Q-Tip: Never Touch

Thats right..I said 'Never Touch'
Well..oh well...I dont mean to touch anything..But dont let anything touch ur Facial Skin. Thats what I mean.

Facial Skin is known to be the most sensitive skin than the rest of the skin, cos its got lots and lots of Sebacious glands. Hair-scalp comes first and then the facial skin in this row.

So, whenever u tend to touch the facial skin, comeon, no matter how hygiene u r..there would be atleast some or the other things over ur hand. Say for eg, hand lotion ?? So whenever u touch ur face..there are chances that ur hand would transfer then in to those millions n millions of sebacious glands, there by blocking them and causing skin out breakes.

So next time, whenever u touch ur face, make a note that u only do that while washing ur face or applying skin care things or makeup.

Thats all for now..Ciao Belles.. :)

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