Review: Nivea LipCare, Star Fruits, Cherry

Review again..
Nivea Lip Care
Star Fruits, Cherry

"Daily Lip Care with a fruity shiny color,
UV Protection..,
NEW, Extra shiny and glossy, 8 hours moisturization"

Well, Its(the review) been forever hanging in the 'Upcoming posts' section.. Sorry, for the late post, but its all party fever everywhere, that I couldn't make up here. Perhaps I should resume atleast now.
To start with Ive made a review of Nivea LipCare Star Fruits, Strawberry earlier. So better click here and read that, because most of the qualities are same, except for 2.
1: Fragrance..
2: Obviously, the color..
Anyways, to move on to the formal review part.. Here it is..

Packaging, Price, Ingredients, Texture..
Same as that of Strawberry flavoured. If U want to digg down, I request to read it here.
I want to point out another one, is that this lipbalm is quite soft or buttery than that of the Strawberry flavoured.

Well, Fragrance really deserves a special sub topic. Why? Let me tell you. Its not as pleasant as Strawberry flavoured. Rather it smells like a medicated one that I ended up wondering whether the real cherrys smells the same way? I love eating them..but why did they smell this way here in the lip balm?? I even though it might have expired, but no.
Anyways..I don't have any issues with the fragrance so far, but If u are looking for it, I'd really suggest to sniff it, before u bring it home.

Color in tube & on lips..
Well, the color is, as U can see in the above pic..its just the same.
On lips, its gives this pinkish hue, gives out more cooler look, unlike the Strawberry one which gives out warmer tone. But the color stays put for longer time.

Efficacy..??Does it Moistuirise..??
Well, it is good in terms of moisturization, but not as good as Strawberry flavored. U need to reapply it more often than the later one, for hydrating the lips.
Added, its (the balm stick) is more softer, that just one swipe is good enough to bring out the color. Rest is same as that of Nivea LipCare Strawberry.
Pros: Price, Packaging, Color (a cool, pinkish tint), softer texture
Cons: Fragrance, Need to reapply every 2hrs to get hydration
Well..I think I will repurchase this one..just because of the color. Im basically a lipbalm baby..haha..Infact I should share here, that a friend of mine even makes a line for me, that goes like this.. "Balm Baby...!! Whats the Balm, Baby?? ". Yeah, she called me a Balm Baby...funny! She asks in this way, whenever I try a new lip-balm.

Depends, again. But its good for teenagers, who cant go with lipsticks.. :)

So, Have U tried it?? Do share ur experiences..!!
By the are ur holidays??


  1. Hey, nice review hun. Somehow I feel Nivea is over priced in UK, but thats my personal opinion anyway...everytime I make my mind to buy Nivea, I hear some pathetic story frm my friends :(

    will surely try this now ;)

  2. Oh..It never occured to me that it might be expensive there in UK..moreover..i guess its named/branded different there.. kind of like 'Labelo'.. :P


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