Fruits to eat for Good Skin

Fruits rich in Vitamin A, Beta carotene, vitamin C , Vitamin E, Zinc are very good for skin.

Eat 2-4 servings of fruits a day. 1 serving = 1/2 cup chopped fruits.Fruits that are considered very good for skin are:
  • Avacoado: rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acis
  • Papaya: good source of beta carotene
  • Canteloupe: Rich in vitamin C, beta carotenes
  • Orange/Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin c
  • Strawberries: rich in vitamin C
  • Watermelon: Good source of beta carotene
  • Kiwi: Rich in vitamin C
  • Pomergrante: good antioxidant and has good anti-aging effects
  • Lemon/Lime: good antioxidant and also a source of vitamin C
So..Next time, whenever u go out for your Shopping make sure that ur Shopping list contains the following to stock up..

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