The only thing/way in this world that makes YOU happy is YOU..!!

Honestly, yes..!!
I'll explain why and how..

Ive been there n through it several times. Doing the same thing, whilst last time, I got lots of joy, the second time I do the same..I dint get any joy, instead i would get some sort of tiredness as though its some kind of a chore.
 Say for example, trying a new lipstick. When i pop on a new shade of lipstick, though it doesnt go well with my skintone, i get happy..thinking 'yay a new lipstick shade..how brave am i to sport it', but then the next day, when u go with some other new shade, that could revive ur skin tone and u feel 'why do i have to put on this chore everyday..??' kind of a blah moment!!

So, the only thing that makes YOU happy is YOU. If YOU are well determined to stay and feel happy.. YOU WILL.

Now, things to do to be happy:
  • Cut the thoughts thats bothering you. (it could be anything, project deadlines, someones bullying u, etc)
  • Cut the thoughts thats bothering you if it creeps back again in to your mind. Yeah..again..!! I tell you cutting those thoughts out of ur mind is not an easy task, but its not hard as well. Do the same cutting and skipping process for atleast 3-4 times and put ur mind on something else..anything..be it cooking, cleaning or going in to the closet and change up in to another dress.. Do it.. and it makes a hell of a change..
Thats it.. Thats all you've got to do. With no things to bother in your mind.. you'll eventually end up being happy.
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be -Abraham Lincoln
 Thats all for now..
Be Happy..Cut the thoughts of bad things out...and live happy ever after..

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