Im loving Vaseline White Petroleum Jelly like hell :P Think im going crazy over it.

Its just yesterday that Ive made a tiny haul and bought Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, because my bed-side 'Nivea Essential Lipcare LipBalm' came to an end. Though Im a huge fan of Nivea LipBalms, it always left cracky lip at the end of the day, not enough moisturized lips. So, this time Ive picked up Vaseline and Oh my God...I applied a layer before hitting the sack and woke up with fully moisturized lips with those cracky skin almost dissolved in to the jelly and just a little massage removed off all the flakes. Finally left with no traces of dryness or dead skin.

Honestly...this is the best lip balm i could ever have..I could even hang on with bare lips without any lipbalm the rest of the day..and get on with it just at sleep time.

Whats ur Lipbalm..??Is it effective??
Does it leave behind any dry flakes by the morning as soon as u wake up??


  1. yeah belle,,... even i love this lil thing, its just so versatile to use....this was my first lip balm brand that i started using in school...just looking at this tub turns me all nostalgic.....hmmm

  2. I love using Vaseline too, but I generally just use them on my feet. For my lips at night I use either Neutrogena lip balm or almond oil - both work very well for me :)

  3. Sounds great!!! Haven't used it as yet but will surely give it a try.
    I usually use Lotus lip balm or Himalaya.
    Nice blog...I'm following you:))

  4. ya vaseline works great
    i too just now got it
    n i use lotus too..

  5. i use nivea, i actually dont require much of moisturization

  6. yea its very useful product in various ways
    my recent post diy-homemade-scrub


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