Upcoming Shoping List

I made a schedule to go on shopping just on the word of "XMas-Shopping". Though I don't need any basic necessities so far..Ive managed to pick out some items, that I would make them subjective while shopping.. :)

Beauty related stuff..lined up apart.. and here they go
  • Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack (200gms) : Restocking up

  • Biotique AloeVera Protective Body Lotion SPF70 : Just to try..heard my friend raving +ve about it..Added im a lunatic for Neem based products, and this contains neem as well.

  • Eyetex Dazzler LipStick: Just to try..they are new..never heard of them before..
    Thats my friend who actually called me up to air-mail them, cos she couldn't find them online.. So, this made me to break into further more queries and im all sold out. Im going to try it out as well. Lets wait for the formal review..
    Basically, I know this brand.. called 'Eyetex' which is quite popular for Kajal/Kohl. Back those days, when Im just a kid, 'Eyetex' was treated as a synonym for Kajal. Its only later that I came to know that its the brand name.

  • Hair Gel & Spray :Restocking again..
So..these are the things that creep in my mind so far..Its quite tiny though..But I did manage to grab out to buy something when I don't need to. Anyways..I'm even planning for another Lakme Haulage..while I visit their Lakme Saloon, but that's later..
Till then Bye..

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