Review: Biotique Sunflower LipBalm

Up for another review about a LipBalm n its..,
Biotque Botanical Extracts Sunflower Lip Balm, BIOLIP
For Chapped and Dehydrated Lips.

" Apply a thick layer on the lips"
Yeah..thats what its says on the product.

Most of U might have a bit of awareness of the so-called-ayurvedic brand called 'Biotique'. I must say that there are several loyal customers out there in the whole world as well. Well, oh well, Ive been using this for an year or so.. and now I'm on my second pot of it. Is it too late for a Review?? Anyways, never too late. Dont get in to a false impression after 'me being on second pot of it' . Lets read on..

A Tale begins
Before starting..I want to tell u a short story. I bought this LipBalm last year, and went to get another one after 5-6 months. To my surprise, the 2nd lip balm that Ive bought is completely different in everything. So, for that sake, I might be referring the 2 , simultaneously, all through the review.

Comes in a Eco-friendly characterised Green pot. Inside its got a white colored rim. In terms of packaing, its handly. But sometimes, it can be a bit heavy/huge(a bit) to carry on. Its weighs 16gms. But afterall, it can be easily dumped in to ur hand bag.

Color, Texture, Fragrance..
Color as u can see in the pic, its pinkish (my 1st pot) n red(my 2nd pot). Confused? Well, Im pretty much confused as well. When Ive bought it for the first time, the color is Pinkish and after 6months, when I bought another one, the lip balm is Red tinted (as in pic below, its the second one). I even tried to ask the Store manager, but I was told, that herbals formulations tend to change color, which I agreed, because its true.

Texture again..2 stories. First LipBalm's texture is thick and kind of buttery, whereas the second one is gelly. Fragrance..same, smells like an ayurvedic. Some might find it difficult to carry it on, but its barely there after applying it on lips.

Coming to the ingredients u go..a pic for U..

Let me write up here as well, cos the pic is so dim (sorry..:( I tried, but.. )
  • Arjun Chal -2%
  • Lodhra Chal -1%
  • Vach Mool - 2%
  • Mulethi - 2%
  • Badam Tail -1%
  • Surajmukhi Tail -3%
  • Arandi Tail - 16%
  • Til Tail - 5%
  • Kusumbhi Tail - 5%
  • Q.S Maram Base (what??)
Treats sores, swelling, dry dehydrated chapped lips, Restores natural suppleness of lips.
Ayurvedic medicine (For External Use only) This is not a Cosmetic Product. It has therapeutic properties.
The feature that I like about Biotique, is that their Key ingredients are more than 10%, unlike several other products, where its less than 10%. Now, thats the ingredients list, n if u r eager abt anything, u can google search it, or ask me, Il update with with further details.

Cost is 130 INR for 16gms. Affordable, Not Expensive, I say. If u happened to use Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm(which costs 60 INR for 8gms), BioLipBalm is of the same price, with added quantity.

As I said, the 2 pots, that I got are different, their result/effectiveness is different as well. Let me put in 2 different segments..

1st pruchase of BioLipBalm:
I loved it, when I bought it for the first time. It moisturized my lips. I can apply it whenever I want, and It gave the lips, that hydrated, watery look. Unlike other lipbalms, which creates the illusion of greasyness on lips (talking abt Vaseline), this made my lips to look watery, not at all greasy. The color on the lips looked birghter as well. Added, it toned my lips by making it brighter by 2 shades. The only bad thing abt this, is that I have to reapply it after 3 hrs..but its OKAY with me, when its doing such. I can tell that I liked it so much, that I finished it within 6 months, though a friend of mine, took for about 8-9 months to hit pan.

2nd Pruchase of BioLipBalm:
After turning in to my Holy Grail Lip Balm, I bought another pot. Soon after I opened it, I can see that the color is different.It looked with a red tint, unlike the past one with pinkish tint. Then I took out and applied, and it is gelly (the earlier one is buttery). There is this tingly sense over, soon after the application. And I checked out, on lips, and looked greasy. It no more gave me that watery/hydrated look. Moreover, it felt like Vaseline, with some color( that greasy texture prevails). However, I dint believe my eyes, for awhile, and thought of to use for some more days, and went on further. But it was the same look.
I dint mind the look, if its enough hydrating. In the long run, it dint moisturize, besides, it started to peel the skin over my lips. Turned the lips darker. So, stopped using it forever. Now im thinking of to use it for cracks (Nice idea right! )

But, why do they have to change the quality when its doing that great. Anyways, I sometimes think that the 2nd one might be an illegal duplication, but I bought it at the same place where I bought the 1st one. Anyways, I can in no way keep on testing it, so I have to skip it.
Pros: Tinted Color, Price
Cons: Different quality with each product, tingling, turns lips darker, peels off, greasy

No. With such a huge difference with each n every batch, I cannot keep on experimenting them, on my lips.

By the way, Have u tried it..?? How is it? Share it with us..
Bye Belles

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