Cheap dupes for Revlon LipButters

By the end of 2011, Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters were the talk among the beauty bloggers. Some are lucky enough to get them and some are eagerly waiting to get them. Not launched internationally, most of the beauty enthusiasts even tried to get them through others to get their hands on. Ofcourse, time passes and by end of Jan 2012, Revlon lipbutters were available across all leading drugstores. And If u happen to follow any beauty blogs, u might have seen people raving about the formula, packaging and everything about it..

But,everything in this world had pros and cons..its just that what effective pros it has got is what matters us.. Coming to this Revlon Colorburst Lipbutters, it has pros and cons as well. Concisely, they are good at pigmentation, packaging, moisturization, wider & good range of shades this line has got, but coming to the cons, they are expensive, provided the amout of produt u get and how fast u can use them up. Not that im complaining, but $7 for this, if u look at the amount u get, its pretty much less than the standard lipstick size and it being sheer or buttery smooth, it tends to hit the finish line soon. After going though several reviews..I finally came up with pretty dupes for it, but with less price tags.

They are:
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lipcolor:
Costing $1.99 each, they are very pigmented, glossy, not sticky, feels buttery but not heavy like lipbutters and u need to pay just a fraction of cost for 1.9g of the product. Staying power is decent for about 2-3 hours, but i dont mind reapplying when its got such a light feel. Victoria' Secret has long back carried the same product with different name though they are now discontinued. Not to forget about mentioning the packaging, where the tubes comes with its exact color. Now to the cons, its just that u need to be very carefull while placing the cap, cos the bullet is never going in completely. A part of it always stays out. Thats the only minus untill now, but for the price and its quality i think im able to carry the con, which doesnt bother me much,

Wet n wild megashield Lipcolor SPF15:
Pricing at about $3, these Mega Shield Lipcolors from Wet n wild contains SPF 15 which is what this lipcolor categorizes itself by saying 'MegaShield' in to 'care' products. Anyways, compared to Revlon Lipbutters, they are similar, but not as moisturizing (atleast for me) but the feel is not as light as jordana's. And ooh well..thse bullets dont completely get inside the tube as well.

The present beauty market has several options on this lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss category. Be it Loreal paris Le Balm, Palladio tinted lipbalm, Maybelline's baby lips etc and the list goes on, these might cost around $4 - 8, but the above 2 things that ive mentioned are worth trying out.

Thats it..
Happy friday..

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