Recent Tiny haul

Im here to just share my tiny haul, when Im off for a basic grocery shopping last week wednesday. This haul is regarding beauty related items, that Ive bought without any pre-plan, neither they are in my wish list. So the 2 things Ive bought are:

1: Himalaya Herbals Healthcare Anti-Hair Fall shampoo

A 200ml bottle, just to make sure that it is not too much, neither too less. Now-a-days, I just dont know whether its due to the cold weather or due to my less-importance towards my diet, my Hair is falling like hell. So, that being the reasong, I thought of to give this Himalaya Herbals Shampoo another try, after it had failed with ExtraMoisturising shampoo. I think i need to look after another brand as a whole, if this fails too. Costs 120 INR, 200ml. I'l be up with a review soon.

2: Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (mini, 40ml bottle, just to try)
Ive read several reviews abt this product, where several agreed & liked this product and for some, this lotion gave allergies. So, I couldn't decide which category I belong, unless I give it a try all by myself. For that sake, Ive bought a tiny 40ml bottle, so tiny, that i could easily skip it, in to my hand bag or use it while traveling, after Ive finished it. Whatever, I'm still a bit bothered to try it, cos of the fear of rashes/allergy. Its dirt cheap as well..costs around 39 INR for 40ml.. Il be reviewing this as well.

Thats all..Il be posting up all my hauls from now..only beauty related products.. :)
Good night everyone..

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