Makeup Routine: Eyes/Eyebrows

As though I havent bored u/me enough..Im doing another post or detailed post about my makeup routine..and now its eyes..

N.Y.C Brow/Eyeliner Pencil, Brown:

Now, Ive tried the NYX Eyebrow cake kit...but didnt get the hype about it. May be its just me that, I would like to grab a pencil and give them little strokes and then im all set. On top note, I have normal eyebrows, that basically doesnt need filling but i use and eyebrow pencil, because i need to groom/comb them. They are always droopy, and i dont like to use wax to set them. Anyways, on a daily basis I use N.Y.C brow/eyeliner pencil in brown and whenever I have to stay all day out I use Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Dark Brown. Now, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner is some serious eyeliner but works good as eyebrow pencil for me and as an eyeliner, my eyelids can smudge out even the thoughest smudgeproof liners out there.

Elf Studio Eyelash Curler:
Now many claim to invest in a good eyelash curler, but I dont get it. As far as the curve suits ur eyelids, ur good to go. Ive got some unknown brand earlier, but after going through several reviews raving about this Elf curler, I thought to try it and if dint suit me either, would hit some sephora. But hell, nope, its so good..that Im pretty much hanging out with it. Now coming to the pretty costs just $1. Im pretty surprise by looking at it in real life. I observed sephora's curler once (while I was window shopping) and thought that its okay. But coming to this one $1..??are you kidding me, really. If u happen to get a chance to get it..I highly recommend this one. Especially all the makeup beginners..go get it.

Maybelline Colassal Volume Mascara(Waterproof)

Now coming to the mascara..I dont use it on a regular basis, because, no matter how hard i try to remove it,i feel that there are bits still there to remove and couldnt get them out. I actually suppose that I need to get a non-waterproof mascara, but on the other hand, my eyelids are super greasy, and worried it might smudge them up, worried about the panda look. Anyways, I dont put on mascara on a daily basis..I just curl them and good to go. If i need something extra like going out for parties and such, then i put this. Its just that I worry about removing thing.

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Strike a Pose

Now coming to the Eyeshadows, honestly, I cant play with them. I cant even go with shimmery, even with a hint. They all has to be matte, giving just a hint of color. I often find myself grabbing the yellow-brown, taupes, peach, warm pink colors. So, I just assume that I shouldnt get eyeshadows, which is why this palette has been sitting around since...i dont know... Sometimes..while Im travelling I carry Covergirl Lipperfection Lipcolor in Impassion( a coppery brown orange with lots of golden shimmers) and I use that as eyeshadow..yup there u go..Sometimes I even use blushes over the the eyelids. Just one more note...I never do/did smokey eyes in my life..and didnt even want to...

Thats it..
See you..

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