Review: Nivea LipCare, Star Fruits, Strawberry

As promised.., review of Nivea LipBalm. Sorry for the delay, my bad..Blogger didn't show up the pictures from picasa unfortunately, and it took untill now to get it resolved. Anyways.. It says..

"Nivea Lip Care
Star Fruits, Strawberry

Daily Lip Care with a fruity shiny color,
UV Protection..,
NEW, Extra shiny and glossy, 8 hours moisturization"

The lame blurry picture again..I dont know whats wrong with my Camera..Anyways..I bought this in a Drugstore, after reading several reviews. Added, I can remember, back in 'Sawaal-Ibibo' account (Yup, I used to be there before..but not now) someone suggested me to use Nivea lipbalm, for chapped lips. So, as soon as I saw this..I just grabbed it. They even got Cherry flavour, but for some/other reason, I liked this color better than Cherry.

A bit similar to ChapStick..looks like a fatty-chapstick tube. Cap extends, till the bottom. If u see the pic, the whole strawberry colored part is the cap, while the white color below, is what covers the lipbalm-stick. Convenient to carry around. It being in a twist up tube, need not dig in Ur fingers and very convenient to use.

Texture, Color, Fragrance..
Fragrance..I'm spellbound. Smells truly like Strawberries. I'm a die hard fan of Strawberry fragrance. There are times, where I just open it, just to get a sniff, a mean try to elevate senses. hehee..
Color..same as the tube's color.
Its a warm coral red. Glides on well, giving out a subtle sheen to the lips. Few more swipes, can beat any sheer-coverage lipsticks. Though not darker..but U can reach the same color as that of the balm. If Uve got uneven/pigmented lips(like most Indians), this might nor cover up the unevenness. The color just brigtens up the whole look.

Texture is glossy on the lips. Feels neither greasy nor waxy..but feels very light..
But the balm/stick is a bit harder. Not like those buttery sticks, which just glide on while melting up. Ive heard, that in some other warmer countries, it even melted out. :P Dint happen to me, though I went trekking.

Heres the pic of the rear view. Click on the pic to view it large...I tried to get a better one, but this is the best Ive got. I think I should atleast stop holding camera again..
Just to mention..the product is manufactured in Thailand and shipped in, which made my skepticism to rest at bay. No Offense, I just hate some products manufactured in India, because I just don't get why all of them are meant/supposed to be matte. However, 5 years back, Nivea 's Lipbalms are completely different from this. I remember they are around 2o INR..but they are as bad as possible.

Cost 120 INR for 4.8gms. I bought this some 5-6 months back..and its still on the go.

On the label, it said '8 hours of moisturization'..whereas I would say, "2-3 hours of no-drying effect.., whereas the tint lasts untill u wash". There wouldn't be any gloss after 2 hrs. Another swipe after those 2-3 hours, gains back the gloss, with added tint. speak about moisturization, its not a perfect moisturizer, but It can be treated as a lip-tint, which doesn't dry up the lips. In other terms, Ur lips will not be deadly dry at least for those few hours. However, my lips did chap/flaked out after some 4-5 hours, as soon as the balm went off, making me to reapply often.

I have to mention that this could be good for sensitive lips as well. Mean to say, certain products darkens my lips( which is quite common for sensitive lips),yeah even the lipbalms, but this didn't.
Pros: Color, Fragrance (heavenly), Price, Packaging, Tints lips, Glossy sheerness, doesn't darken the sensitive lips.
Cons: Not a complete moisturiser that have to reapply often.

I feel that is should be named rather as "Lip Tint" than LipCare.
If U ever been through Revlon's Beyond Natural Lip Tint..this is just the same.

Well, depends. If u are really interested, U can go ahead giving it a try..but I wont say U'ld lose Ur life, If u wouldn't try it :P Its just a lip tint.

No. Though it is a good liptint(as I say), I sometimes don't prefer the gloss, whenever I need to look formal.

But I really have to drag myself, and heavily make up reasons to break up with it, which shows how much I liked it :P
So..have U tired it anytime..?? Do U like it..?? Pls let me know..
Ciao Belles..


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    Hey Veena here(again :P)!!
    I totally agree,and I thought it was wattery/oily compared to other balms which meant I needed to reappy compared the other ones I have tries.I also don't prefer the glossy look all the time.=)

  2. @Veena..
    Nice to hear that.. :)


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