Huge Lips and Skinny Hips

Well.. Im not describing any chic..rather its all about a lip gloss. Most of U might be already using this or to say have heard about this. But this made me to think far more than enough.

Huge Lips and Skinny Hips
is a lip gloss from Purple Lab, based on the theme of "Double duty Beauty for Multi-tasking Mavens". (this is what they claim in their website)
Apart from the basic moisturizing oils or lip plumpers, it contains "Hoodia", an all natural extract from a cactus-like plant indigenous to South Africa/Namibia, which is the main source of lime-light diversion. They explain that Hoodia is made up of something called P57, which targets the part of the brain that tells you when you’re full by mimicking the effects of sugar. Thus, it helps in controlling Ur cravings and ur hips turn skinny...?? But what If I put it on after I eat my Cheese Burger?? Or what If one got addicted to these lipglosses and were suddenly discontinued.. (a wild imagination is running..don't ask what it is..hahaa)

Well, It costs $25 each...the colors are all good..but I don't think I'm sold for this. I belong to 'eat well, workout more' category, so this doesn't go. Moreover, I don't want any herb to control what I eat. I just think Cosmetics should just meet the cosmceutical needs and leave the rest to pharmacy..!!

In the end I just think that Its jsut a marketing gimmick to bring out the hype. :D
What do u say..??

[Image Courtesy: PurpleLab]


  1. Thanks so much for your interest in Purple Lab! I want to encourage you to visit our Web site to learn more about our philosophy. We in no may recommend Huge Lips Skinny Hips as a meal replacement or weight loss tool but rather a fun spin on lip gloss, something to keep you mindful. We couldn't agree with you more - eating well and working out is the healthiest lifestyle to live!

    Happy New Year!

    Purple Lab Creatix

  2. I heard people talk abt this, but never got 2 try! I am not even sure if they r available in the UK market! Thnx for d review :)

  3. I have never heard about these. Are the available in India?

  4. @Divija not sure of that either.. :)

    I dont think its available in india..but might be open for international shipping i guess..

  5. @Purple..
    meh..u don't have to agree with watever others say/think..

  6. I actually love these! They are hard to find but man do they plump your lips. I don't think they curb any apatite but they are lovely. They lean towards the matte side, and I swear depending on mynlips mood can moisturize like a drezm or dry my lips out. They smell fruity and the colors are lovely and sheer. Ovrrall they are some of my favorites


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