Review: Himalaya Herbals ExtraMoisturising Protien Shampoo [New Version]

Hello again...
Enuf of those boring Quick Tips..Im back with another Review.
Now its "Himalaya Herbals HealthCare Extra Moisturizing Protein Shampoo.., Normal to Dry Hair".

Few days back, Ive posted a Review abt the Shampoo from the same brand but it was the older version. I have to switch to this newer version, bcos the older one is no more available. So, 2 months ago, I happened to go to the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare store, to get some Skin Care essentials and the Shampoo(older version) as well. But the Sales Assistant told me that its not necessary cos the newer one is better than the older one. Ok, without being skeptic, honoring the brand, added the new shampoo in to my cart, without any second thought. So, its bee more than 2 months now and I think i can make a Review session.

So, here goes it:

The packaging is really different from what Ive expected. Mean to say, its not that great, but rises a "?" whenever i see the cap. U can see in the picture, that there is a curve on the top head of the bottle. Its not bad, but I feel it a bit funny. The rest is Ok/Fine with me. Comes in 100ml, 200ml & 400ml bottle. But the one Ive bought is 200ml, cos Im supposed to test it for the first time and then jump back to the heavy/huge 400ml bottle.

Color, Frangrance, Texture etc...
Now to speak abt how it looks/smells like, the shampoo is in white color, with pearly shine, with floral fragrance, which lingers around for a day. Texture is very runny. This disappointed me very much. I mean, the earlier version is a bit thicker, but this is very runny, in very diluted state. I usually mix a bit of water, lather and then apply all over hair( so that there is always less friction on scalp/hair). But this shampoo doesnt need to mixed be up with water.

To talk abt Ingredients..this is where I was left with an awe.I took the snap of it to post it here. As u can see in the pic, that it contains:

Exts. Palandu (AlliumCepa) -4mg
If uve been thru Homeopathy, U would know what this could be. Im not pretty much sure though, but my Doc prescribed me 'Allium Cepa' when im suffering with Severe cold. But whats it doing in a shampoo?? Im completely clueless. May be, the shampoo helps in healing cold/flu as well?? But whatever..I dont want my shampoo to put the drug in to my head, whenever I shower.. :P
Kharbuja(Cucumis melo)- 4mg
Known as Anti-oxidant  and best as Anti-aging and hair care ingredients, which constitutes high levels of potein.
Kumari (Aloe barbadenis)- 4mg
The plant thats well known in every household, I guess. I love this plant . AloeVera is a natural moisturiser, which contains high levels of polysaccharides, enzymes..which nourishes the hair from the root to tip.
Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)- 3mg
 Also know as Licorice. Known to promote Hair Growth.
Methi (Trigonella Foenum graecum) - 3mg
Fenugreek seeds/oil whatever. Best known for moisturizing properties. I personally like Fenugreek seeds as  Hair mask..once every month or a while..whenever i feel inspired.
Tila (Sesamum indicum)-2mg
Sesame oil/extract. Its known for its high content of proteins. Best as moisturizer. 
 Other Ingredients
Potassium Sorbate,  Sodium Benzoate,  Methylchloroisothiazolinone,  Methylisothiazolinone.
These must be the preservatives. Im not sure how far they could be safe enough for sensitive hair. Anyways..thats up for another post, I guess.

Price is not expensive. Its 105 INR for 200ml, pretty cheap of course. But, Himalaya's known for "giving the best results within the budget rate" misses here. Price is within range, but the Shampoo is not great, infact not atleast good.

Though Himalaya Herbals tried to boost out the best in terms of packaging, that shampoo couldn't meet the basic priority. It said "Extra Moisturizing", but it dint moiturize at all. The older version, did pretty job on those grounds. The shampoo, being too much runny in consistency and the lather-up tendency being minimum, too much shampoo gets in to use for just a single wash. Besides, I feel this shampoo must be labeled as 'Commercial Shampoo', which does nothing besides such huge promises. If u ask me if there is anything that I like in this shampoo, its fragrance and packaging. I dislike the shampoo outcomes, the after-affects  (dint moisturize an inch), instead hair tuned out dry, n  the price is not even worth it.

No. After being my Holy Grail shampoo (im talking abt the older version)  for several years, this new shampoo completely left me blank to look after for another shampoo. Im not going to repurchase it, under any terms. Neither I suggest any of U to get it.
Pros:Packaging, Fragrance
Cons:Couldnt Moisturise/hydrate, Very Runny, Not worth of its price, Turned out as a Commercial shampoo.

Thats all Belles..
Hows ur weekend?? Well, Im on with a Hair mask now..Did u check when u got ur Hair mask last time??

Well, Ciao the next post.. :)


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  3. i was in love with himalaya brand(the old one of course). in fact i couldhave become their brand ambassador as i practically recommend it to many of my near and dear ones. i had used all of the variant and i was satisfied with them all they all transformed my hair in to better shape. until i used the new one. the new himalaya shampoo sucked big time. it contains ammonium(the label says it the one that i bought from UAE). the smell is aweful and not only it smell like surf or detergent but it feels tht you have washed your hair with some detergent. in fact after lot of rinsing you dry your hair and again wet it you can see the soapy substance left over on your hair. makes your hair in the worst damaged shape. yuck.. i dont want to remember it. all my hair that i lost to this aweful shampoo. himalaya you are not getting me any more.

  4. I had a very dry and rough hair with split ends. My scalp itches due to dryness immediately after shampooing my hair. So I had to use a hair cream to moisturize my scalp. But after using this shampoo I now feel my hair being very smooth.. My scalp and hair becomes oily in 2 days and I had to wash it again. May be that's why its called "Extra Moisturizing". Its so mild that I don't bother shampooing my hair once in 2 days. I don't have the necessity to use hair creams or hair oil anymore. I loved the product. :)

    1. Good to hear that its working for u..this kinda thing happened to me with the earlier version, which got discontinued..but this newer one was not like the previous one..for me..

  5. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it...keep it up, lovely job.

  6. This shampoo is really very good my mom have used this shampoo it is very good and give very good result. I also recommend this shampoo.
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