Q-Tip: Splitting Hairs?

Use Castor Oil to smooth out split ends

Ive already mentioned it in my earlier post i.e., in 'Night Care' mentioning it among those 20 things thats best to use before going to bed. Anyways,If uve missed it, Im here to mention it again and again.

Well, to continue on...
Split ends are a total drag. Apply Castor Oil to the ends of hair to help repair damage and give ends a smoother appearance. Under consequent usage for abt 3-4 weeks, Ur splits will be moistened and the Split ends reduces.

This process.. Castor Oil helps in giving out the proper strength to the tips, when the moisture from the hair-root cannot reach the tip. Gradually, due to the Castor Oil's deep penetrating and highly moisturizing capacity, those splits moisturizes and When there is enough moisture at the tip, therll be less damage.

So this night, make sure that u just rub in some Castor oil to those splits.
Ciao Belles..

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