About Bellepedia:
Bellepedia is a blog, started and run by Belle. It was named after inheriting the name of 'Encylopedia'. Belle, on the other hand, implies 'Beauty', which together makes the whole name to mean as 'Beauty Encyclopedia'.
Bellepedia = Belle's + Beauty + Encyclopedia
Isnt that funny?? Anyways, Bellepedia is all about Beauty. Be it Skin Care, Hair care, Health/Fitness or Diet, whatever thats got to deal with Beauty, can be featured in here Bellepedia. From time to time, Bellepedia features lots n lots of Quick Tips (also called as Q-Tips for short). Several Reviews of the products, Recent beauty hauls of the Author Belle, certain beauty related topics gathered after heavy search. Please Follow and leave a Comment whenever U drop by.

About Belle:
Belle, the Author of this blog 'Bellepedia' , is a young lady, who's addicted to Skin Care and consecutively that addiction led to know several deep rooted facts in the 'Beauty' segment, which had been prevailing since an year. She refers that this kind of Beauty Addiction came from reading n following several beauty blogs.
Since she started taking care of her skin, hair, health , she came to know the pros and cons of several beauty related products, and she finds Bellepedia as the best place to show it to the world. Hence, she'l be posting up them frequently. Since she is from India, she is deeply bonded to Indian products so far, hence for a certain period, she'll be up with Indian products,Indian Ayurveda, Yoga as well.

If U have any queries, U can 'Post a Comment' under any of the posts in Bellepedia, or If u r in a hurry, U can leave a note under 'Drop a Beauty Note' in the Right panel-->>

Ciao Belles

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