My Holy Grail Face Wash..

Ever wished to get that one face wash, all year long, without looking back or thinking twice, whether its doing good or bad for ur skin?? Well, I no more fall in that category, because I already found my Holy Grail Face Wash..And that is..

Besan OR Gram Flour
Most of U might be using it for cooking purposes, but Whenever I go to grocery shopping, I make sure to get 500gms of Gram Flour, just to fill the need of face wash.

The usage is quite easy.. U just have to take a spoon full on Ur palms, add some water and then rub against both the palms, until it turns in to a paste, apply on face..and then massage with circular movements. Rinse off with water. Repeat twice if ur's is an oil slick.

It can be a bit messy, in the start, but as time passes by, I got used to it..and now I carry a pot/jar in my hand bag too, for whenever I need to wash my face, when away from home.

Well, I used to have oily/combination to start with, in my school days, later once, my Cousin, told me that she was asked to 'Stop soap and use GramFlour to wash face' when she went to a beauty-related audition. So, I started to use it as well. The results are amazing. After using it for some more days, the oil-secretion went controlled. Now can stay for longer periods, without looking like an oil-slick.
In winters, my skin is completely reverse. Its extremely dry. When i started using this, it went mild on my skin, and it made my skin supple.
Whenever, I get acne..(ahem..u know..) I mix in some neem powder and use it, which acts as both cleanser and anti-bacterial.

To look in the properties, GramFlour is a flour made from ground chana dal, a legume otherwise known as Chickpeas. Its rich in Carbohydrates with no Gluten. Now u can make a google search about its constituents, but Im going nowhere. Just because Ive been using it since my high school, :p Its been more that 4-5 years now..and I cannot think of any other face washes( neither of any soap-frees).
Pros: Moiisturizing, Controls OilSecretion, Makes skin Supple, Price, Mild Exfoliator
Cons: Hmm..?? Cant think of any..yeah..usage(but just in the start)

Whats Ur Holy Grail Face wash by the way..??
Please do share with Us..
Untill then Ciao Belles..


  1. Ya gram flour does wonders for the skin. I had a friend who uses it every morning to wash her face n her skin was flawless. I wish I had more patience to use it regularly too :)

  2. Yup needs lots of patience to go with it.. infact it took me years together to get used to it.. :)

  3. Just visited your blog today.The layout and color of ur blog is too good :) My first pick-up here was my all time fav.Even I use gramflour twice a day to wash my face.Mine is a combination skin and it keeps me moisturising all through the day(even if I dint apply any moisturiser)

  4. @Vidhya..
    thank u..and nice to hear that u use gramflour as well.. :)

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  6. Very interesting....:))))
    Never heard about it...
    Will remove makeup as well ????


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