Update:on Cerave Moisturizing lotion

Long ago Ive posted a review on Cerave Moisturizing lotion, which I liked a lot and is the only moisturizer that was great on me( without clogging my pores) and that ive used for pretty looong time, almost like for an year. And after using this from Oct 2010 to August 2011, I finally made up to change this lotion as my moisturizer. Why...??heres my updated review on it..

Well, its great with moisturization,never gave me oily sheen, sinks into the skin right away, looks as though nothing is on the skin, did not clog any pores or anything of such, but the only thing ive noticed is that my skin turned ashy/ greyish with this on. It all happened one day, while im stepping out of the bathroom turning off the light(Warm shade, always makes skin look healthy) stared at the mirror once again, and there I go, I looked pale, ashy, u know my skin almost looked like ive used somekind of greyish powder. Rest of my body skin looked pretty good, but my facial skin..oh god! I thought may be im not eating healthy, so i turned on everything to look my best..but nah... Ive done facials..increased my water consumption etc..but nothing helped. Then one day Im discussing this with my husband, and he said that he observed the same thing happening with himself. Cerave is the only thing that we use in common and there I go. Stopped using it and my skin was back to form looking lively and healthy. I jsut dont know whats  in it that made skin ashy.

Finaly Conclusion:
is that Cerave is defenitely good in terms of moisturization but it turned my skin ashy/greyish.

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