New in the Racks: Lakme Skin Perfect

If U browse the Lakme Website, U might have noticed by now, that they had introduced a new product. Following their fundamental moisturizers, there is a new moisturizer named as 'Lakme Skin Perfect Moisturizer'. Well, here are the details found on the web...

Lakme Skin Perfect Mositurizer
" Ever wished for that one product that took care of all of your skin’s needs? That moisturised skin, lightened its flaws and even protected it from the sun?
With soothing extracts of Orange flower and Lemon grass, Lakme Skin Perfect Moisturiser is all your skin ever wished for, and more.

How it works:
Heady extracts of Orange flower and lemon grass soothe skin, leaving it fragrant and fresh. While it also lightens your skin, its SPF enriched formulation lightens and protects, giving you skin that’s moisturised, smooth, sun-safe and well, perfect!

Results: Perfect, even-toned, beautiful skin."

So..what do U say..?? Thinking of to try it?? Well, Im in no way tempted , because I have a certain brand loyality (which il make another post), after using Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer and Sunscreen Lotion. Overall, I feel that Lakme is striving hard to elavate their products in terms of Packaging.
Anyways, I'l let U know, why I'm so sure abt their products and not at all tempting to give them a try, through my reviews coming up soon. :)

Mini Review
To speak abt this product, I could'nt judge the quality of the lotion(Cos I haven't tried it), but the overall look/packaging of the product is very awesome and quite elegant. Its got pump dispenser, which makes it to use comfortable n hygienic. The pink color makes it much more feminine.
Well, Lakme claims that its got SPF, but no other information regarding the ingredients are given, so Im left clueless over there. The price is not mentioned as well.
So, the only term that Ive liked in this product, is the 'Packaging'.(untill I come to know abt the cream/lotion effectiveness)

A Disclaimer: Im in no way associated with Lakme or any other brand. Im posting this not because of to improve the sales, but on the purpose of sharing and discussion.

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