'.
When U start exercising, Ur body tends to shed away the toxins (or sometimes tries to cool down the body) through sweat. Whenever skin starts to excrete sweat, the pores gets enlarged, just to pump the sweat out.

If U exercise with Clean face , the Sweat excretes out and stays there, without any clogs. Sweat never irritates skin (does if it mixes up with environmental dirt), that after working out, its not damn necessary to wash off immediately.

But If u don't wash before, Ur make-up/dirt that's been accumulated till then, sinks down in to the skin further, when the pores gets enlarged, resulting the clogs.

This sort of question arises to several, whether its OKAY to go with make-up to the near-by gym? I'ld say "NO". Its just because, skin absorbs the make-up in, while secreting sweat.

Review: Vasline Intensive Care, Total Moisture

Yesterday, I was raving abt Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and today, I thought its better to post up the reviews about Vaseline things, that Ive used so far. So, now its..

Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion
U can go visit their website, and check out abt this product(thats available in India). Well, this claims that it is a body lotion that's meant especially for Dry Skin. With Soya & Oat extracts, for Healthy Skin.
To speak a few more cents, the product that's available across the world, is different from that what we get in India . Its basically manufactured by HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.,) The word 'Different' implies on the terms of 'Packaging'. There is a lot of difference between the label graphics. But when it comes to the quality or the effectiveness of the lotion, I couldn't say anything cos, I haven't used the former one. But I've heard from a friend of mine, saying that its completely different and good, when she hated the one sold in India.

Anyways, it was last winter, that Ive bought this, since I was searching for a cheap Body Lotion to defend the winter dryness. My skin over body is normal (not dry even in winters), not at all problematic, goes with any kind of heavy lotions. The reason being that, I was left with several options to try, so I choose the word 'Cheap n Inexpensive' just to give it a bit of TLC. So, I went straight away to the drugstore and bought this bottle. So, here goes the review of it...

The packaging is good. Its optimum. I don't need an expensive, glamorously looking product. Its handy as well. But the only problem, that I used to face is..its quite hard to get the lotion out of it. The lotion gets easily solidified and turns stubborn to come out, that I have to squeeze, shake it, make a heavy stepped dance to get a pea out of it. However, its Okay with me.

Color, Fragrance, Texture...
The color of the lotion is white in color. Fragrance, smells nice. I can say that there is an added fragrance ingredient (For those of u, who are allergic to topical fragrances). Texture, a bit thicker than lotions.

Check out the pic. Information regarding 'Key Ingredient' is all what Ive found on the rear label. In fact, its based on Indian norms, that no information about all the other ingredients be given..is something what I came to know recently.

Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Petroleum Jelly, Vitamin E Acetate are the 'Key Ingredients'. On the front label, its mentioned that its got 'Soya & Oat Extracts', buts its no where mentioned in the Key Ingredients. I can think, they might have added it in the 'Other ingredients list', but doesn't that mean, that their concentrations will be less to make it a point?

Dirt cheap. 40 INR for a 100ml bottle.

When it comes to SkinCare, how it plays its role,is what bothers me. The rest, like cost, packaging, fragrance,color, all these terms, I never bother. So, to talk about its efficacy, I'd say, it dint do what is said. Let me explain. I applied it the first day after my shower. It felt good, non-sticky/greasy, melts in to skin. Smelt good. Doesnt feel heavy, doesnt suffocate the skin. The whole day, Ive been doing the so-called 'Scratch-test' and it passed. I felt great for this product.

But the next day, when im off to take a shower, my skin is shedding flakes, allover. It was like, the lotion made my skin further more dry, by making it to get addicted. But I tried it further for few more days, and everyday, I see the same flakes. Losing hope, I gave this to my cousin and she got the same flakes too.

Later, Ive made a search, like why does it flake up the skin, when its got petroleum jelly with it. To my horror, I found certain information, saying that certain products zap the moisture from the internal layers of the skin to the upper layers, so that, the upper layers wont look/feel dry(thats where the scratch-test comes). By the next day, since it lost moisture in the deeper layers, the outer layers lose their hydration roots from the deeper layers and eventually turn dry and then in to dry flakes.

Due to this, I stopped it at once, putting it on, and the next day, my skin is back to normal, with no flakes. From then on, I never turned to any of their lotions.
Pros: Non-greasy, Light, melts in to skin, fragrance, cheap
Cons:Further dries up, by flaking the skin in a day.

No. I dont think I'l try this no matter what, when there are safe lotions out there in the market. Infact, its been several months, that they had launched 'Healthy White' Body Lotion, about which they claim it as the 'No.1 Whitening Lotion in India'. Perhaps, I saw several people who love it, but Im untouched with that.

Thats all..How did this product turn out to U ? Good or bad..??
Please share abt ur Opinions..
Till then Stay Beautiful..Ciao Belles..

Tiny Haul :Vaseline

Hi there..
Haven't posted any post for today..its just me being a bit busy.
Anyways, Ive been to Reliance super mart , on the way back home to get some fruits n vegetables and while I was just walking through the cosmetics/beauty aisle, Ive noticed Vaseline rack, with lotions, White petroleum Jelly and "another new one" in to the group. Its..
Vaseline Vitamin Enriched Petroleum Jelly , with Vitamin E

The packaging was indeed completely different from White Petroleum Jelly, but its not new. I remember the same packaging, several years ago. Though the packaging of the product is not completely different, the pot is cream in color, unlike Indian Vaseline, which comes in white color always. The Cream color, made me to think, that it resembled the ones in other foreign countries like USA n others.

So to investigate further, I took it in to my hands and observed. Its got a label over it, mentioning that it was manufactured by HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.,) for Export sales. So, within a sec, without another thought, dumped it in to my cart :P . It costs 75 INR for 125 gms. Not expensive, but when compared to the ol traditional Petroleum Jelly, its obviously expensive. I'll be up with a review soon.

Till then,
Stay Beautifull..Ciao Belles.. :)

New in the Racks: Lakme Skin Perfect

If U browse the Lakme Website, U might have noticed by now, that they had introduced a new product. Following their fundamental moisturizers, there is a new moisturizer named as 'Lakme Skin Perfect Moisturizer'. Well, here are the details found on the web...

Lakme Skin Perfect Mositurizer
" Ever wished for that one product that took care of all of your skin’s needs? That moisturised skin, lightened its flaws and even protected it from the sun?
With soothing extracts of Orange flower and Lemon grass, Lakme Skin Perfect Moisturiser is all your skin ever wished for, and more.

How it works:
Heady extracts of Orange flower and lemon grass soothe skin, leaving it fragrant and fresh. While it also lightens your skin, its SPF enriched formulation lightens and protects, giving you skin that’s moisturised, smooth, sun-safe and well, perfect!

Results: Perfect, even-toned, beautiful skin."

So..what do U say..?? Thinking of to try it?? Well, Im in no way tempted , because I have a certain brand loyality (which il make another post), after using Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer and Sunscreen Lotion. Overall, I feel that Lakme is striving hard to elavate their products in terms of Packaging.
Anyways, I'l let U know, why I'm so sure abt their products and not at all tempting to give them a try, through my reviews coming up soon. :)

Mini Review
To speak abt this product, I could'nt judge the quality of the lotion(Cos I haven't tried it), but the overall look/packaging of the product is very awesome and quite elegant. Its got pump dispenser, which makes it to use comfortable n hygienic. The pink color makes it much more feminine.
Well, Lakme claims that its got SPF, but no other information regarding the ingredients are given, so Im left clueless over there. The price is not mentioned as well.
So, the only term that Ive liked in this product, is the 'Packaging'.(untill I come to know abt the cream/lotion effectiveness)

A Disclaimer: Im in no way associated with Lakme or any other brand. Im posting this not because of to improve the sales, but on the purpose of sharing and discussion.

Recent Tiny haul

Im here to just share my tiny haul, when Im off for a basic grocery shopping last week wednesday. This haul is regarding beauty related items, that Ive bought without any pre-plan, neither they are in my wish list. So the 2 things Ive bought are:

1: Himalaya Herbals Healthcare Anti-Hair Fall shampoo

A 200ml bottle, just to make sure that it is not too much, neither too less. Now-a-days, I just dont know whether its due to the cold weather or due to my less-importance towards my diet, my Hair is falling like hell. So, that being the reasong, I thought of to give this Himalaya Herbals Shampoo another try, after it had failed with ExtraMoisturising shampoo. I think i need to look after another brand as a whole, if this fails too. Costs 120 INR, 200ml. I'l be up with a review soon.

2: Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (mini, 40ml bottle, just to try)
Ive read several reviews abt this product, where several agreed & liked this product and for some, this lotion gave allergies. So, I couldn't decide which category I belong, unless I give it a try all by myself. For that sake, Ive bought a tiny 40ml bottle, so tiny, that i could easily skip it, in to my hand bag or use it while traveling, after Ive finished it. Whatever, I'm still a bit bothered to try it, cos of the fear of rashes/allergy. Its dirt cheap as well..costs around 39 INR for 40ml.. Il be reviewing this as well.

Thats all..Il be posting up all my hauls from now..only beauty related products.. :)
Good night everyone..

Q-Tip: Want soft and scented feet?

A treat for your feet!

This little piggy went to the spa! Want a luxurious foot soak at home?

Fill a large container with hot water.
Add grated orange peel, 3 tablespoons cinnamon, and a 1/2 cup olive oil.
Soak your feet for 20-30 min.

Want that great feeling to last? Sleep with booties on! If u cant get the above ingredients, U can just throw in some oil, any oil (coconut oil or whatever..), in that hot water and soak up ur feet.

For long lasting result, Sleep with ur socks on.. Next day, Uld wake up with beautiful soft, crack-free feet.
Ciao Belles... :)

Review: Brihans AloeVera Gel

SkinCare Product Review here.. its..
Brihans Green Leaf Pure AloeVera Skin Gel

Most of u might be completely unaware of this brand. Why, for that sake..even Im not aware of this until I bought this home. Ok, now to speak abt this product, Ive bought this an year back, at my local drug store, when the SA handed me this, along with 2-3 other products, when I asked him for AloeVera Creams. The others, being creams, I went thinking whether those creams mightn't suit my sensitive skin, so on a whim, I picked this Pretty Green thing, with elegant packaging. Then comes its usage and all the other practices.

So here goes the Review..

The product comes in a transparent pot with a white cap. No spatula, nothing. U have to dip ur fingers in, to get. The pot looks so pretty with those curves, but asusual, I always feel whether its good to dip down ur fingers, which can be unhygienic sometimes. Ok, I can think twice, that there could be preservatives that are strong enough to defend, but what such preservatives could do to the sensitive skin.

Color, Fragrance, Texture, etc..
The product is Gelly in texture, with transparent green color. It looks just like the way it looks in the above pic. Smells like normal gel. Remember, how those Hair-styling gels smells?? This smells just the same.

Its not at all expensive. Costs some 70 INR (im not sure abt the present price, Ive bought this last year, so this is the last year's news) for abt 125 gm(not much sure).

"Aloe vera 90% w/w, colour: brilliant blue FCF (E133), tartrazine (E102)"
These are the only ingredients listed out on the product.

Is it effective?? Ask me, and Il straight away say "No!". Ive bought this, because my skin likes real plant AloeVera gel extract. So, this being the reason, bought this, in need of basic moisturization for my facial-skin, and which doesn't aggravate in to acne/allergy.

First application on face, I felt like heaven. Its a cooling sensation. After a while, my skin felt normal. Ive made several checks, just to make sure that there is no reaction. So Ive continued using it for weeks. Then after 2-3 weeks, I could see that there are small red bumps (like chicken skin) all over face. I thought, thats bcos, Ive skipped my workouts that week. Later Ive been to Dermatologist and was prescribed some other creams, and thats another story.

After abt 6-7 months, I went to see that this pot is sitting in my freezer. Took that out, checked the expiry date and started to use it again. Ive used if for abt 2-3 weeks again, finally finished the product. It brightened my skin a bit, added a certain glow to the skin. So, Ive stocked up with another pot. After some days later, those red bumps, that visited me 6 months back, visited me again. But this time, I haven't skipped my Workouts, neither my diet. In fact it is not enough moisturizing as well. After few hours, u get that papery textured skin appearing out. So, the realy culprit is this one. Ive saw, the same result on one of my freinds as well. Then is the time, that Ive dumped this.

No. Infact, everytime, I visit any Beauty store, these pots invite me to get them, cos of their lovely package, but I wouldn't think twice abt them.
Pros: Packaging, Price, Brightens n GlowsUp skin
Cons: Causes Allergy after 2 weeks of usage, not moisturizing enough.

Thats all..
Have U used it..?? How did u get the result turned out..?? Ild be glad to know abt ur results..
Please drop be some words abt it..
Ciao Bellas.. :)

Q-Tip: Splitting Hairs?

Use Castor Oil to smooth out split ends

Ive already mentioned it in my earlier post i.e., in 'Night Care' mentioning it among those 20 things thats best to use before going to bed. Anyways,If uve missed it, Im here to mention it again and again.

Well, to continue on...
Split ends are a total drag. Apply Castor Oil to the ends of hair to help repair damage and give ends a smoother appearance. Under consequent usage for abt 3-4 weeks, Ur splits will be moistened and the Split ends reduces.

This process.. Castor Oil helps in giving out the proper strength to the tips, when the moisture from the hair-root cannot reach the tip. Gradually, due to the Castor Oil's deep penetrating and highly moisturizing capacity, those splits moisturizes and When there is enough moisture at the tip, therll be less damage.

So this night, make sure that u just rub in some Castor oil to those splits.
Ciao Belles..

Facial Masks: DIY at home

Hey there..Im back with another post regarding the DIY Home facial Masks.

Now that the winter is here, Ur skin is prone to dryness, no matter how u take care of it, consequently, slathering on those heavy lotions wouldn't serve sometimes. There are several just-so-commercial creams/lotions out there in the market, that does nothing, rather than just sitting on the skin. Some creams even change the skin's texture in to dry, flakyly papery.

Then comes those Facial Masks to rescue. Basically, the masks for Dry skin are supposed to be highly moisturising, that penetrates deep in the skin tissues and makes them soft and supple. Follow this simple mask once every 2 days, and check the results.

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon rose water
  • 2 teaspoon cream
Mix all the above ingredients.
Steam up your face and apply the mask for 10-15 minutes and wash off

Suitable for
This mask is highly suitable for Dry to Normal Skin Variations. If uve got Acne prone skin, check the ingredients list..its got Honey, Cream ,which may be allergetic to some acne/sensitive skin.

Keep Ur Facial Skin Glowing

Your face says it all. Your passing years, your worries, your schedule—name it and your face mirrors it. It makes you who you are. No wonder that everybody—man or woman—worries about it losing sheen. While ageing is inevitable you can take care of your face so well that it smiles back at you evertime you look at the mirror.

Tender Loving Care
Retain your youthful skin with tender loving care every day.
Keep your skin clean: use a mild cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Let skincare not be the first thing to be sacrificed if you are running short of time. Cleansing is a must at least twice a day.
Toning mainly depends on the skin type and weather. For instance, you would need to tone less in winter than in summer.
But you must moisturise no matter what. For those of you with oily skin, remember you, too, need to moisturise to keep your skin supple and glowing.

Protect your skin
Shield your skin from the harsh rays of the sun with a sunscreen lotion. Slather it on your face and other exposed parts of your body. Sunscreen prevents damage to the skin by UV rays that can cause age-spots, reduced elasticity and appearance of lines and wrinkles. Apply it 20 minutes before stepping out and if needed, reapply. Make sure the sunscreen suits your skin-type.

Beaute Products
Our skin ages because of genetic and chronological factors. We are programmed to look a certain way as we age. Besides, our genes, other factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, smoking and drinking also hastens our ageing process. There is a huge array of anti-ageing products to choose from. Regular use of a night cream, starting from your early 30s, can restore and replenish the skin’s moisture. These creams are also known to speed up the skin’s regeneration process which slows down with age. Look for one that contains vitamins, anti-oxidants, AHAs, ceramides and peptides.

Derma treatment
Consult a qualified dermatologist if you wish to go in for a cosmetic treatment. These treatments can partially restore the skin’s youthful appearance and slow down subsequent ageing. The skin texture can be improved by chemical peels or mechanical methods like microdermabrasion which target superficial imperfections. The loss of collagen which is responsible for reduced elasticity can be regenerated by the process of photorejuvenation in which lasers are used to promote skin tightening and reverse or at least slow down signs of ageing. Radiofrequency waves, too can be used for the same purpose. These lines are corrected faster.

Thats all..
But u should always remember that Beauty is not an Over night Achievement. Through consistent struggle, one can achieve that flawless result. :) So never ever skip the CTM Routine..
Ciao Belles..

Night Care for your Skin

Get gorgeous with these simple night time beauty rituals that leave you rested sleep.

The day finally comes to a close, the sheets have been turned down and the lights dimmed. The stresses of the day have left their mark, the shoulders ache, the hair is straggly, the skin rough to touch and the face marred by pollution, heat, dust and remnants of make-up. The comfort of the bed beckons, but before sleep overtakes you, it’s time to ready yourself for the next day—physically and emotionally. Night time rituals are as crucial as those that come with the sun’s rising. Check out what you need to do before checking in.

  • Take a bubble bath. Light scented candles, turn down the lights, switch on some soothing music. You can add 10 drops camomile, five drops geranium, seven drops of lavender, and four drops of lemon oil into a warm bath, and soak away the stress.
  • Use a body scrub during the night. It works better than using it in the morning.
  • Gently massage body lotion all over your body post the bath. The skin repairs itself during the night and it’s more effective to use the care products before going to bed.
  • Make sure you apply the night cream half an hour before going to bed. It should also be applied to the decollete as it the softest area and needs protection.
  • Give extra attention to your hands before going to bed. Cream your hands with an additional helping of skin care cream to feed your skin intensive moisturising substances and jojoba oil.
  • Gently scrub the feet and apply a foot cream before going to bed. It’s advisable to wear socks after applying the foot cream or body lotion.
  • Gently rub cool rose water on your skin, especially the face. It is one of the mildest astringents and the most natural way to make your skin come alive after a stressful day.
  • Add a few drops of calming aromas of lavender in sunflower oil and apply on temples or neck and shoulders. You can also use lime oil, eucalyptus oil or cardamom oil that are known for their stress busting properties.
  • Cleanse your face and neck with a mild cleanser to suit your skin type to remove all make-up and dirt from the neck and face. Always use a toner after to remove the residue of the cleaner. You can use a night time skincare formula on your face and neck. It could be a serum or a night cream that relaxes, repairs your skin’s epidermis while you sleep that is ideal for women who are 30 or older.
  • Lips retain less moisture than other parts of our body so they tend to dry out more quickly. A simple lip balm every night before you sleep works wonders.
  • Brush your hair and tie in a loose plait so that it doesn’t get tangled during sleep which could lead to breakage. Do not tie your hair too tight. Never sleep with wet hair as that’s when it’s most fragile and can get broken easily.
  • Once a week apply an olive oil-based cream on your hands and feet to keep skin supple and wrinkle free.
  • Have green tea every night before going to bed. It relaxes your nerves and detoxifies your system which will automatically show on your skin.
  • Do a little yoga, meditation or read a good book to help you clear your mind and relax.
  • Listen to soothing music and don’t think about what you need to do the next day.

Nature’s therapy
Dump those chemicals into the trash can and reach for natural products that will up the looking-good factor and help you unwind. Here is Bellepedia's list of the 20 best and especially good for the night care:

1: Aloe Vera Moisturises and softens the skin. It speeds up healing and is great as a sun screen.

2: Almonds are Rich in proteins and minerals. Almond oil prevents aging. Use it in your hair for a soft, silky feel and to keep away premature greying. Yogurt Eating one cup every day helps protect skin from damage from sun and acne.

3: Milk is the magic ingredient to supple skin that works as a gentle cleansing agent.

4: Honey with natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, protects the skin, is great to fight acne and ideal as a moisturiser.

5: Lemon acts as a natural bleach, anti dandruff, antiseptic and is an astringent.

6: Papaya is great as low calorie food. Put ripe papaya pulp on your face for 10-15 minutes. It will leave your skin refreshed and smooth.

7:Orange acts as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and is a good moisturiser for oily skin.

8:Tomato helps open pores and combat blackheads. Rub a sliced piece of tomato on your skin and leave for 15 minutes to help the pores.

9:Cucumber works as an astringent, has cooling and brightening properties.

10: Acai Berries are known as Energy booster, fights free radicals and may prevent wrinkles.

11: Wheatgrass Energises and reduces fatigue. Its juice improves digestion. Its good for Aneamics as well.

12: Turmeric prevents and helps remove blemishes.

13:Rose extract and rose oil promote youthful complexion with good tone and elasticity.

14:Mint relaxes, refreshes and hydrates the body. Crush mint leaves and apply around eyes to take away the dark circles.

15:Green Tea suppresses inflammation and irritation and reduces cellulite.

16:Potatoes rich in chlorophyll, reduces blemishes, burns scars and pigmentation.

17:Sandalwood oil is a natural barrier to UV rays. Its best to use it before hitting the sack to reverse the Sun's reactions on skin.

18: Strawberries has toning and moisturising properties. Mash three strawberries and apply as a face mask for 10 minutes.

19: Coconut Helps hair growth and regulates the functioning of thyroid gland.

20: Castor Oil for those split ends. Apply them to those dry/fscary split ends at the end of the day and shower off the next day.

Thats all Belles..
Ciao later.. :)

60 Day Grooming Schedule

This season if you are going to set a standard or schedule to turn urself beautiful..or if thers any Upcoming weddings u need to attend, Or to any horror, if its ur own wedding..the following are the tips and tricks that will help you look your best...Ive made a lot of calculation pertaining to the things that I should do, along with my fellow friends and here we are, finally up with a 60 day grooming schedule

First and foremost, set yourself a goal. If you are a bride-waiting ofcourse it is the wedding that you target; if not aim for a festival celebration, a family wedding, a special aniversary... experts agree that a pre-planned beauty routine followed properly for a couple of months will give that "bridal glow" everyone raves about, where the "Confidence" plays the key role.

Remember the make-up comes later, first, get glowing skin and then enhance it with the right make-up.


Day 1: Consult a Dermatologist and get all your skin and hair queries addressed. If u r pretty much aware of all the stuff that goes well with u, U can start out all by Urself.

Day 2: Visit a Dietician and figure out your optimum weight. Get her to devise a tailor-made diet and exercise plan for you to look your body best. She may need you to undergo some medical tests; go prepared and armed with the results to save time. Don’t overdo the gym, swimming or even walking routine. Get as much exercise as you can to get your body in shape, but without stressing yourself out!

Day 3: Take a little time out – you have two experts’ advice. But add to it; work out a sustainable plan to add your own little steps bit by bit (you can crosscheck with your experts if you like). Eat smaller meals six times a day; increase your water intake (if you’re not already drinking at least about two 1-litre bottles per day); maintain a daily food diary; stay away from the five Cs: Colas, Chocolate, Cake, Coffee and Chips! Make a “healthy” lifestyle – take the stairs, walk to the market, and get your beauty sleep. Ask your friends and relatives to cooperate; set the alarm, get your house help to cook healthier meals and so on…

Day 4: Throw out old creams and lotions; indulge yourself, buy a range of products based on your needs (as per the expert’s advice), anti-ageing, deep moisture, and whitening… Opt for a brand that you have been loyal to, and that has had proven effects on your skin. If confused by conflicting advice, ask the dermatologist to recommend a specific brand – just make sure she’s not affiliated to any particular brand! Your kitty of good buys must include: Face wash, Toner, Daycream, Nightcream, Bodylotion, Make-upRemover, Face&BodyScrub, and a Facemask.

Day 5: Go for a body wax – this is important to check your skin’s sensitivity levels a long while before D-day. Also, this will also let you check your comfort levels with the salon expert. If you’re the slightest bit uncomfortable, switch to another. A body wax includes the limbs and the back. Your stomach and breasts are usually bleached, or epilator creams may be used to take off the hair. You can also opt for a bikini wax, which involves waxing the hair off the bikini line and further down south (a Brazilian wax) –check if your comfort levels allow you to do this.

Day 6: Visit the salon to get your beauty plan in order (manicure, pedicure, facials, face clean-ups, body massage and wraps, head massage, hair spas and any more such treatments) – it’s easier to go to a one-stop shop for all your needs, instead of going all over the place and getting a pedicure at one place and a facial at the other. Kaya, VLCC, Lakmé, Shahnaz Husain, Habib’s and other salons have chains all over the city; find the one that gives you the best value for money, nearest to where you live.

Day 7: If you’re to be a winter bride, and your trousseau has been decided, sit with the make-up artist you would like to go with and ask her to devise 3-4 looks for you. If you’re not happy with her, find another one. If you want a special look for any other memorable occasion, it’s still a good idea to figure out the ensembles you will wear and decide on your make-up, to complement them.

Day 8: Your plan in order and consultations done, indulge at the salon or… Get a hydrating facial, a head and body massage, and throw in a manicure and pedicure. Or do Urself the DIY Home made beauty routines.

Day 9: Just relax – watch a movie, get some sleep, read a book… (If you’re working, try to fit this into a workday off, not on the weekend, when you’re likely to have activities happening around you at home).

Day 10: Pay attention to your hair – follow your expert’s advice when it comes to scalp-related problems such as dandruff or weak roots. Visit your hairdresser and get the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products to use.

Day 11: Revisit your food plan and check your food diary – make sure you are following all that the dietician has advised you to do.

Day 12: Try a home remedy: After your shower, follow through with a milk-scrub. Literally. Dip a loofah in milk and scrub away – the milk will hydrate your skin and take away all the accumulated tan – and as a plus-plus, moisturise your skin!

Day 13: If you want / need a haircut, now is the time to do it – in the next 50 days or so, your hair won’t outgrow a cut; and if by chance it’s a terrible mistake, there’s still time to rectify it!

Day 14: Get your eyebrows shaped professionally – make a change if you want – go thinner(if urs is a skinny face) or thicker(if urs is a fatty face), the way you prefer. But it’s best to listen to the advice of a particularly well-informed or groomed friend. Here too, if things go wrong, there’s enough time to correct them before D-day.

Day 15: Try a never-before lip balm (try brands such as L’Occitane, The Body Shop, Elizabeth Arden) in tantalising flavours, and use it regularly to keep your lips soft and kissable… For more of a Desi touch, try Himalaya Herbals Lip Salve, Biotique Sunflower BioLipBalm, or Vaseline Pretoleum Jelly with Vitamin E is in the store, check them out.

Day 16: Take a day off. Go watch the latest “nothing-movie” and maybe indulge in some lingerie shopping with your friends… Buy a soft, fluffy pair of home slippers. Come home, wash the grime off your feet, apply a foot cream (Lush, The Body Shop, Dr Scholls, Avon, Oriflame, Himalaya Herbals FootCream…) or get your help to do so, slip your feet in the cushioned slippers… Relax.

Day 17: At your expert’s advice, make an appointment for a microdermabrasion or glycolic peel session, if need be. This will remove dead and damaged cells from your skin, leaving you feeling and looking fresh and youthful. Basically, this is the best time to do it, if u wanted it. If uve got sensitive skin, and wants to go all natural, I dont think this could be for u.

Day 18: Try grandma’s home remedy for skin lightening: besan, milk and haldi mixed into a paste and applied all over your body(follow this only if u r not allergetic to any of these ingredients). Keep on for 10-15 minutes and then scrub off with a loofah for rejuvenated skin. It always works! If Uve got Sandalwood stick..U can use that as well to lighten that crappy tan.

Day 19: Declare this a hair day – start with an oil massage in the morning; then shampoo off. Mix two portions of honey and one of olive oil and apply (yes, it’s rather gooey) to your tresses. Put on a shower cap, and shampoo again and condition after half an hour for glossy, shiny hair…

Day 20: Go through your perfumes – throw out any that have gone bad (a good indication is an eggy smell that arises after 5-10 minutes of application) and buy new ones.

Day 21: Apply a face mask that specifically suits your skin : fruit-based/moisturizing for dry skin, clay-based for oily skin.

Day22: Opt for a body massage to soothe away tension. Try a hot /cold stone massage that focuses on your body’s pressure points and makes stress disappear like magic… (Don’t hesitate to indulge at a quality spa.)

Day 23: Stubborn cellulite? Rub ground coffee mixed with body lotion all over your legs, hips and arms… Plan an intense Yoga session.

Day 24: Skip SPF too often and you’ll be left with age spots on your face. To combat these, rub lemon juice-for oily/combination skin , or Sandalwood-if uve got dry/sensitive skin, daily, follow up with moisturiser.

Day 25: A quick home remedy for dry hands and feet: Before going to bed, wash them well with a shower wash and scrub with a pumice stone. Apply a moisturiser and then a layer of petroleum jelly or glycerine. Slip your hands into gloves and feet into socks. Drift off to awake to soft skin…

Day 26: Dull hair? The same hair products used over and over can lead to product build-up in your hair… Starting this day, periodically, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove residue. Switch shampoos and conditioners often to decrease the chance of build-up. Follow the Oil Massage routine, which unclogs the build-up easily. Eating a healthy diet with Vitamins B and E also helps!

Day 27: Go for a good hair spa (most salons offer hair spas that involve a head massage, shampoo, an intense conditioner,
steam and then another shampoo and blow-dry). Get to bed early to de-stress.

Day 28: Make it a “do-nothing” day. Relaaax..n enjoy the space.

Day 29: Re-check your nighttime beauty routine. Always remember to take your make-up off, lest all your beauty treatments come to a head because of clogged pores! Use the make-up remover – soap and water is not enough even if all you’ve applied is kohl and a blush.

Day 30: A month gone, another to go. Stop and revise what you’re doing. Visit the dermatologist or the dietician again and revise your skin and fitness plans if need be. Ensure you get your beauty sleep for the month to come.

Day 31: Enlarged pores? Try tomatoes! You can make a “tomato lotion”: Take one tsp of tomato juice; add a couple of drops of lime juice. Apply on face and remove after 15 minutes. This reduces the appearance of pores.

Day 32: Stress causing break-outs? Keep your trusted zit-zapper handy but pick a home remedy to help you along: A mask made of grated apple mixed with a little honey is an excellent remedy for pimples. For the more adventurous, peel and mash eight cloves of fresh garlic and apply to the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave on for about 15 minutes and wash off with a warm cloth. Use a face wash to get rid of the smell.

Day 33: Make sure you are using a good eye cream (La Prairie, L’Oréal Paris, Garnier or Iraya ). Make sure you use your ring finger for (the pressure exerted is gentler), keep your eyes closed, and just dab on the product lightly under and around the eyes. If u wanted to go all natural way, put on Potato slices, before u hit the sack and Cucumber slices at dawn.

Day 34: Get a luxury shot: a wine facial, a chocolate body wrap, a coffee scrub – use food-based spa treatments to tantalise your senses and nourish your skin. Check into a good city spa and pick your treatment.

Day 35: Drink two cups of green tea daily, starting now – the anti-oxidants will keep your skin fresh and youthful and flush out toxins from your body, giving you double benefits.

Day 36: Take out time every day, from today on, to meditate for 10 minutes. This will calm your senses, reduce stress and anxiety and bring an overall glow to your countenance. Of course, you don’t have to be a to-be bride to push up your calm quotient. Focus on a specific calming thought or vision, a verse, a piece of music, or your favourite deity; sit in a cool, quiet space and try not to move for the duration. You may find it difficult to do this for 10 minutes to begin with, but it does get easier as the days pass…

Day 37: You can turn any fruit into a quick facial mask by blending it with dahi or honey. Dahi works well for those with oily skin; those with dry skin should use a honey base. You can also use the fruits to condition your hair by blending them with your favourite conditioner, letting the mixture sit on your head for about 10 minutes. Then, using a hair dryer set on high heat for deeper absorption, shampoo as usual. For even deeper conditioning, mix the fruits with an essential oil such as almond oil.

Day 38: Another salon visit, another facial. Or follow a DIY Home Facial, which is a best option.

Day 39: Do your final lingerie shopping. Take the time to get fitted for the right size. (Remember to apply a cream or lotion with SPF whenever you step out.)

Day 40: Puffy eyes can be a problem. A sure fix is to splash ice-cold water onto your face for at least 5 minutes (longer if you can stand it). Or try the traditional approach: slices of cold cucumber placed on each eye. You can also buy eye masks to reduce puffiness (The Body Shop has one you can put in the freezer and place over eyes.)

Day 41: Treat your nails with some TLC'c To avoid breakage, always use a moisturiser after washing them. Start on a course of vitamins to make the nails stronger, after checking with your dietician. Apply a base coat on nails before applying colour to prevent discoloured nails.

Day 42: Here's how to enjoy a truly relaxing bath Take two teaspoons honey, 1 cup very hot water and a few drops of pure essential oil. Dissolve the honey in the water. Add the essential oil. Pour the mixture into your bath water. One cup is enough for your tub.

Day 43: Add extra brightness to your complexion: Take 1.4 cup dahi and 1.4 cup walnuts (very finely grounded). Mix well. Wet your face then gently work the scrub into your skin. Rinse off with warm water. Try this once a week, starting this day, and watch your face glow.

Day 44: Step up your exercise plan . focus on specific areas such as the stomach, triceps and buttocks . areas that tend to get flabby fast. Tone up with weights and cardio. Remember not to overdo it; get your trainer's advice at the gym.

Day 45: Coffee for your hair - Make a strong brew (espresso if possible) and allow to cool until only warm, not hot. Apply the coffee to dry hair and rinse with warm water after about 20 minutes to get glossy, shiny hair.

Day 46: Take a day off to detox – do a set of 10-20 Suryanamaskars to invigorate your body and senses. Eat plenty of fruits and crunchy, raw veggies all through the day; have lots of water and juice.

Day 47: Go for fun spa activities with your friends – indulge in a foot reflexology treatment, a body wrap and even a blow-dry, just for fun!

Day 48: Take a day off from beauty-related stuff and just have a gala time with friends or family. Let go just for today. Have that burger or cheesy pizza…

Day 49: If your skin is looking red, irritated or puffy, steep a bag of green tea for a minute, let it cool down, and dab it on your face. The anti-oxidants tackle the inflammation.

Day 50: Need a pep-up? Spray a light shot of fragrance into the bristles of your hair brush. Run the brush through from roots to ends , and you’ll end up with amazing-smelling hair!

Day 51: Ten days to D-day! Take stock of your beauty routine and stick to the recommended routines…

Day 52: Get your grooming bag ready for D-day – hair spray, hair pins or make-up remover wipes (try Kara or Oriflame), tissues, hand moisturiser, lip balm or the shade of lipstick you’d be wearing, a good compact and most importantly, a small vial of perfume and deodorant.

Day 53: Get your hair coloured if you have greys, else just get a trim and a deep-conditioning hair treatment or apply a henna pack (Biotique, Shahnaz Husain or VLCC) to keep up the shine in your tresses.

Day 54: This one is especially for the bride: Get your bridal make-up done to finalise every shade, every product used. There’s enough time to change anything you don’t like, and test if you’re allergic to a particular product.Get a photo clicked for referral.

Day 55: Exfoliate – get a body scrub (St Ives has some great scrubs) and if au naturelle is more your style, use the Forest Essentials Coconut Milk Body Scrub. For all home-remedy lovers – purée a papaya or two bananas in a mixer, add loads of sugar to it (don’t mix the sugar in lest it melts) and use this as a body scrub.

Day 56: A full body wax, face wax / bleach and eyebrow-shaping – this is going to be a painful day. Pop a painkiller an hour before your appointment to keep the pain at a minimum – and rub some ice on sore skin afterwards.

Day 57: A hair spa is a good idea; go get a L’Oréal or Kerastase treatment. Follow it up with a face clean-up, aromatherapy facial and a body-and-head massage.

Day 58: Get a manicure and pedicure – we love VLCC’s Paraffin Wax – they dip your hands and feet in warm wax as the last step – this ensures your hands, feet and nails are well moisturised and glossy.

Day 59: Today would be the “mehndi” day for many brides-to-be. To deepen the henna hue from orange to a lovely brown on your hands – roast some cloves on a hot pan (no oil) and then hold your hands over the “white” smoke that arises. Another age-old tradition is to mix lemon juice and sugar, and apply it to the dry mehndi that’s caked on – this will help the mehndi stick better. Remember to remove the mehndi; scrub it off – don’t wash off.

Day 60: Relax, take a long aromatic bath. Moisturise your skin well. Catch any stray hair on your face with a tweezer. Put on a mask and slather on body butter. Remember to drink lots of water. Tomorrow is the Big Day…