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Hello there..
I was actually checking my dashboard and came to notice that I haven't done any Skincare routine post until now..Sounds weird..but what the hell is with me when im such a skincare junkie.. I go..But before I go ahead, Ild like to put some fore-words just to let you know..
1: that whatever Im using right now..they are all drugstore or to saycheap/affordable( yet effective) products..So if u r all in to 'cost is quality' u may not find this alluring..
2: and Ive come here and finally sticking with these products... Its like its more than 3 to 4 years that Ive been searching for the products that do good for my skin rather than doing nothing or sometimes do bad(im talking about u high-ends').

Okay Lets begin:

Cleanse: Palmers CocoaButter Formula with Vitamin E Cream Soap
Phew..thats a handfull. Anyways...some few days ago..Iwas actuallyy reading Totalbeauty and theres a post in there that said the beauty products that actually work and this is one among them (the other one being petroleum jelly as footcream). Its like $3 and I thought it wouldnt hurt my wallet though it doesnt suit my dry,sensitive, acne prone skin as Im sure I could use this as body soap, if anycase. So having so little hope Ive tried it, and wow Im really hooked now. It gives my face squeaky clean,without drying and removing all the junk and the best acne scars are less visible now. If u have any chance either thru ebay(those around the world) or internet shopping..u should try it sometime...

Toner:Dickinson's Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner
Awhile ago, I was in Walgreens, to get some few things and I saw it on sale 50% off, so its around $3 (basicallys its $6) and Ive read/watched some good reviews abt it, but never cared to get it, because I never get what the heck is with toning anyway. Now, it being on sale, I thought why not & bought it and ive been using this since about a month. Though Ive never believed that pore minimizing claim thing of any beauty products out there..but this time..I think i have to believe what I see. Okay im not saying that this is a miracle product, but it is helping to shrink up my pores a little bit, that I could see the difference. Oh by the way..its is 14% alcohol and the rest is witch hazel. Earler Im on Neutrogena 2in1 fight and fade toner...but i dont like it..

Moisturizer: Ponds Clarant B3 Antidarkspots moisturizer, for normal to dry skin.
Now, being a nasty acneprone skin, that breakouts once a day(its better now though), i was left behind with lot of dark spots..lucky me..and while I was on walmart somemonths ago..I figured out this one, but didnt get it. LAter while I was in target, I saw a travel size(1.5oz, costing $1.50) and thought of to try it, hoping that it would break me out as well, like the rest of the creams. But to my surprise it didnt. It moisturized my skin perfectly that I never noticed any flaky skinand never suffocated my skin. So, after I got through the travel size, and went to get the bigger jar, and know what..they are all gone. Its out of stock. Holy goodness,it must be it..and I went several times again, just to see the same and finally I have to order it online.Its around $8 for 7oz/200g and I guess it could last me for about 5-6months. And coming to the dark has Niacinamide in it as its second ingredient, it did help lighten up..I recommend this.

Zapzyt Maximum Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel

Frequently, acne comes and goes, its like a forever bond between us, they never leave and never stay, ofcourse never stay if i have Zapzyt around with me. Its around $6 and i apply it on the pimples that are about to pop. Now, this severely dries out the skin, but gets the junk away, which is what i prefer. So there u go.
Sometimes, when the pimple is not gross, i apply Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, original, which has 40% Zinc Oxide and really soothes the redness, and clarifies the spot. Never knew that Zinc Oxide is better for skin as like BenzoylPeroxide or Salycylic Acid.

Thats it.. If needed, I was actually thinking of to make an individual posts for every product, cos i think they deserve it,
If u got any queries..feel free to post em up...
Bye Bellas

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