Review: Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo [OlderEdition]

When it comes to Hair Care, U r ought to use the right shampoo. Many claim that Shampoos don't do much in terms of hair growth, but what I say, 'They shouldnt be bad for ur hair either..' Since my childhood, Ive been through several shampoos going from this to that. I have no fascination towards any of the available drug store shampoos, used to think, all the shampoos are the same, just some cleansers/soap thingy in it. But some did a huge damage, like heavy hair fall, while some did nothing, and some cant even clean properly.

So, now to move on to the review part, Im here to tell u folks abt the Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair. Himalaya Herbals, discontinued the product and replaced it with the newer version.
Himalaya Herbals Protien Shampoo falls in that category, where I would go to it without any second thought.

Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo, For Dry/Damaged Hair. Extra Conditioing.
(This is how the older version looked like)

The product comes on a white plastic bottle, with a luxorious green cap. Comes in 200ml, 400ml bottles, the later is what I used to opt for always. The Packaging is not so fancy neither clumpsy. Just the optimum level of excellence for a drug-store pharmaceutical brand.

Color, Frangrance, Texture etc..
The color of the shampoo is transparent Orange in color. Smells like a basic herbal shampoo, a good one. I dont think anyone could go wrong with the smell. I can say that the fragrance lingers around with u for a day. The texture is gel-like. No pearly look to it. Just a transparent orangy gelly like shampoo. I could have taken the pic of it, but Its no more available across.

Price is very very reasonable. In fact I would say, its cheaper for what it does. Honestly Ive been thru several High-end shampoos, but used to always come back to this one. Its 145 INR for 400ml bottle. Its quite cheap, I must say.

Results.. to move on to the actual Review part...., how the shampoo works, I would say its a good shampoo for damaged hair. Its a mild shampoo, which makes the hair & scalp squeaky clean. I used to have severly damaged brittle hair over the top notch of the head, where there are several bunches of fly offs. This shampoo made that part moist that hair dint fly. Overall, its a good mild shampoo, which cleans and doesnt do any damage to the hair.
I dont say that it moisturised my hair enough, but it dint strip off the moisture as well. As far as the shampoos Ive use so far, all of them striped off the moisture and left with very dry n brittle hair, but this one dint.
I sometimes even get off with just the shampoo and without any conditioner and still the hair goes on manageable all day. Ive been using this since 3 years... n this tells how much I adore.

My Final note is that If uve got Dry hair..this is the best shampoo to get for that price.

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  1. Good to know it worked for you.Me too have dry,frizzy hair,but none of the shampoos/conditioners from homalaya range worked for me.For a short period it seems good.But after that it begins to loose it's touch.


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