QTips: Pale Skin

Pale skin and nails are usually a sign of lack of iron in your diet. The deficiency of iron leads to a condition called Anaemia. In India, nearly eight out of ten women suffer from various degrees of anaemia. This leads to Hair loss as well. And consequently loss of sight. Eating foods rich in Iron or considering the Iron supplements is the only cure for this.

Eat foods rich in iron :
  1. Green leafy vegetables - spinach
  2. Cereal, grains, millets especially bajra and ragi are good sources of iron.
  3. Dry fruits like Dates, Figs.
The best way to conclude whether 'U r Aneamic or not?' is to look at the color at the inside skin of ur eye. Just pull tthe skin at the lower lash line a bit, untill u see the skin inside, and check its color. If u can see red nerves or if the color is red all over..then uve got enough blood. If its pale or nude color, then u r Aneamic.

So just eat foods rich in Iron and ul see the difference.
Untill then Bye..
Ciao Belles.. :)

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