Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

Okay, this is somekinda Shopping-list post. Or to say my pick on certain shades.
These days 'Revlon Colorburst lipsticks' are very much raved amongst the Beauty bloggers...and I must agree.
I bought one shade in 'Crimson' back in the month of February, and this is my go-to lipstick, when Im in hurry. For events where i need to make an entrance :P swipe it off and on a daily pick-me-up basis, i blot it and thats good to go.
And now that Im completely smitten by the quality and texture of this lipstick, it almost turned in to my HG drugstore lipstick and now i want more (though my husband thinks that I already have too many lipsticks, which is not really true, I must say)

So these days, Im eying these shades: RosyNude, Coral, Peach.
So, that said, I think these might suit almost all indian skin tones.
Rosey Nude: Came to know that its dusty rose brown shade and suits allmost all indian skin tones. My skin tone being warm, couldnt find a proper pink shade that works on me , though I find it NYX round lipstick in 'TeaRose' and Revlon Moisture StayLipcolor(sticker ripped off,so couldnt remember the shade, but its a light pink with coral n purple undertones) to work a bit, but i need a pink, that really flatters me. So i have to try this in pink family. Any more suggestions under pink category??

Peach: To say, I love peachy, orangy tones on my warm skin tone, which brightens up my face eventually, so is why I have to pick peach. Ive read somewhere that its reflective and sheer, which I really dont like. So, this one just to try

Coral: Some say that this coral could be a bold orandy-red, which would blast the color on, but Im thinking that I might pull it off by blotting away the excess and leaving just the stain on.

So, these are the shades that i want for now, searching the web. But dont know how it turns out when i go to the stores.
By the way, which shades do you have...??

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  1. the peach one looks pretty. I should really check that out thank you for the review :D

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