Review: Vasline Intensive Care, Total Moisture

Yesterday, I was raving abt Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and today, I thought its better to post up the reviews about Vaseline things, that Ive used so far. So, now its..

Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion
U can go visit their website, and check out abt this product(thats available in India). Well, this claims that it is a body lotion that's meant especially for Dry Skin. With Soya & Oat extracts, for Healthy Skin.
To speak a few more cents, the product that's available across the world, is different from that what we get in India . Its basically manufactured by HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.,) The word 'Different' implies on the terms of 'Packaging'. There is a lot of difference between the label graphics. But when it comes to the quality or the effectiveness of the lotion, I couldn't say anything cos, I haven't used the former one. But I've heard from a friend of mine, saying that its completely different and good, when she hated the one sold in India.

Anyways, it was last winter, that Ive bought this, since I was searching for a cheap Body Lotion to defend the winter dryness. My skin over body is normal (not dry even in winters), not at all problematic, goes with any kind of heavy lotions. The reason being that, I was left with several options to try, so I choose the word 'Cheap n Inexpensive' just to give it a bit of TLC. So, I went straight away to the drugstore and bought this bottle. So, here goes the review of it...

The packaging is good. Its optimum. I don't need an expensive, glamorously looking product. Its handy as well. But the only problem, that I used to face is..its quite hard to get the lotion out of it. The lotion gets easily solidified and turns stubborn to come out, that I have to squeeze, shake it, make a heavy stepped dance to get a pea out of it. However, its Okay with me.

Color, Fragrance, Texture...
The color of the lotion is white in color. Fragrance, smells nice. I can say that there is an added fragrance ingredient (For those of u, who are allergic to topical fragrances). Texture, a bit thicker than lotions.

Check out the pic. Information regarding 'Key Ingredient' is all what Ive found on the rear label. In fact, its based on Indian norms, that no information about all the other ingredients be something what I came to know recently.

Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Petroleum Jelly, Vitamin E Acetate are the 'Key Ingredients'. On the front label, its mentioned that its got 'Soya & Oat Extracts', buts its no where mentioned in the Key Ingredients. I can think, they might have added it in the 'Other ingredients list', but doesn't that mean, that their concentrations will be less to make it a point?

Dirt cheap. 40 INR for a 100ml bottle.

When it comes to SkinCare, how it plays its role,is what bothers me. The rest, like cost, packaging, fragrance,color, all these terms, I never bother. So, to talk about its efficacy, I'd say, it dint do what is said. Let me explain. I applied it the first day after my shower. It felt good, non-sticky/greasy, melts in to skin. Smelt good. Doesnt feel heavy, doesnt suffocate the skin. The whole day, Ive been doing the so-called 'Scratch-test' and it passed. I felt great for this product.

But the next day, when im off to take a shower, my skin is shedding flakes, allover. It was like, the lotion made my skin further more dry, by making it to get addicted. But I tried it further for few more days, and everyday, I see the same flakes. Losing hope, I gave this to my cousin and she got the same flakes too.

Later, Ive made a search, like why does it flake up the skin, when its got petroleum jelly with it. To my horror, I found certain information, saying that certain products zap the moisture from the internal layers of the skin to the upper layers, so that, the upper layers wont look/feel dry(thats where the scratch-test comes). By the next day, since it lost moisture in the deeper layers, the outer layers lose their hydration roots from the deeper layers and eventually turn dry and then in to dry flakes.

Due to this, I stopped it at once, putting it on, and the next day, my skin is back to normal, with no flakes. From then on, I never turned to any of their lotions.
Pros: Non-greasy, Light, melts in to skin, fragrance, cheap
Cons:Further dries up, by flaking the skin in a day.

No. I dont think I'l try this no matter what, when there are safe lotions out there in the market. Infact, its been several months, that they had launched 'Healthy White' Body Lotion, about which they claim it as the 'No.1 Whitening Lotion in India'. Perhaps, I saw several people who love it, but Im untouched with that.

Thats all..How did this product turn out to U ? Good or bad..??
Please share abt ur Opinions..
Till then Stay Beautiful..Ciao Belles..


  1. i used to use this during my hostel days- to save money. :P Nothing great about it . I used to use it twice during the day so I was kinda okay with the results. But I have stopped using it now.. Now I earn so I can buy better stuff for myself. :P

  2. @Rati..
    Yup I agree..its not a great one..but few of my friends are still hanging out with it.. lol :)

  3. Hey... I ahven't faced the flaky skin problem you were talking about

  4. Sorry.. I mean haven't

  5. @Anonymous..
    Hey there..sure..some find it great(including my mom)..but it depends on the weather conditions u live and the skin type..So u may find it working good..
    And u know what..i feel that u must be lucky enough to have no cons with it..often i feel like missing something whenever i see this on the mart shelves..i love that its cheap..


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