Welcome to the new Born Baby

Hello Blogosphere..
After googling around several blogs all about beauty related and stuff..i finally got motivated to start my own blog. So here I come Blog world. Anyhow, Ive started this blog to share everything beauty related..be it Fitness, SkinCare, makeup or everything else that comes in day to day life style. No more words further..but i finally decide today as the blog's birthday.

Please ignore the number of candles. Ive just set this photo as an identification. And to move on..in the coming days, Il be posting abt my skin care issues and how to take care of all things concerned to beauty. U can drop me a message if u want.
Thats all for now.


  1. Can I know where did U get this template from?
    I really love it

  2. @Anonymous..
    Hey there..Nice to here that u luve it..
    Well, I did it all by myself..U can ask if u need any particular help.. :)


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