New: Himalaya Herbals Face Washes

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Himalay Herbals Healthcare, revamped their Facial Washes..Just the packaging..Im not sure about the changes in efficacy, though the Acitve ingredients remain the same.

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From the CHANGE in their Hair Care range of products..guess its time for skin care range as well. Though there is not much difference in the packaging..I really appreciate the change once in a while. By the way, Ive read somewhere, that it happens once every 18months. I wish if they doesnt change their skin-care products' formulas, because the lotions/potions are really good and doesn't think they need a change.

And..How are your holidays going..??Sorry for the lack of reviews so far..Im really pi*sed off today..thus arises this post of other stuff.

Happy Holidays Beauties.. :)
[Image Courtesy :Himalaya Herbals Healthcare]
[P.S: Im in no way related to Himalaya Herbals Healthcare. Just posting it on the grounds of spreading information]


  1. I like their new packaging :)
    Thanks for yr comments in my blog..n btw I wrote the pattern in the post..I forgot to do that when I posted it.

  2. @Cynthia..
    TY for dropping by..i like their packaging too..
    n yeah..Ive read ur reply back in ur blog.. :P


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