Body Mask for Brides

A bride can use this body mask to keep her skin soft and healthy for her wedding. A mask thats popular in South Asian Countries.

  • ½ cup Rice ground
  • ½ cup Coconut milk
  • 1 tsp Turmeric
  • ½ cup freshly grated coconut
P.S: If u feel it risly to get the Coconut Milk, U can skip them and use 'Pure Virgin Coconut Oil'. Virgin Coconut oil contains the same benefits as that of its Milk, but the oil tends to be greasy and messy sometimes as well. If washed properly, u can feel the heaven.

Make a paste of the above and scrub your body with it in circular motions. Wash your body with warm water and then follow with a good body lotion or moisturier. Do it everyday starting 2 weeks before your wedding day.

Fruits to eat for Good Skin

Fruits rich in Vitamin A, Beta carotene, vitamin C , Vitamin E, Zinc are very good for skin.

Eat 2-4 servings of fruits a day. 1 serving = 1/2 cup chopped fruits.Fruits that are considered very good for skin are:
  • Avacoado: rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acis
  • Papaya: good source of beta carotene
  • Canteloupe: Rich in vitamin C, beta carotenes
  • Orange/Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin c
  • Strawberries: rich in vitamin C
  • Watermelon: Good source of beta carotene
  • Kiwi: Rich in vitamin C
  • Pomergrante: good antioxidant and has good anti-aging effects
  • Lemon/Lime: good antioxidant and also a source of vitamin C
So..Next time, whenever u go out for your Shopping make sure that ur Shopping list contains the following to stock up..

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DIY : Fruit Facial

A Quick Facial for Dead Cells:

Ingredients Required:
  1. PineApple Juice
  2. Apple Juice
  3. Lemon Juice
  4. Yogurt
Mix the aboce ingredients in equal proportions.
Mix up all of them and massage with fingertips gently. After it dries up, add another layer. Rinse Off and apply another layer. Follow this 2-3 times.

U would see that all the dead cells are missing over ur skin..

Hair Care: Coconut Oil Therapy

Got dry, damaged, frizzy or uncontrollable hair? Then try Coconut oil.
Coconut oil is one of the must-haves in hair care or skin care domain, in India. Now that several brands in the commercial world took its leap, there are several potions for hair that sometime i doesn't even know whats the difference between some. Like for eg., whats the difference between a 'Serum' and 'Hydrating Serum'?? Well, u may say that the former 'Serum' doesnt play well in terms of hydration. But the base property of the Serum goes offline.

Anyways, back to the topic, Coconut oil is the one product that u should never forget to put that in ur wash room. Be it for skin or hair, its got its advantages. Dont say that uve got a good holy grail conditioner..cos u wudnt say that if u use it.

How to use:
(As far as this post is concerned abt hair care, so 'how to use for ur hair' will only be covered here)
  1. Warm up some 3-4 table(depends on the length/density of ur hair) spoons of Coconut oil
  2. Apply all over the scalp. Massage with slow circular motions with ur finger tips. This gives the best results if done before u hit the sack. If u dont have time, u can atleast do this 1hr prior to Ur head-wash.
  3. Let it stay over ur head the entire night..
  4. Wash out the next day morning, with ur regular shampoo and conditioner.

  • Hydrates the whole scalp and hair.
  • Prolonged use of the Coconut oil eliminates dry spilt ends.
  • Reduces the swelling of the hair roots, that most people suffer thru the indications like headache, rise in the temperature of the body especially at the scalp.
  • Hair remains controllable all day
  • This is espcecially good for dry/frizzy hair and permed or damaged hair
  • Ur hair may be sticky, if not properly washed. But that doesn't cause any damage.
  • Chemically coloured hair may not retain the color for longer periods if Coconut oil thereapy is followed.
Thats all. Next time, when u visit ur gorcery store, make sure that u get ur bottle of virgin Coconut oil and dont foget to follow this therapy every time u wash ur hair. Trust me..ur hair will love and thank u for it.

Soya Beans

Well, the present generation is very much aware of healthy life style and always looking for something very beneficial for health, Unlike the way in 1995s, where junk food has changed the meaning of food for life . Now, there is nearly none, who skip the healthy meals and go for junk /fast food corners.

Ok..with that said, Im not sure whether there could be anyone who doesnt know how good the 'Soya Beans' could be for health.
Ok now..lets go thru Soya Beans..

Soya Beans belongs to the family of 'legumes'. It could probably be the one of the first cultivated crops by man. In a certain country (im not much sure which one) its also called as 'Not only just a food for body but also its food for soul' and also called as 'Yellow Jewel'

CONTENTS: (100 grams of soya ~ 397 calories energy)
  • Proteins
  • Rich contents of Vitamin A, E, K, & some B complex
  • Abundant contents of minerals like: Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, Calcium
  • Some other constituents like: Soflavanes, Sponins and Phytosterols
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other dietary fibre
  • 9 Essential amino acids that human body needs
It is known as a Wonder food for Vegetarians, which is equivalent to egg, meat. It is also beneficial for those who are allergenic to Cow's or Buffalo's or any other animal's milk.

  • Soya bean is rich in iron and it has been found very beneficial to the people who are suffering with anemia. But, it should be given in readily available form to anaemics.
  • Soya bean contains lenuleic acids which will benefit the hairs, skin and glands.
  • Scientifically it is proved that a diet high in Soya proteins has a protection effect against breast, colon and prostate cancer. Why? cos Anti oxidants and isoflavones found in Soya fight free radicals and there by prevents cancer
  • As per the dieticians recommendations, our diet should include 40 grams of dietary fibre every day. Since Soya bean is very rich in fibre, it will provide enough daily desired dietary fibre. The fibre has got the property of holding water, behaves like a sponge and facilitates easy, free, smooth bowel movement. Thus Soya bean helps in alleviating piles and eliminating constipation.
  • Dietary fibre content decreases the after meal glucose levels in the blood. Due to this miracle effect, Soya bean consumption will helps in getting the feeling of fullness in the stomach, controls blood glucose levels as well as tries to control the body weight.
  • Since Soya bean is the rich source of Vitamins of B Complex, it stimulates the growth of intestinal bacteria.
  • The laboratory studies on the Cardiovascular system have shown interesting encouraging results when high Soya diets was given to monkeys, lowered ‘bad’ cholesterol level almost as effective as drugs. This encouragingly, in turn reduces the risk of heart related diseases and the rate of heart attacks by as much as 75%. It is also proved that consumption of Soya bean drastically reduces the ‘BAD’ Cholesterol levels in the blood. It fight against atherosclerosis and helps to maintain proper blood circulation without farming any blockages. Soya has got the ability of controlling atherosclerosis which is the prime cause of cardio vascular diseases. It has shown that Soya consuming patients reduced 10% bad cholesterol, reduced 22% triglycerides, reduced 14% hamosystines in their blood tests.
  • Soya bean contains high lecithin and it is highly effective in mental fatigue and various nervous disorders.
  • Soya bean is the tonic of immune system. It improves the immune system, particularly old age people, by boosting anti bodies production by 65%.
  • Soya bean reduces inflammatory activity in skin. It is also regarded as valuable in the remedy of eczema, other infections and preventing in various kinds of skin allergies.
  • Soya bean consumption lower the chances of Cataract development in the eyes.
  • Soya bean is very much kidney friendly. It supports kidneys and helps to strengthen kidneys working system. It is a great food for diabetics, because of its strengthy support kidneys effectively works long, hence slows down the Kidney damage.
  • Soya bean sprouts rich in anti oxidants and they fight against lung, colon, rectal, stomach, prostate, breast cancers.
  • In type 2 diabetic patients, body cells cant recognize insulin. So, they cant absorb the glucose from the blood, so, since they cant absorb enough glucose, cells will steadily constantly damage and the excess glucose in blood flow in to urine, which ultimately increases the Kidneys load steadily leads to kidney damage. But, it is observed that the diabetic patients who regularly consume Soya bean their ulbumin discharge in urine was reduced by 9.5% compared to non Soya consuming diabetic patients. So, Soya bean is very highly respected as friendly food for diabetics.
  • Soya protein wonderfully works in reducing the excess body weight in obessy people. Whenever one reduces the excess body weight, then in type 2 diabetic patients it reduces the insulin resistance in the body. So the diabetics will be in control. If you prevent your body with awareness not to exceed normal specified body weight, then you are sure and safe that far away from the attack of multi complicated life disorder diabetics. Thus Soya bean helps in controlling your body weight and keeps off from diabetics.
  • Soya protein has been found to have unlimited benefits in improving women’s health. Especially for menopausal women, it has shown advantageous results in breast and prostate cancers. It reduces the hot flushes and memory loss.
  • Bone loss in the first 4 years after menopause is faster than after 12 years. Studies conducted on such women slows Soya protein shown increase in bone mass or at least further bone loss has been arrested. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become brittle and hence more easily liable for cracks and breaks. There are many risk factors for osteoporosis, including ageing, harmones deficiency, a chronic insufficient intake of calcium and a reduntary life style etc. Clinical studies shown that vegetarian women who have consumed higher intake of Soya protein have a lower risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • It is enough if one consumes regularly 25 – 50 grams per day to get all usual health benefit expected.
  • Foods derived from Soya beans include tofu, tempty, soya milk, vegetable protein, soya flour, milo, sprouts, soya sauce and meat substitutes etc.
    1. TOFU: It is paneer prepared with Soya bean rich in minerals and an excellent source of high quality proteins, polyunsaturated fat, B-complex vitamins and iron. It is bland in taste. It can be included in vegetable palao, vegetable fried rice, by roasting tofu peas and mixing with palao. It can also be crumbled or sliced and added to vegetable noodles, spring roles or cutlets. Can be used as substitute to paneer in side dishes.
    2. SOYA BEAN OIL: This mainly contains polyunsaturated fats, rich in Vitamin E, which is powerful anti oxidant. Oil can be as usual used for cooking.
    3. SOYA MILK: This is the great source of protein equivalent to animal protein. It is available in different flavours. Soya milk doesn’t contain saturated fats or cholesterol and it is extremely beneficial to those who have high blood cholesterol.
    4. SOYA FLOUR: This is the very simple and popularly common form of using Soya as routine use. Add a cup of soya flour for every four cups of atta to make chapathis. This will not give any indication of Soya’s strong flavour
    5. SOYA SAUCE: This is the combination of Soya and Wheat and used in many Chinese dishes, now even used in Indian homes as well.
In addition to these forms there are so many side dishes, which can be prepared to suit your taste and liking. If you refer Kitchen books or attend or watch T.V. Cooking classes with Soya bean. Since Soya bean has got so many unlimited health benefits Chinese called it as ‘The Yellow Jewel’. There is no doubt even if we call the wonder Soya bean as “HALTHY WEALTH” with this elaborate awareness, make it a routine daily practice to consume Soya bean and enjoy the entire precious life span with sound health with attached bonus of happiness.

Quiz: Does Your Hair Care Routine Need a Makeover?

Quiz: Does Your Hair Care Routine Need a Makeover?

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Q-Tip: Never Touch

Thats right..I said 'Never Touch'
Well..oh well...I dont mean to touch anything..But dont let anything touch ur Facial Skin. Thats what I mean.

Facial Skin is known to be the most sensitive skin than the rest of the skin, cos its got lots and lots of Sebacious glands. Hair-scalp comes first and then the facial skin in this row.

So, whenever u tend to touch the facial skin, comeon, no matter how hygiene u r..there would be atleast some or the other things over ur hand. Say for eg, hand lotion ?? So whenever u touch ur face..there are chances that ur hand would transfer then in to those millions n millions of sebacious glands, there by blocking them and causing skin out breakes.

So next time, whenever u touch ur face, make a note that u only do that while washing ur face or applying skin care things or makeup.

Thats all for now..Ciao Belles.. :)


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Q-Tip: Winter is here..

Well oh well.. Step out and u r shivering and this says that Wineter is finally here.. Though u curse Sun in the Summer, u r ought to like and welcome the summer when u r in Winter season. Ok, enough of blabbing. Winter is the time, when ur skin loses moisture retention capacity and freezes.

So its time to go search ur vanity cabin for those winter care creams/lotions or potions, which are meant for Winter. They are bit more oily/greasy than those meant for normal seasons.

Never ever forget to put Moisturizing lotion over ur entire body, within 3minutes u shower. This helps to lock the moisture in and there wont be any further damage to ur skin.

Most of the people feel that winter is best to rest under the sun. But no. Sun will be with the same severity as its in Summer. But the only difference is the atmosphere around us is cool. So U have to put the moisturizer along with Sunscreen lotion.

Some thinkg that skin wouldnt burn/tan cos theres no summer here. But Winter is here, and skin loses its moisture which is much more prone to skin damages like pigmentation and brings on early signs of aging like wrinkles.

Bottomline: Make it a must to put on Moisturizer on this winter

Thats all..Hows ur Weekend by the way. going to a movie right now and ooh well i dint forget to put on the body lotion :P

Ciao.. :)


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Please ignore the number of candles. Ive just set this photo as an identification. And to move the coming days, Il be posting abt my skin care issues and how to take care of all things concerned to beauty. U can drop me a message if u want.
Thats all for now.