New: Avatar..!!

I mean.. the movie..
Ive been waiting for this movie to release since ever..and now finally I got the chance to watch it NEXT weekend.."A Boooo.." there.. I know, but I tried so hard to get the movie tickets asap, but destiny wins. Unfortunately, Im liberally free this weekend and got nothing to do, other than feeling bad & waiting for the next week end to arrive fast. I might even suppose to make the coming week days, less productive, by just dreaming about this movie. haha..Honestly, I'm not a movie buff and to judge it, I go to the theater once/twice a year..yeah U heard me right. Ofcourse, I watch TV a lot. Back here, Ive been waiting for this movie, just because its by James Cameron and added, sci-fis are one of those genres that I adore a lot.
Oh man..this is really on my nerves..Cant wait.. :P

Anyways..Any recent movies that Uve watched..??

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