My Version of Baby Powder

Helloo there...
So hows ur mid week going on.. Its thursday now and I cant wait for the weekend already. Anyways..Coming to the subject, there are different versions of Baby powders out there...
and they can be categorized majorly into
  1. Powder made with TALC
  2. Powder made with CORNSTARCH
These are just the 2 categories, that are found commercially nowdays, with slight variations either in the fragrance or other extra added ingredients like chamomile, aloevera, vitamin E, ZincOxide etc...

While there are several lovers out there who loves Cornstarch based powder, they claim it as natural and i agree. Some say that Talc is carcinogenic,may cause problems to lungs if inhaled it for longer periods of time..and may cause reproductive problems if used for baby girls while changing diapers... whatever..but I love Talc based baby powder.

Talc based baby powder, especially Johnson's Baby powder has got just the 2 ingredients in its list and they are talc and fragrance. While there are soo many powders out there Johnson's baby powder is the only one with less additives. So im on it. Whilst Ive tried Cornstarch based powder from Johnson's as well..I didnt like it. It looked rough, patchy on my skin, never looked blended out. Whereas talc looks as though it smoothened out my skin, conceals some discoloration and never game me that patchy look that cornstarch always gives me.

So..from now on..Ive made up my mind that I always buy Talc based baby matter how many awareness programs go against talc :P

Bye for now..

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