My Makeup Routine(Face)

Hellooo again...
As Ive shared my Skincare routine in my previous post, thought of to post my makeup routine as well.
Lets begin:
For Face:
Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, SPF30, light to medium:

Usually, im that type of person where I cant fit myself into using a liquid foundation. Ive tried several sheer coverage foundations, but couldnt fit. Tried Revlon Colorstay(could u believe that ive dumped it in trash), Maybelline Fit me(felt very uncomfortable), even Lakme(yuck) and always thought that I might have to try all the liquid foundations out there to see what suits me. But no, one day I was reading some article that there is a thing called 'powder girl', or 'foundation girl' or 'no makeup look tinted moisturizer girl' and then i got that im the last one. Earlier, I used PONDS Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer and Lotus Herbals 3in1 matte look sunblock. But now that I couldnt get my hands on either of them, have to choose this one. On the other hand, whenever I try to put sunblock on (Neutrogena Ultrasheer dry touch sunblock,SPF70) it left an apparent white cast, so I really hated sunscreens. But now that this tinted moisturizer had SPF and tint in it..its 2 in 1. I dont consider the moisturization nor the radiance,because i use moisturizer beneathe it and put powder on top of it.

Setting Powder:
Johnson's Baby Powder.
Now,Ive never gor the hype about putting on some powder. But one day while I did it accidentally and oh really helped me to stay fresh all day long. No wonder, my dry skin contributing further, a friend of mine even complemented me that I was glowing after a long day. From then on, its my essential. Now to mention that I even put it on when im at home, without any makeup on. Im not sure whether its true or not, but after Ive started using this powder, my acne was considerably none. Im not sure about any theories, but its the way that working for me. Now, they have several variants, and the one I like is Talc based(yeah i know cancer and all that stuff...but hell...dont lamer powder has talc in it?? let me know, if u knw). AFter trying this baby powder, I have an old PONDS sandalwood talc at home, so Ive tried that one..and haha..I got acne the next day. So back to it now.

For Travel:
Searching for Compact Pressed Powder:
Well, I havent found one that works for me right now, which has to be reasonbly priced, needs to have a mirror and puff for onthego touchups,doesnt breakout my skin. Ill update this part after I get it. Right now Im eying on N.Y.C Smooth Skin pressed powder, but not sure abt the quality, have to read the reviews though. Suggestions are welcome.

And finally...Few things that I would like to mention before I step out for today:
One, as u can see the products that Im using now are not at all high end. So if u r Riche rich, u might not like it. Reason why..honey, been there done that. Sometimes, though u pay a lot, its not going to do good, and sometimes wonders are out there sitting in ur drugstore aisles with little or no price tags attached. Its just that u need to read several reviews to get that kind of products. Thank the wonderful blogosphere and makeupalley for all the reviews.
And second, Im here with these products not by mere luck, some could say..'that might suit ur skin, but im sensitive to such ingredients..and im going to skip'. Honey..believe me, my skin is the most sensitive skin amongst all. I have dry,sensitive and acne prone skin that tans easily when i go out in to the sun even with sunscreen.

Okay bye for now..this is too much for one day..
And stay tune..I have lots or products to share with u all..

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