Review: Cerave Moisturizing Lotion

Here with a review of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion..
I bet most of u may not be aware of the brand name 'Cerave'. let things put simple, most of the people compare this with 'Cetaphil', so, got the point?

What it Claims:
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My Skin Condition / Past history... [A Story] :P
Ok to start with, my skin was never a problematic one, but past 1 year, its like hell. Its much like an Acne curse. Everyday I wake up with 1-2 added acne and it would take forever to goaway. Ive been to dermatologist n gynecologist as well..but they claimed that its just the hormonal imbalances and put me on medication. Yup, it went normal during that period but as soon as i stop the medicines.., they come back to mommy! By the way, my skin is dry-combination to say. Dry over the cheeks, forehead, chin and oily over nose.
Tried several moisturizers as well..but they,instead of moisturizing, blocked up the pores and created much of a havoc. To name a few, Lotus Herbals SheaMoist, Himalaya Face Moisturizing Lotion(intensive as well), Clean n Clear Oil balancing moisturizer, Biotique Morning Nectar, BioVera and some other prescribed creams.
Finally landed on this, and never had a problem with it. Searched for several reviews, been on reading reviews for months together and at a point of time, finally concluded 2 among them. One being Cetaphil and the other is Cerave.
Here, the Pros and Cons of it:

  • Its Non-comedogenic. Never ever blocked out pores, or never activated a pimple (Unless its the time of the month..u know, nothing works then..)
  • Its not oily, not sticky or not stretchy (mean to say, it doesnt give that 'stretchy feeling' which is obvious with some gel moisturizers, ex. Lotus Herbals AloeVera Gel). Its even good for summers..
  • Its just absorbs in to the skin withing few seconds.
  • I had no issues of scaling or dryness since im on this.
  • Fragrance free..which is what i prefer for facial skin care.
  • Bottom Line: It simply moisturizes. Chupke chupke..This is my HG Facial Moisturizer..
  • Hmm...have to think hard....Okay..its travel unfriendly. The packaging...comes in a huge bottle, that u need to pump some out in to a small bottle to carry it out.
Price..around $15... around 650-700INR. But thats not a concern..cos the amount u get..lasts for atleast 7-8 months i think..its 350 ml...

So..Thats my review... I wish this'ld be available even in India, so that ou lovely indians would benefit from it.. :)


  1. it looks exactly like cetaphil

  2. never heard of cerave..nice u found ur HG..n yup it looks like cetaphil..

  3. waiting for this to come to india...

  4. hey ..i never knew u have a blog too ..

    just stumbled upon while browsing ..i have never heard of this moisturizer and will love to try it :)


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