Daiper Rash Cream for Acne

Hello everyone..
Back to yet another week after a pleasant weekend?? Anyways..the topic of this post is how it turns out if u use Diaper rash cream for acne..
The other day..I was reading some website where they said that Zinc Oxide is pretty goof for skin, problematic skin to say and it cures/refines the skin. With that..I made a further search in the google..and there u go..the maximum %age of Zinc Oxide can be found in diaper rash creams...Desitin to say, maximum of 40%.

So then Ive gone to the nearest drugstore and got the Desiti Diaper rash cream, and used it on my huge cystic zit on my chin that I assume that I got from using Maybelline mineral powder foundation, before going to bed. By the next day morning...the zit was not at all painfull, reduced in redening, and the sebum(sounds nasty & gross, but Ive sugar coated it) came up to the surface..and after a session of steaming it...wow..the junk was finally out. By now I could stop taking care of it..but me..comes ahead and applied rash cream on it again..and by the evening..it all gone..i mean not like theres nothing..but its like almost leveled out with the skin...

I love the results sooo much that I finally decided to stop using the Zapzyt(10% BP) and use Desitin from now on. And not the results alone..the price is less alltogether. (dont remember abt zapzyt but desitin is $4)

Thats all for now..
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  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

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    Pat dry with a towel.


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