Review: Lotus Herbals Lip Balm, Strawberry

As mentioned, here is the review of
Lotus Herbals Strawberry LipBalm
"Rehydrates Dry & Chapped Lips"

Ive got this lipbalm free with "Lotus Herbals SheaMoist" (the review of it will be coming up soon..). As it came to me, I just have to try it. And here goes about it..

The balm comes in a tiny pot and the balm weighs 8gm. The walls of the pot are tranparent(not visible in the pic), while the cap is cream-coloured, as u can see. Packaging is good, classy, handy. U can carry it wherever u want :P .

Color, Texture, Fragrance, etc..
Strawberry flavoured lip balm is red in color, While the Orange lip balm is orange. The LipBalms' color is same as the colour thats indicated on the product/pot. gelly and waxy. Not thick, but with medium consistency, like that of a cold-cream.
Fragrance..smells like a true strawberry. If there are any, who can go nuts about the strawberry flavour (I belong too) they would end by sniffing this balm till they hit pan :P

Costs 60INR for 8gms of lipbalm. Both the flavours( Strawberry & Orange) costs the same. I dont say it is cheap/affordable, because different people have different levels of categorization for cost price. But, I categorize, based on its effectiveness, how well it performs n so on.. So, based on is pretty expensive.

"strawberry extract, honey, jojoba oil, almond oil, wheatgerm oil"
Again, no infromation about the preservatives or what so ever..

To say it short, 'It is not a good one", when there are several out there in the market.
This smells good.
When applied on lips, it gives that glossy finish( which I liked), but the red-tint never shows up on lips, like the way it looks in pot.
Talking about hydration, the lipbalm dissolves/disappears within an hour, that U need to reapply it often. Sometimes, I feel that, it must have decided to turn my lips addicted to it (like the other commercial lipbalms).
But still, whenever I apply it over, it just sits there, doesn't moisturize at all. More like a wax, that never sinks in to Ur lips.
Pros: Packaging, Fragrance
Cons: Never hydrates, never shows up the tint on lips, need to reapply often.
Ok..with that said, it straight away goes in to the bin. Or sometimes, I just open it to sniff the fragrance. :)

No. Well, for that sake, I didn't even buy it. Its free..with a moisturiser. Im not sure whether this offer still exists, though.

No. I'l never recommend this to anyone. Instead, I'ld say Vaseline does good (to those who are not allergenic to petrolatum) interms of moisturizing.

Thats all. Have u tried this anytime?
Please let us know.. :)


  1. yes,i hav tried it some months bak...nd i juz found it fine.. :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    HEY THIS IS vEENA HERE.your blog just randomly showed up on my google search,so here I am!lol.
    I have tried the lotus lip balm in the tube form,and I totally loved it.I almost always used nivea before I switched to Lotus for good!I havn't used the pot form of the lipbalm yet,(i just dont like sticking my fingers in pots of balm ;P)and after reading the review I don't plan to! Thanks and Cheers!

  3. I used lotus lip balm in India and I liked it.
    I was wondering where I can find it in USA.

  4. @Navneetha..
    Hi there..nice to hear from u..!!
    Feel the same abt the lipbalm..

  5. @Veena..
    Hellloo..ive heard that tube form is better than the one in i think i have to put my hands on that as well.. :)

  6. @Anonymous..
    Hi.. im struggling to get some few indian stuff as well..
    I guess u need to search at any indian/desi stores or else u can order online at

    Heres the link:

  7. i love the lotus lipbalm

  8. i use the every time every days
    an i feel very good

  9. Hy....luv ur reviews...tx a lot for sharng...lukng fwd 2 more of ur reviews....keep it up... :)

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