What did I do last sunday..??

The title might elevate curiosity a bit.. But the image might diminish it. Anyways..
Last Sunday (20-Dec), I felt quite bored, and thought of to go on with a TLC-session. So, after several thoughts, finally picked up to do a hydrating mask. All Naturale... :P
Ingredients that I picked:
Soya Beans: Grinded the beans in to a fine powder, with the help of a heavy duty grinder/mixer.Thats all..just a single element :P

NOTE: Soya beans are hard to turn in to a fine powder. If its not quite possible, then soaking the beans in water overnight, would soften them, which makes them easy to blend in to paste.

Here is how I did it.. I just added a tablespoon of Soya bean(fine grinded) powder to 1 spoon of warm water and mixed it in to a paste. The paste is quite thicker in consisteny, so added a spoon of AloeVera juice( I have several Aloe trees across my home :P ) untill it turned in to a paste, to go as a facial mask. Applied it allover face. Let it for 15-20mins.
Its soo good, that I even tried it on Monday evening...

But Why this..??
Everyone know that milk is good enough as a perfect nourishing agent. But it may irritate sensitive skin (y..it does irritate me! i get red bumps..) But Soya bean powder/milk is a best soothing n hydrating agent. So, its best to pick Soya beans or Soya Milk , if Uve got Sensitive skin.

Ive mentioned it already that I had it twice already as a face pack, which just says how much I like it. U can read here, about Soya Beans properties..and how good it is for skin.
It hydrated my skin, turned smooth and supple. No rashes so far hehee... Its just a hydrating mask.
But i think its better to do a patch test before, If u wanted to try it.

2 Ways..
My Way: I grinded a Cup of Soya beans to a fine powder(dry), so that I can use(a spoon) it whenever I want. Just add a hint of water, its good to go. I think it lasts me for 3-4 weeks.
The Other Way: Soak the soya beans overnight, grind it the next day morning and apply.

Thats it..Il update if any thing strange happens..
Till then Ciao Beauties.. :)

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