Cheap dupes for Revlon LipButters

By the end of 2011, Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters were the talk among the beauty bloggers. Some are lucky enough to get them and some are eagerly waiting to get them. Not launched internationally, most of the beauty enthusiasts even tried to get them through others to get their hands on. Ofcourse, time passes and by end of Jan 2012, Revlon lipbutters were available across all leading drugstores. And If u happen to follow any beauty blogs, u might have seen people raving about the formula, packaging and everything about it..

But,everything in this world had pros and cons..its just that what effective pros it has got is what matters us.. Coming to this Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters, it has pros and cons as well. Concisely, they are good at pigmentation, packaging, moisturization, wider & good range of shades this line has got, but coming to the cons, they are expensive, provided the amout of produt u get and how fast u can use them up. Not that im complaining, but $7 for this, if u look at the amount u get, its pretty much less than the standard lipstick size and it being sheer or buttery smooth, it tends to hit the finish line soon. After going though several reviews..I finally came up with pretty dupes for it, but with less price tags.

They are:
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lipcolor:
Costing $1.99 each, they are very pigmented, glossy, not sticky, feels buttery but not heavy like lipbutters and u need to pay just a fraction of cost for 1.9g of the product. Staying power is decent for about 2-3 hours, but i dont mind reapplying when its got such a light feel. Victoria' Secret has long back carried the same product with different name though they are now discontinued. Not to forget about mentioning the packaging, where the tubes comes with its exact color. Now to the cons, its just that u need to be very carefull while placing the cap, cos the bullet is never going in completely. A part of it always stays out. Thats the only minus untill now, but for the price and its quality i think im able to carry the con, which doesnt bother me much,

Wet n wild megashield Lipcolor SPF15:
Pricing at about $3, these Mega Shield Lipcolors from Wet n wild contains SPF 15 which is what this lipcolor categorizes itself by saying 'MegaShield' in to 'care' products. Anyways, compared to Revlon Lipbutters, they are similar, but not as moisturizing (atleast for me) but the feel is not as light as jordana's. And ooh well..thse bullets dont completely get inside the tube as well.

The present beauty market has several options on this lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss category. Be it Loreal paris Le Balm, Palladio tinted lipbalm, Maybelline's baby lips etc and the list goes on, these might cost around $4 - 8, but the above 2 things that ive mentioned are worth trying out.

Thats it..
Happy friday..

Interviewing Gucci Westman...

No..I didnt interview her...
Its just that Im reading this post in where theres a snapshot of Gucci's bathroom cabin.
Click here.. If u r interested in reading what she says.. and ive noticed that lot of her products are Lamer...

Anywas...After reading the whole post in detail I just figured that Im not alone. I mean...when it comes to me, I cant carry a heavy coverage foundation(even to parties), nor a heavily pigmented lipsticks. I thought i might need to try different products untill I get to find a product thats comfortable with. But afterawhile..I read somewhere that there are people out there who dont like to put on heavy layers of color...and its not just coming from the inside..its just that somethings dont look good on certain people.
Say for example, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson is a brick red shade, where many people say that they really like it...but whenever I use it..i end up blotting it that it gives me just the tint and im good with it. Whenever I watch the youtube beauty guru videos packing on loads of lipstick, I feel inferior like when would i get a shade so that I could do the same, without blotting. Now..after reading that Gucci does the more good now.. :P

'Less is more' may be a trend now...but my mom always looks at me like i need to grow up, whenever she talks about me wearing a lipstick or kajal, which I dont even try to go there. Kajal is somthing that never stays put where I put it.( by the way,my mom is a consistent kajal user, if she doesnt put it,she looks sick) the days pass through, I noticed that makeup is not by rules..but its whats okay for u. Its not like u need to put concealer,foundation, powder, eyeshadow,mascara,lipstick etc..but its like making ur face more presentable..atleast for me. Sometimes, I step out without any tintedmoisturizer, and with just the baby powder(dusting very lightly) serves the task of looking polished.

Holy god...what am I doing...such a loong post and on what?! Anyways..I should stop now..
Bye fellows..

Makeup Routine:Cheeks & Lips

Earlier...Ive made a post specially dedicated to face and eyes so I guess its time to finally complete this boring series once and all together by doing this last one. Though I often get lazy all the time, this is the maximum makeup that I do if i need to do..or feel like doing it. I often have to struggle myself thinking about the makeup-removing task because Im very frightened about the theory that If i dont remove makeup properly, I would end up with acne by the next day. Though Im deligent enough to remove it, Im always afraid that I might not clean it properly. Anyways, off with ramblings and now on to the it goes:

Im not much of a blush person..I know, may be I havent found a good enough blush to get the hang of it...but for are the products that I have in my makeup collection.
1. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange: This is a bright orange. Though it looks toomuch in the pot, it comes out like a nice warm peachy flush of color on cheeks if worn with a very very light hand.
2. Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher in Rose Crush: I bought this waaaaay back, that I dont even remember when. But its just a pink blush, that looks muddy on my cheeks. This is the one that made me think that im unfit for blushes. But now I use it as an eyeshadow... works good in that way for me.

These 2 are the only blushes..and Im now looking for an Orange powder blush...thats cheap enough so that I wouldnt feel the guilt if that doesnt fit me.Jordana, Wet n wild, NYC, Elf, Essence  are the options that I have right now..but not sure whether they carry any orange shades.

Coming to the options are very limited. I cant carry heavy formulas...cos I always tend to blot them away, no matter how hard I try to adjust myself to it. Anyways, I'l put what I have right now with me and share my story about lipsticks later, which I really need to confess.
  • Revlon SeuperLustrous Lipstick, in sandstone (mix of bright orange&birck red)
  • Revlon MoistureExtreme Lipstick (its discontinued now,dont remember the name,stiker peeled off, but its pink in color)
  • Revlon Superlustrous lisptick in Toast of Newyork
  • Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Peach Me
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, in Crimson
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, in Peach
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, in Coral
  • Revlon Colorburst Lipstick, in Rosy Nude
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in Heredes (my fav from NYX)
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in TeaRose
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in Fig
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in Margarita
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in Indian Pink
  • Covergirl Lipperfection lipstick in Impassion
  • Covergirl Lipperfection Lipstick in Bewtich
  • Jordana Easyshine glossy lipcolor in Sweet Strawberry
  • Jordana Easyshine glossy lipcolor in Sugar Cookie
  • Jordana Easyshine glossy lipcolor in Berry Colada
  • Jordana Easyshine glossy lipcolor in Sugar Plum
Okay..thats a huge list..but im telling you these are all that I have right now...pretty less for a girl right?? yeah..anyways...coming to the lipsticks I have special corner for them in my heart...about which I think I need to share it in another post... However, I think I can end my journey now...because I just feel that I found what i needed. For eg. Jordana Easy shine glossy lipcolor is what I needed. All im looking for is a sheer wash of color, that doesnt dry out my lips and jordana fits there.

Thats it folks...See ya..
Have any queries...ask...Hopefully im thinking of to do the swatch thing soon...its just that im too lazy to get my camera out...u know..all that things...
Okay bye for now..

Tuesday Haul

Just another ramblings about my yesterday visit to my nearest Walgreens after we had a family dinner at the adjacent restaurent. My husband is still confused whether we've been to walgreens and then to the restaurent thats there or viceversa. Anyways..I took him saying that I need to restock certain things and bought some other things as well...:P

Heres my list:
  • 2(ct, cos I really like them) Jordana Easy shine glossy lip color in Sweet Strawberry : This particlar something that gives my lips a warm flush of color, thats more like a peachy, orangish color. Im running low on the current one that I have. Bought 2, one for my vanity place and another to keep in my bag. Its $2 each, cheap thrills..yay.
  • Covergirl Professional remarkable washable waterproof mascara : I needed something for every day use that could be easily removed but stays put through all day. Read some reviews and thought to get it. Costs $6.Its the only one that I could see in the stores..I guess it might be soon get discontinued, which is why I was thinking of to write to covergirl, If I like it.
  • Cantu SheaButter Leavein Conditioning Repair Cream: Again read reviews..costs around $6...and bought this that it might help teaching my frizzy, dry hair to behave properly.

Thats it..

See ya

NEWS: Garnier BB Cream free sample

Click Here to take you to the form, where u can fill it up and receive a free sample.

The other day, I was browsing through Facebook, and to my luck got through the Garnier's BB Cream wall and was actually waiting for something like this to hit the drugstores, but never thought why didnt they make such products..I mean the next generation of makeup is all about doing good and much more goodness to skin..right?! Ive read through all the indian blogs that Maybelline is out with BBcream but not globally. Anyways..I hope that all the drugstores come up with BBCreams soon..

Till then See ya..

Makeup Routine: Eyes/Eyebrows

As though I havent bored u/me enough..Im doing another post or detailed post about my makeup routine..and now its eyes..

N.Y.C Brow/Eyeliner Pencil, Brown:

Now, Ive tried the NYX Eyebrow cake kit...but didnt get the hype about it. May be its just me that, I would like to grab a pencil and give them little strokes and then im all set. On top note, I have normal eyebrows, that basically doesnt need filling but i use and eyebrow pencil, because i need to groom/comb them. They are always droopy, and i dont like to use wax to set them. Anyways, on a daily basis I use N.Y.C brow/eyeliner pencil in brown and whenever I have to stay all day out I use Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Dark Brown. Now, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner is some serious eyeliner but works good as eyebrow pencil for me and as an eyeliner, my eyelids can smudge out even the thoughest smudgeproof liners out there.

Elf Studio Eyelash Curler:
Now many claim to invest in a good eyelash curler, but I dont get it. As far as the curve suits ur eyelids, ur good to go. Ive got some unknown brand earlier, but after going through several reviews raving about this Elf curler, I thought to try it and if dint suit me either, would hit some sephora. But hell, nope, its so good..that Im pretty much hanging out with it. Now coming to the pretty costs just $1. Im pretty surprise by looking at it in real life. I observed sephora's curler once (while I was window shopping) and thought that its okay. But coming to this one $1..??are you kidding me, really. If u happen to get a chance to get it..I highly recommend this one. Especially all the makeup beginners..go get it.

Maybelline Colassal Volume Mascara(Waterproof)

Now coming to the mascara..I dont use it on a regular basis, because, no matter how hard i try to remove it,i feel that there are bits still there to remove and couldnt get them out. I actually suppose that I need to get a non-waterproof mascara, but on the other hand, my eyelids are super greasy, and worried it might smudge them up, worried about the panda look. Anyways, I dont put on mascara on a daily basis..I just curl them and good to go. If i need something extra like going out for parties and such, then i put this. Its just that I worry about removing thing.

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Strike a Pose

Now coming to the Eyeshadows, honestly, I cant play with them. I cant even go with shimmery, even with a hint. They all has to be matte, giving just a hint of color. I often find myself grabbing the yellow-brown, taupes, peach, warm pink colors. So, I just assume that I shouldnt get eyeshadows, which is why this palette has been sitting around since...i dont know... Sometimes..while Im travelling I carry Covergirl Lipperfection Lipcolor in Impassion( a coppery brown orange with lots of golden shimmers) and I use that as eyeshadow..yup there u go..Sometimes I even use blushes over the the eyelids. Just one more note...I never do/did smokey eyes in my life..and didnt even want to...

Thats it..
See you..

My Makeup Routine(Face)

Hellooo again...
As Ive shared my Skincare routine in my previous post, thought of to post my makeup routine as well.
Lets begin:
For Face:
Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, SPF30, light to medium:

Usually, im that type of person where I cant fit myself into using a liquid foundation. Ive tried several sheer coverage foundations, but couldnt fit. Tried Revlon Colorstay(could u believe that ive dumped it in trash), Maybelline Fit me(felt very uncomfortable), even Lakme(yuck) and always thought that I might have to try all the liquid foundations out there to see what suits me. But no, one day I was reading some article that there is a thing called 'powder girl', or 'foundation girl' or 'no makeup look tinted moisturizer girl' and then i got that im the last one. Earlier, I used PONDS Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer and Lotus Herbals 3in1 matte look sunblock. But now that I couldnt get my hands on either of them, have to choose this one. On the other hand, whenever I try to put sunblock on (Neutrogena Ultrasheer dry touch sunblock,SPF70) it left an apparent white cast, so I really hated sunscreens. But now that this tinted moisturizer had SPF and tint in it..its 2 in 1. I dont consider the moisturization nor the radiance,because i use moisturizer beneathe it and put powder on top of it.

Setting Powder:
Johnson's Baby Powder.
Now,Ive never gor the hype about putting on some powder. But one day while I did it accidentally and oh really helped me to stay fresh all day long. No wonder, my dry skin contributing further, a friend of mine even complemented me that I was glowing after a long day. From then on, its my essential. Now to mention that I even put it on when im at home, without any makeup on. Im not sure whether its true or not, but after Ive started using this powder, my acne was considerably none. Im not sure about any theories, but its the way that working for me. Now, they have several variants, and the one I like is Talc based(yeah i know cancer and all that stuff...but hell...dont lamer powder has talc in it?? let me know, if u knw). AFter trying this baby powder, I have an old PONDS sandalwood talc at home, so Ive tried that one..and haha..I got acne the next day. So back to it now.

For Travel:
Searching for Compact Pressed Powder:
Well, I havent found one that works for me right now, which has to be reasonbly priced, needs to have a mirror and puff for onthego touchups,doesnt breakout my skin. Ill update this part after I get it. Right now Im eying on N.Y.C Smooth Skin pressed powder, but not sure abt the quality, have to read the reviews though. Suggestions are welcome.

And finally...Few things that I would like to mention before I step out for today:
One, as u can see the products that Im using now are not at all high end. So if u r Riche rich, u might not like it. Reason why..honey, been there done that. Sometimes, though u pay a lot, its not going to do good, and sometimes wonders are out there sitting in ur drugstore aisles with little or no price tags attached. Its just that u need to read several reviews to get that kind of products. Thank the wonderful blogosphere and makeupalley for all the reviews.
And second, Im here with these products not by mere luck, some could say..'that might suit ur skin, but im sensitive to such ingredients..and im going to skip'. Honey..believe me, my skin is the most sensitive skin amongst all. I have dry,sensitive and acne prone skin that tans easily when i go out in to the sun even with sunscreen.

Okay bye for now..this is too much for one day..
And stay tune..I have lots or products to share with u all..

My SkinCare Routine

Hello there..
I was actually checking my dashboard and came to notice that I haven't done any Skincare routine post until now..Sounds weird..but what the hell is with me when im such a skincare junkie.. I go..But before I go ahead, Ild like to put some fore-words just to let you know..
1: that whatever Im using right now..they are all drugstore or to saycheap/affordable( yet effective) products..So if u r all in to 'cost is quality' u may not find this alluring..
2: and Ive come here and finally sticking with these products... Its like its more than 3 to 4 years that Ive been searching for the products that do good for my skin rather than doing nothing or sometimes do bad(im talking about u high-ends').

Okay Lets begin:

Cleanse: Palmers CocoaButter Formula with Vitamin E Cream Soap
Phew..thats a handfull. Anyways...some few days ago..Iwas actuallyy reading Totalbeauty and theres a post in there that said the beauty products that actually work and this is one among them (the other one being petroleum jelly as footcream). Its like $3 and I thought it wouldnt hurt my wallet though it doesnt suit my dry,sensitive, acne prone skin as Im sure I could use this as body soap, if anycase. So having so little hope Ive tried it, and wow Im really hooked now. It gives my face squeaky clean,without drying and removing all the junk and the best acne scars are less visible now. If u have any chance either thru ebay(those around the world) or internet shopping..u should try it sometime...

Toner:Dickinson's Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
Awhile ago, I was in Walgreens, to get some few things and I saw it on sale 50% off, so its around $3 (basicallys its $6) and Ive read/watched some good reviews abt it, but never cared to get it, because I never get what the heck is with toning anyway. Now, it being on sale, I thought why not & bought it and ive been using this since about a month. Though Ive never believed that pore minimizing claim thing of any beauty products out there..but this time..I think i have to believe what I see. Okay im not saying that this is a miracle product, but it is helping to shrink up my pores a little bit, that I could see the difference. Oh by the way..its is 14% alcohol and the rest is witch hazel. Earler Im on Neutrogena 2in1 fight and fade toner...but i dont like it..

Moisturizer: Ponds Clarant B3 Antidarkspots moisturizer, for normal to dry skin.
Now, being a nasty acneprone skin, that breakouts once a day(its better now though), i was left behind with lot of dark spots..lucky me..and while I was on walmart somemonths ago..I figured out this one, but didnt get it. LAter while I was in target, I saw a travel size(1.5oz, costing $1.50) and thought of to try it, hoping that it would break me out as well, like the rest of the creams. But to my surprise it didnt. It moisturized my skin perfectly that I never noticed any flaky skinand never suffocated my skin. So, after I got through the travel size, and went to get the bigger jar, and know what..they are all gone. Its out of stock. Holy goodness,it must be it..and I went several times again, just to see the same and finally I have to order it online.Its around $8 for 7oz/200g and I guess it could last me for about 5-6months. And coming to the dark has Niacinamide in it as its second ingredient, it did help lighten up..I recommend this.

Zapzyt Maximum Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel

Frequently, acne comes and goes, its like a forever bond between us, they never leave and never stay, ofcourse never stay if i have Zapzyt around with me. Its around $6 and i apply it on the pimples that are about to pop. Now, this severely dries out the skin, but gets the junk away, which is what i prefer. So there u go.
Sometimes, when the pimple is not gross, i apply Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, original, which has 40% Zinc Oxide and really soothes the redness, and clarifies the spot. Never knew that Zinc Oxide is better for skin as like BenzoylPeroxide or Salycylic Acid.

Thats it.. If needed, I was actually thinking of to make an individual posts for every product, cos i think they deserve it,
If u got any queries..feel free to post em up...
Bye Bellas

Why did I not blog??

Helloo blogosphere..
Its been quite a while since Ive last blogged.. Im not sure whats that happening in my life that Ive completely stayed away from this. May be Ive got some busy life....but everyone do have one, dont they? and they still come up with some time to pt some stuff up here..

Anyways, Im here and im trying to kick some posts out to here from drafts.
Trying to post up..thats it..

Later with another post...
Bye bye