Q-Tip: Winter is here..

Well oh well.. Step out and u r shivering and this says that Wineter is finally here.. Though u curse Sun in the Summer, u r ought to like and welcome the summer when u r in Winter season. Ok, enough of blabbing. Winter is the time, when ur skin loses moisture retention capacity and freezes.

So its time to go search ur vanity cabin for those winter care creams/lotions or potions, which are meant for Winter. They are bit more oily/greasy than those meant for normal seasons.

Never ever forget to put Moisturizing lotion over ur entire body, within 3minutes u shower. This helps to lock the moisture in and there wont be any further damage to ur skin.

Most of the people feel that winter is best to rest under the sun. But no. Sun will be with the same severity as its in Summer. But the only difference is the atmosphere around us is cool. So U have to put the moisturizer along with Sunscreen lotion.

Some thinkg that skin wouldnt burn/tan cos theres no summer here. But Winter is here, and skin loses its moisture which is much more prone to skin damages like pigmentation and brings on early signs of aging like wrinkles.

Bottomline: Make it a must to put on Moisturizer on this winter

Thats all..Hows ur Weekend by the way. Well..im going to a movie right now and ooh well i dint forget to put on the body lotion :P

Ciao.. :)

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