New Year's Resolutions..

Another Year is just a couple of weeks away, infact less than that. So, isnt it a custom or culture to make a New Resolution chart.. whether one follows it or watever.. Well, I do make the list prepared every year and dump it without even following it atleast a week. bad!
And to start with, Im ready to share my New Year's Resolution over here with u.. (whether I follow it or not) about which Ive been thinking of the whole yesterday and made just this..??
  1. Be regular at Workouts : FYI..I don't workout regularly. E.g If i worked out today, I might skip the next 2/more days. Sometimes, I even make it reasonable/flexible to workout atleast 4 days a week, but that doesn't work either.
  2. Drink Water early in the morning EVERYDAY: I do drink water early in the morning, but only if I wake up early, which is pretty rare. Had I got any time, I try to sleep and wake up just an hour before I'm supposed to step out.
  3. Stick to Diet: Ease out there. My Diet is not a hard one. I'm just supposed to eat 'Sprouts +Banana+Milk' for breakfast and in lunch..6-8 Dates/Figs together with food. As-usual, I turn sick psychologically, and end up eating junk, the next day.
  4. Less time for games: I'm a PC game freak. I love NFS, Sims2 (I dint get Sims3..all my friends & family are against me on this n plays evil, to reach it) that I usually end up playing until 3-4AM. n Nowadays, Im playing "Emily's Delicious Holiday Season". Anyways, I made a plan, its just 2 hrs of game play.
Thats all for now.. I'l update from time to time, whenever a new thought creeps in.
Till then..Ciao Belles..
By the way, whats ur new year's resolutions??
Do share me..its fun.. :P

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