Review: Biotique Almond Kaajal

Another Review.. n Now its..
Biotique Botanical Extracts Bio Kajal, Almond Kajal (Black)

If it ever happened to visit their website, U can browse and get to see whats abt this product, BioKajal. But the packaging of the product(in their website) looks completely differect from what Ive got(below). Anyways, to speak about the brand, Biotique is a brand, where it claims, in short, that its completely natural, with no chemicals/preservatives.

Ive bought this Kajal, last year December, so... Isn't it quite a time to shoot out a review now? Anyways, to start with, I have sensitive eyes, like, I cannot go with Mascaras, Eye shadows, Eyeliners or any of the other Eye Makeup elements, without bleeding or without turning myself as a disastrous raccoon. The minute I put on something over the eye area, my eyes instantly start to weep. I dont know how instant it could be.
So, after searching for a while, I thought I should pick this BioKajal, because there couldn't be any ingredients which could make my eyes irritated.

Comes in a transparent twist-up tube (like that of a lip-stick tube). Kajal comes in like a long-shaped cone, in the tube. Packaging is not so great, especially, though u twist inwards, the Kajal-stick heads out a bit, that it could be a bit necessary to pay caution while fixing up the cap. Apart from that, quite easy to carry.

I dont exactly remember the accurate figure, but it ranges in between 110 -130 INR ( cos its last year's story)

Ingredients are on the cover, which I lost :( . Though, not sure about their percentages, here is the ingredients list.
  • Sesame Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Eclipta Alba
  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Berberis Aristata
Now, If U are into Ayurveda anytime, U would know what 'Triphala Churna" is..and this got it too.

Fragrance, Texture, Color..
Fragrance..just is the time, when I went back to it, to take a sniff. Doesn't smell anything.
Texture is creamy but gives a matte finish. It is quite soft that just a swipe gives out a great black line.
Color is intense black. It stays the same color all through the day, unlike some which changes in to greys. This is the best thing about this....The dark black color, which freshens up the entire eye look.

Now to move on to the point..
about how well it does...its a good Kohl/Kajal except that its a super smudging Kohl. It smudges that great, that u dont even need any eye-makeup removers. In fact, U can just wipe it off with any tissue or ur fingers, and u can see Ur eyes are all clear with no kajal. Sometimes, it smudges that badly that, I always end up wiping off the smudged area, and reapply again and again. Because of this, I never apply it when I have to step out. I use it only during weekends or whenever I stay back home. Thats the thing I hate with it, that since then Ive been searching for a Kohl which doesn't smudge.

On the other side, it cools up the eyes, never gave me any irritation, freshens up the eye-look, Very dark colored black that never fades.
Ive read in their website, that it helps in the growth of eyelashes. I'm not sure whether it did that, but it definitely helped in not plucking it away. To speak here, Ive used Lakme Kajal, and everytime I remove it, I get 2-3 lashes fall off everytime. So, keeping that in mind, Biotique Kaajal, dint do that any.
Overall, it can make a Good Kohl, If u know how to manage on the smudging grounds.
Pros: Intense Black Color, Super Cooling, Freshens up, Good for lashes, Packaging, Price.
Cons: Super duper smudgy..
No. Well, Im thinking of the other Herbal Kajals now..

No. Remember..smudges so badly..

Thats all for the review..
Hows Ur weekend by the way.. I felt so tired, that I dint even get the mood to write up.
Okay..Ciao Belles.. :)


  1. I have also been using this product (Biotique Almond Kaajal) for about two years now. Ingredients on the box are;
    Almond Oil 10%
    Tripala Extracts 5%
    Mulethi Extracts 2%
    Kapoor 2%
    Netranjan 5%
    Kaajal 2%
    Ointment Q.S. (not sure what that means)

    The ingredients you have listed above are also listed on the other side of the box.
    Yes, I agree with you that it does smudge over the course of the day but it is also easy to wear with no irritation. I would like to know more about what the Kaajal itself is made from as well as any other ingredients as I'm not sure if everything is listed.

    I can't say that I've noticed any increase in the amount of eyelashes (mine are very fine particularly where I use kaajal on the bottom)but they don't seem to fall out as much.


  2. @Emma..
    Hi..nice to hear from u..
    Thank u for listing out the update it soon..and as for the other not sure as well..
    but yeah..i know the way how to make kajal in traditional way..its kinda coal mixed with castor post it one day..

  3. Biotique is the best kajal stick i have ever used. I have tried many kajal sticks but biotique is always the best.

  4. @Anonymous..
    thats good to hear..but i just cant carry just smudges on me..

  5. I've been trying to purchase this from the US everywhere. Know any leads? I know it may be super smudgy, but I love it. Plus when I wear eye makeup, i never touch my eye area for that very reason.

    I appreciate the help.

  6. Hey! Was just searching for the best way to apply kajal when i saw ur post, ive been using this one (the biotique almond kajal) for a while now and like you said, it SMUDGES big time, but yea the one fix i found for it was to apply a eye-primer or concealer before applyng ts and then using a small powder sponge (like the ones tht come with compact, ive kept one specially for ts purpose) to apply ur compact or powder below ur eyes, ie you ve to start from exactly where ur kajal starts, make sure ur powder is thick ter, and then use a bigger powder puff for te rest of ur face, this way te kajal doesnt bleed, and stays that way for a long time hope this helps ! just wanted to share something that helped me out

  7. its smudges very badly.. i used it before bt nw i moved on to elle 18..its is quite gud.. bt in biotique der is no irritation

  8. used biotique kajal everyday and it smudges every time but my lower lashes are thicker and stronger. I also saw a reduction in the amount of lashes that fall off when removing my makeup. I don't think that any product is perfect but my lashes have thicken and they have grown long and strong with this product!


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