Black Eyeliner is NOT for everyone..!?

Agree or Disagree..??

  • "OMG! What happened to your eyes?? U look ..err...kinda evil"
  • "May be u should try other form..! Have u tried liquid/Gel/cream/pencil eyeliner?? Have u tried black eyeshadow instead of eyeliner? Have u tried smudging it?? "
  • "May be..U r not perfect at it...U should practice..Remember, Practice = Perfect"
  • "May be u should  get used to looking at yourself in black eyeliner, though its harsh.."
  • "Why, Ofcourse..Ur eyes looks good without any eyeliner.Why do u bother about wearing one?"
  • "Sigh! May be u r cursed not to wear any eyeliner at all...!"
Have u ever got such comments in your real life??
Im not aware of other guys, but these were frequent in my life. But not any more.. Read on if u have time..

It all started during my childhood, when i just admire when my mommy is getting her makeup done. Makeup, by then, was completely different. When it comes to my mom, it was just the Talcum powder, Kajal and sindhoor and compact only on some occasions. But this is pretty much IT for her. So, for me..its all in Kajal, that attracts me to put it on my eyes. So, after i grew up , when i was able to put it on all by myself, i tried it again and again..and no one day that i could remember that my mom said it looks good on me. Back then, my mom was the best critic, when it comes to looks and clothing. trials were never ending. I tried every other eyeliner in the market..hoping that it might go with my eyes... Year after year..but No luck at all..Finally I came to conclusion that eyeliners are something not meant for me. So , I just GAVE UP.

But day, I got a BROWN Brow pencil, because Ive read in an article that 'Dark clored Brows should be filled with 3 shades lighter color and light colored brows should be filled with 2 shades darker color". Earlier to this i used to use the black brow pencil..but after using the brown brow looked so natural.
One day..I dont know how i got the idea..but I lined my eyes with the brown brow pencil..and OOH MY GOD..For the first time in my life..I couldnt believe that my eyes looked so beautiful, so defined..Ok... thats too much. But it didnt look harsh at all, like the way i get when i use a black pencil
From then on..I got hooked to 'Brown Eyeliners'. If theres any new eyeliner thing in the market..that claims to  do everything u want..then il just check if it comes in BROWN.. If happy to skip.

Ive just googled this topic, and i found some questions I believe that im not alone.
So, If u look harsh with Black eyeliner..dont change the formula..change the color and see whether it suits you. Some few days ago, I came across a Caucasian friend of mine, and she admitted that Taupe eyeliner is what she picks. So..its all in the color.

What do u say..??
Agree or Disagree..??


  1. I have to agree.. Most girls around me wear black kajal. I was initially very disconcerted as to why it looked so stark on me while on them it looked way more natural. I realised this the first time I wore black eyeliner when I was 21 so since then I have steered away from it. With my features - a soft brown, (not even a black-brown) is what works best. In fact for day time I use a brown mascara not black.

    1. Another Brown user..yay!!
      im in the same boat..ive seen several people, where Black Kajal looks soo natural,as though they are born with. But i could never pull it out..
      and Brown mascara..?? I have to try that soon..For now..i dont use black mascara often..


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