My Brow Routine/Products

Just thought of to share the brow department. Theres been lots of changes in the products that ive been using( posts coming up..). The products that i use to get my brows done on any given day, though i may not use everyone everyday..lets go on..


From left to right:
Jordana brow/eye shadow powder
Revlon marchesa collection tweezer
Milani brow shaping gel
Real techniques brow bursh
Elf eyelash & brow wand

Now Jordana brow/eyeshadow powder deserves a deep review. Prior to this, Im using Revlon colorstay eyeliner in brown. Yes, an eyeliner as eyebrow pencil. But Im super cautious while putting it on and have to use that one just because i wanted a long-wearing, waterproof, non-smearing eyebrow pencil. Whereas the jordana brow/eyeshadow powder is very pigmented and stays put throughout the day. For me, eyebrow product should be "long-wearing, smudge-proof & water-proof". Im not sure if the jordana was all that, but it is longwearing, provided ur not doing heavy duty stuff that involves water/sweat etc..
I use the Real Techniques brow brush with this. If ive gone overboard with the powder, Il whip out the elf brow spoolie brush and brush out the excess and im done.

Then comes the Milani Brow Shaping gel, which is quite new, but as i say, gets the job done. You see, my eyebrows always droops down at the arch, making the curve over there to look almost less curvy or to say straight. Put this shaping gel over the arch..pretty brows gets some manners.

Revlon Marchesa tweezers are what i use to pluck out and shape the brows. I went out to get the Marchesa compact mirror, because I like the pattern and the color of it so much, but they are out of stock. Instead they have this. I thought its time to get a new tweezers because I wasnt able to relocate where I last saw my old tweezer. So I have to get it.

Thats it for now.
Bye and have a good time.


The only thing/way in this world that makes YOU happy is YOU..!!

Honestly, yes..!!
I'll explain why and how..

Ive been there n through it several times. Doing the same thing, whilst last time, I got lots of joy, the second time I do the same..I dint get any joy, instead i would get some sort of tiredness as though its some kind of a chore.
 Say for example, trying a new lipstick. When i pop on a new shade of lipstick, though it doesnt go well with my skintone, i get happy..thinking 'yay a new lipstick brave am i to sport it', but then the next day, when u go with some other new shade, that could revive ur skin tone and u feel 'why do i have to put on this chore everyday..??' kind of a blah moment!!

So, the only thing that makes YOU happy is YOU. If YOU are well determined to stay and feel happy.. YOU WILL.

Now, things to do to be happy:
  • Cut the thoughts thats bothering you. (it could be anything, project deadlines, someones bullying u, etc)
  • Cut the thoughts thats bothering you if it creeps back again in to your mind. Yeah..again..!! I tell you cutting those thoughts out of ur mind is not an easy task, but its not hard as well. Do the same cutting and skipping process for atleast 3-4 times and put ur mind on something it cooking, cleaning or going in to the closet and change up in to another dress.. Do it.. and it makes a hell of a change..
Thats it.. Thats all you've got to do. With no things to bother in your mind.. you'll eventually end up being happy.
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be -Abraham Lincoln
 Thats all for now..
Be Happy..Cut the thoughts of bad things out...and live happy ever after..