Keep Ur Facial Skin Glowing

Your face says it all. Your passing years, your worries, your schedule—name it and your face mirrors it. It makes you who you are. No wonder that everybody—man or woman—worries about it losing sheen. While ageing is inevitable you can take care of your face so well that it smiles back at you evertime you look at the mirror.

Tender Loving Care
Retain your youthful skin with tender loving care every day.
Keep your skin clean: use a mild cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Let skincare not be the first thing to be sacrificed if you are running short of time. Cleansing is a must at least twice a day.
Toning mainly depends on the skin type and weather. For instance, you would need to tone less in winter than in summer.
But you must moisturise no matter what. For those of you with oily skin, remember you, too, need to moisturise to keep your skin supple and glowing.

Protect your skin
Shield your skin from the harsh rays of the sun with a sunscreen lotion. Slather it on your face and other exposed parts of your body. Sunscreen prevents damage to the skin by UV rays that can cause age-spots, reduced elasticity and appearance of lines and wrinkles. Apply it 20 minutes before stepping out and if needed, reapply. Make sure the sunscreen suits your skin-type.

Beaute Products
Our skin ages because of genetic and chronological factors. We are programmed to look a certain way as we age. Besides, our genes, other factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, smoking and drinking also hastens our ageing process. There is a huge array of anti-ageing products to choose from. Regular use of a night cream, starting from your early 30s, can restore and replenish the skin’s moisture. These creams are also known to speed up the skin’s regeneration process which slows down with age. Look for one that contains vitamins, anti-oxidants, AHAs, ceramides and peptides.

Derma treatment
Consult a qualified dermatologist if you wish to go in for a cosmetic treatment. These treatments can partially restore the skin’s youthful appearance and slow down subsequent ageing. The skin texture can be improved by chemical peels or mechanical methods like microdermabrasion which target superficial imperfections. The loss of collagen which is responsible for reduced elasticity can be regenerated by the process of photorejuvenation in which lasers are used to promote skin tightening and reverse or at least slow down signs of ageing. Radiofrequency waves, too can be used for the same purpose. These lines are corrected faster.

Thats all..
But u should always remember that Beauty is not an Over night Achievement. Through consistent struggle, one can achieve that flawless result. :) So never ever skip the CTM Routine..
Ciao Belles..

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