Review: Brihans AloeVera Gel

SkinCare Product Review here.. its..
Brihans Green Leaf Pure AloeVera Skin Gel

Most of u might be completely unaware of this brand. Why, for that sake..even Im not aware of this until I bought this home. Ok, now to speak abt this product, Ive bought this an year back, at my local drug store, when the SA handed me this, along with 2-3 other products, when I asked him for AloeVera Creams. The others, being creams, I went thinking whether those creams mightn't suit my sensitive skin, so on a whim, I picked this Pretty Green thing, with elegant packaging. Then comes its usage and all the other practices.

So here goes the Review..

The product comes in a transparent pot with a white cap. No spatula, nothing. U have to dip ur fingers in, to get. The pot looks so pretty with those curves, but asusual, I always feel whether its good to dip down ur fingers, which can be unhygienic sometimes. Ok, I can think twice, that there could be preservatives that are strong enough to defend, but what such preservatives could do to the sensitive skin.

Color, Fragrance, Texture, etc..
The product is Gelly in texture, with transparent green color. It looks just like the way it looks in the above pic. Smells like normal gel. Remember, how those Hair-styling gels smells?? This smells just the same.

Its not at all expensive. Costs some 70 INR (im not sure abt the present price, Ive bought this last year, so this is the last year's news) for abt 125 gm(not much sure).

"Aloe vera 90% w/w, colour: brilliant blue FCF (E133), tartrazine (E102)"
These are the only ingredients listed out on the product.

Is it effective?? Ask me, and Il straight away say "No!". Ive bought this, because my skin likes real plant AloeVera gel extract. So, this being the reason, bought this, in need of basic moisturization for my facial-skin, and which doesn't aggravate in to acne/allergy.

First application on face, I felt like heaven. Its a cooling sensation. After a while, my skin felt normal. Ive made several checks, just to make sure that there is no reaction. So Ive continued using it for weeks. Then after 2-3 weeks, I could see that there are small red bumps (like chicken skin) all over face. I thought, thats bcos, Ive skipped my workouts that week. Later Ive been to Dermatologist and was prescribed some other creams, and thats another story.

After abt 6-7 months, I went to see that this pot is sitting in my freezer. Took that out, checked the expiry date and started to use it again. Ive used if for abt 2-3 weeks again, finally finished the product. It brightened my skin a bit, added a certain glow to the skin. So, Ive stocked up with another pot. After some days later, those red bumps, that visited me 6 months back, visited me again. But this time, I haven't skipped my Workouts, neither my diet. In fact it is not enough moisturizing as well. After few hours, u get that papery textured skin appearing out. So, the realy culprit is this one. Ive saw, the same result on one of my freinds as well. Then is the time, that Ive dumped this.

No. Infact, everytime, I visit any Beauty store, these pots invite me to get them, cos of their lovely package, but I wouldn't think twice abt them.
Pros: Packaging, Price, Brightens n GlowsUp skin
Cons: Causes Allergy after 2 weeks of usage, not moisturizing enough.

Thats all..
Have U used it..?? How did u get the result turned out..?? Ild be glad to know abt ur results..
Please drop be some words abt it..
Ciao Bellas.. :)


  1. hey,... I use this gel n yes it totally dries out my skin too but not anymore cuz I use with it combination of winter moisturiser. I got pappery white unhealthy looking skin with red rash on my face when I applied it the 1st tym. N I got really frustrated cuz wanted a topical gel which is high in Vit E which is an Anti Oxidant that will slow down aging and I got this gel that ruined my skin. But now I have made sum changes in the way of its application. I 1st apply this gel on my face after shower... I don't rub it than when its absorbed or when it looks like i have a plastic dry skin on face (it looks like I had a botox)I apply a moisturizing lotion on it. I use Everyouth skin essentials body lotion...even on my face lolz...cuz I want very small quantity of any kinna oils on my face and lotions u know not much r required. Now I get benefits of the aloe vera and also a smooth nice moisturized skin. :)plz try this combination and comment back Anti oxidants are jus too gud as antiaging agents.

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    I have been using this product for last 2 years and I think its great. I did not have any kind of side effect on my skin. It is much better than many other brands....

  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2011

    omg thanks a ton i thought ill start usin this product because i read that aloe vera is fab for treating sensitive acne prone skin .I have acne cosmetica and i dont want to use another product to damage my already damaged acne prone skin . . .im so fed up don think my skin will heal at all

  4. I like this gel a lot too and its unfortunate that it did not work for you. It really soothes my inflamed skin and provides it a protective barrier too.

  5. this product sucks.. had made my sensitive skin worse

  6. It works great on my skin and I don't use it as a moisturiser but I just apply it when my skin is stressed, on dark circles and things like that:)

  7. Try using this gel as a basic moisturizer with few drops of rose water mixed with it,its amazing.....

  8. @anonymous..
    I have enough with it now that i already moved on to another moisturizer..and im really loving the other really good..
    but thank you for your suggestion..i might spread it those who wants to use it..

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  10. Hey guys it was fine with me my acne was getting reduced n skin has become fairer ...i dont understand why it it dint work for you guys...even my friend has been using this since two months her skin became too good actually...same as of mine..

  11. i have been using this product for atleast 2 years..
    its great for facial skin..
    even for hairs..mix it with hard hair gel from gatsby..
    love this brand more than others like Nature's and Himalaya..

    1. OMG..this must be getting real good things out there..Last time ive used it..i dint like it and bought another jar...but its still the same..nice to hear that its good for you.. :)

  12. I bought this recently.. and haven't started using it. Listening to all the allergies it causes.. i am petrified. What should I do ? should i use it ? My skin is sensitive but i don't get much allergic reactions due to any cosmetic products. My outburst of acne or skin darkening mostly due to food intake and lifestyle disorders, as per what i have noticed. Plz suggest whether i should use it ? My skin has jus recovered from a bad acne condition after 1 month treatment from a dermatologist. should i risk using ths gel?

    1. Hi..
      Im not sure how ur skin would react with this far as i either goes great or bad amongst users..anyways..if u need to try..i suggest to try patch test..just put it on jaw area..for a week..
      c ya

  13. Hi,
    I started using this for past 2 months and it's great for me. I had lots of pimples and those reduced very much . Might be it doesn't suit ur skin. But that doesn't mean it's not a good product.

    1. ooh..good to hear that it worked for you..but its didnt do that for me..and yeah...i didnt say its a bad product without a reason..anyways...i got some good results as brightening of the skin..but i got severe allergies..that it lasted me for months..

  14. I got this product this week's working fine on my sensitive skin but definitely need to wait another week to see the actual results.

  15. Hi there..
    Good to hear that..but better keep yourself aware of observing any reactions..and stop using it if u could see any bumps forming..but if theres no reaction...u r one lucky person..ul be clear of any blemishes..ive heard from a friend of mine that her fine lines were erased with this one..
    gud luck

  16. can i use this gel for my hair?? Can anyone help me out with this?? I have heard that aloe vera with lavender oil stimulates regrowth of hair..will this aloe gel help?

  17. can i use this gel for my hair?? Can anyone help me out with this?? I have heard that aloe vera with lavender oil stimulates regrowth of hair..will this aloe gel help?

  18. where can we buy this product? it is an unpopular brand and none of the local drugstores keep it. Does this brand deliver the product home?

  19. Going by the percentage of pure aloe vera gel present, it shouldn't coz rashes..wonder what went wrong in ur case...but yeah it does dry out my oily skin and so i apply my regular moisturiser and night cream after applying this aloe vera gel. You could try the same and see..try using j&j ph balancing moisturiser to prevent the occurence of any rash or

  20. Good job, this is something that I am searching from past few months. After reading this I feel that aloe vera gel can cure my condition. Till now I have been used so many medicines to cure my acne but none of them worked. But I think now I know what I want to do to cure my condition. I will start using pure aloe vera gel on my skin and after few weeks I will definitely share my experience with you.


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