News: Nicole's trend??

Correct me If I'm wrong or lost..
But is this a new trend or what??
This is how Nicole Kidman was spotted at the red carpet premiere for 'Nine'.
What was that white powder doing underneath her eyes and nose??
Is that....[speechless] ohh..i couldnt figure it out..
or does that belong to winter theme..??
Who did her make up..?? I just want to know who could go this far in terms of sheer negligence..?? Or is he/she drunk?? Going under severe trauma..??

Ohh baby, Nicole is no doubt one of my favorite artists, but dint she have at least a bit of time to glance at herself..??

And I really feel bad about talking about celebrities..Honestly,which I never did before. I used to feel that they had the liberty to wear/carry whatever they want.. I used to justify no matter how so ever they looked, But this instance is really cracking me nuts.

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