Made a Lip Balm yesterday.. !!

Hello there..
The title is all about what Im raving now. Few days back, I mentioned in my Blog post, that IVe bought "Petroleum Jelly with Vitamin E". Now after trying it as lip balm for 2 days( b4 going to bed), I could see that my lips plumped up a bit. Im not sure whats the main reason ( which Il get to know somehow, but later) but I'm just so surprised to have a second glance at my lips, myself.
With that I started to use it in the morning , the color is not much alluring, and for that sake, I thought of to add a tint to it.

Well, many of u know that there are several recipes for DIY Lip Balms..I choose Rose flavoured. So I went searching in my Vanity desk, to get some Rose petals powder and my luck, I found it.
Another search for Container (to store the new DIY lip balm) and I got the '25gms empty tin of Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream'. So, let me share the way I did my LipBalm..

  1. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly : Now I have my 125 gms of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, I took out a scoop of 25gms out of it. U can even replace it with Beeswax or Shea butter, Cocoa Butter.

  2. Rose petal powder : U can make ur own, by letting the rose petals dry, untill there is no moisture, then grinding it in to a fine powder in a blender. 2-3 rose flowers are far more. OR, If u are in to first trail, U can visit ur nearby Ayurvedic/Indian store and get readymade Rose petal powder. I used 25gms of it.
Process is simple. Just mixing up all of them together. Many say that its good to heat it a bit and then mix. But I dint heat it, since Petroleum Jelly has got Vitamin E(atleast it claims), im a bit afraid it might lose its properties. But anyways, Ive mixed with my Room heater on. :P
After mixing for about 5 minutes, untill the powder dissolved in it completely, without any clumps, I could notice that the color is not in pink color as I expected. Rather its in Mocha/coffee color and resembled just like a Coffee/Choclate Lip Balm.
Anyways, its just yesterday that I tried it for the first time, and il post the review of it soon. The rose DIY Lip balm is known for moisturizing and toning properties. Lets see

Till then..bye Belles.

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