Interviewing Gucci Westman...

No..I didnt interview her...
Its just that Im reading this post in where theres a snapshot of Gucci's bathroom cabin.
Click here.. If u r interested in reading what she says.. and ive noticed that lot of her products are Lamer...

Anywas...After reading the whole post in detail I just figured that Im not alone. I mean...when it comes to me, I cant carry a heavy coverage foundation(even to parties), nor a heavily pigmented lipsticks. I thought i might need to try different products untill I get to find a product thats comfortable with. But afterawhile..I read somewhere that there are people out there who dont like to put on heavy layers of color...and its not just coming from the inside..its just that somethings dont look good on certain people.
Say for example, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Crimson is a brick red shade, where many people say that they really like it...but whenever I use it..i end up blotting it that it gives me just the tint and im good with it. Whenever I watch the youtube beauty guru videos packing on loads of lipstick, I feel inferior like when would i get a shade so that I could do the same, without blotting. Now..after reading that Gucci does the more good now.. :P

'Less is more' may be a trend now...but my mom always looks at me like i need to grow up, whenever she talks about me wearing a lipstick or kajal, which I dont even try to go there. Kajal is somthing that never stays put where I put it.( by the way,my mom is a consistent kajal user, if she doesnt put it,she looks sick) the days pass through, I noticed that makeup is not by rules..but its whats okay for u. Its not like u need to put concealer,foundation, powder, eyeshadow,mascara,lipstick etc..but its like making ur face more presentable..atleast for me. Sometimes, I step out without any tintedmoisturizer, and with just the baby powder(dusting very lightly) serves the task of looking polished.

Holy god...what am I doing...such a loong post and on what?! Anyways..I should stop now..
Bye fellows..

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