My Nude Nailpolish

Theres a thing called 'Nude Lipstick' but is there 'Nude nailpolish'?
I dont know..let me know if im not aware of that..but just now..Im done doing my nails after a pretty loong time.
Though theres spring around, I dont have the spirit to pick up bright colors, but i just want to do some nail polish, so thought of to pick up a nude shade( just like i do with my lip colors, picking up nude shades, whenever i dont feel up with the game) and picked up these two, which are quite similar.
  • Revlon Nail Enamel, Copperglaze Platinum,420
  •  Lakme True Wear Nail color,Classics, 501 Mocha Fizz Brown.
Both are similar can say there are dupes. They are more like taupe, beige brown with gold shimmers.These are my favourite shades that no matter how many other shades i have, i go back to this shade again and again.

Thats all for now..
bye fellas..

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