Q Tip: Just one finger on ur Face..

Yup..Its ur 'Ring Finger"..
Mean to say, whenever U need to do some facial-care routine, one is not supposed to use their entire palm.
Be it massaging, cleansing or applying any makeup..or touching ur face..U just have to get used to 'Use just ur Ring finger' If u need more pressure, U can use ring finger of both the hands, but not any other finger..or whole.

Ive mentioned here, not to touch ur face other than when its ur TLC time. Now, telling that its good to use just ur Ring Finger whenever u have to touch ur face (I mean whenever u r following ur beauty-care routine)

Basically, Ring finger is the best finger, in giving out the optimum pressure (not much like index ginger nor less like small finger) on face. Facial skin is the most sensitive skin, thus it needs less pressure whenever it is supposed to get.

So, next time, try to use just ur ring finger..
Ciao.. :)

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