Review: Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

A review about a product from Himalaya Herbals range of Personal Care products..and its..

Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm
"Nourishes Lips. Prevents drying and chapping"
It says over here (in their site) that..
Lip Balm prevents chapping, drying and cracking of the lips. It contains a natural UV filter and Vit.E which nourishes, tones and softens the lips.

Chapped, cracked or dry lips.

Ingredients Include:
* Ricinus communis (Castor, Eranda)
* Cocos nucifera (Coconut, Narikela)
* Triticum sativum (Common Wheat, Godhuma)
* Wrightia tinctoria (Sweet Indrajao, Hyamaraka)
* Daucus carota (Carrot, Garijara)

Use Directions:
Apply smoothly on your lips."

A Tale..
FYI..I dint buy this..infact, I have 3 of these(of which 1, hits pan) all of them are free with 'Himalaya Herbals Face Moisturizing Lotion' & their 'Intensive Face Moisturizing Lotion' as well. Im not sure, whether the offer still exists. But this is what the best thing I like about Himalaya Herbals....some way or the other, U get something free with every purchase...Like the other day, I got their Neem Face wash free with Protective Sunscreen Lotion. Not just that..there are several other offers too..which Il definitely mention, when its time. its time to move on to the review..

Comes in a Squeeze-out tube, with a Screw top cap, in teal-green color. Very handy to carry on. Weighs 10gms..

I feel its not important to mention Himalaya Herbals Price ranges, as they are always in limits/budget levels. costs 20 INR for 10gms. So, how much does each gm cost? hehee...

Texture, Color, Fragrance..
Texture is just like that of white petroleum jelly, a bit more on the runny side(Click on the pic)...the way it feels when there are some oils mixed up with petrolatum..,so, it must be a petrolatum based lipbalm. When u apply, it feels gelly & after few minutes, a bit of it absorbs/sinks in and there remains out that messy-greasy feel. u can see in the pic..its white
Fragrance..nice smell...i find it a bit on floral/herbal side. But barely there.

Coming to the ingredients list..I like to mention it that "Based on the Indian Norms" nobody is supposed to label the whole 'Inactive Ingredients list' on the product or anywhere else. Though it dint mean in the direct way..but this happens with all the personal care products. So, here comes the ingredients list..
I bet U cant read what it is on the above pic, unless U view it large :P Sorry, my bad..I dint have proper time to get a clear/better pic. Anyways..It says..
"Enriched with Carrot Seed oil, a natural sunscreen and Wheatgerm a rich source of Vitamin E, to nourish and soften lips."
Each gm contains:
  • Oils Eranda (Ricinus Communis) 10mg
  • Garijara (Daucus Carota) 10mg
  • Godhuma (Triticum Sativum) 10mg
  • Hyamaraka (Wrightia tinctoria) 10mg
  • Narikela (Cocos nucifera) 10mg
So..all make 5% of the total product (math again! :D). If u are clueless about any of the above ingredients, U can make a Google search, I know..I know..I dint have to say that though :P

Overall, its a good balm. I don't say that its a Holy grail..but it does what it says. Completely heals chapped lips. Those of u, who got extremely dry lips n continuous chapping lips, this is a must try. The best thing, is that it doesn't make ur lips addicted. Mean to say, u can go with bare lips , after treating ur lips with it. For eg, I tried it one day, and I dint feel the need to apply the next day. Good...isn't it? Added it toned up my lips as well, unlike certain lipbalms, which turn the lips brightened up the lip color.
The only thing that I dint like about this is the greasiness on lips and the pale-sick color(being white in color) it departs on lips. It just feels like Petroleum Jelly on lips...yeah..a greasy texture.
Pros:Packaging, Fragrance, Price, Hydrates perfectly, Tones up by a shade(Never darkens even the most sensitive lips)
Cons: Greasy feel, white cast on lips.
Well, I have a handful (just 2 to say) of them now, sitting in my vanity desk. I'm not sure though.. Besides I even made my own lipbalm and I love it. So, I think I'll buy it, only if im left alone in an Island ,where there is just that Himalaya Herbals stand-alone store. :P

Hmm..not sure..but depends on u. If u are not allergenic/dislike Petrolatum based lip balms, then u could try this. This could be very handy than that huge pot of Petroleum Jelly jar, in Ur sedentary work life. In other words..this is the best option for those Petroleum Jelly lovers..
And those who hate that sick-pale-white cast on lips, this is a no-no balm for them.

Have u tried this..
Please let me know, what u think..


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    ur review on this product is very useful ...thanks :)

  2. @Anonymous..
    ty..its my pleaasure..

  3. It really has petroleum? I thought that a Ayurvedic company would avoid petroleum and other synthetic ingredients. Usually coconut oil has the same white, cloudy appearance and a very greasy feel. I wonder what the natural UV component is. Thanks so much for review. I can't seem to find this product..only in few online shops.

  4. @h
    Hi..its not that it contains petroleum..but the results that i got are much similar to what i get when i use 'Vaseline Petroleum Jelly'..So is what i mean..
    and by the way..the place where i used to live is hot and humid..and trust me..coconut oil at my place, always used to be trasparent,runny, liquid form.. :P

    And coming to sunscreen..its the carrotseed oil that they claim as natural uv screening agent...but im not sure though..

  5. belle, you have hit the nail on the head... yes, what's up with the remaing 9.5gm, what is it made of!!!! all the soaps and lotions sold in India have harmful suplhates and cancer-inducing parabens in them, and none of them list that info in their products... just pick up a beauty product and read the list, it sounds like a trip to chemistry lab!

    i got this knowledge only recently when i lived in london, as outside india, all beauty products must compulsorily list their ingredients on the products, so imagine my surprise when I saw a plethora of chemicals like sulphates listed on the back of Himalaya protein sshampoo...

    i have sent upmteen number of mails to all these so-called natural based companies like biotique, himalaya lotus etc etc... asking them to give me the list of inactive ingredients in their products... and none of them ever bother to reply my mails or return my calls... which kinda proves that they do use all chemicals...

  6. Oh... btw,
    i really applaud you for making your own cosmetics, that's what I do now... I buy shea butter by the bulk on ebay/amazon and add virgin coconut oil and emu oil to it... and then i whip it for 20 minutes with hand blender... viola! pure and longlasting cream that i can use on skin, lips, hair everything :)... and i save so much money, not to mention the satisfaction that I am not slathering myself with chemicals...

    Please try it and see if you like it :)

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