Perfect Dupe for Miss Dior Cherie

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Feels great to do the first dupe post.
Okay..anybody there whos great lifetime fan of Christian Dior 'Miss Dior Cheris' Eau De Toilette Spray ? Im one of them. And im happy to announce that theres a dupe for 1/4th of the price.
Yes.. Its by 'Instyle Fragrance'. I got mine at Walgreens.
Its "Instyle Fragrances Designer Mist Sheer Body Mist for Women An Impression of Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie"

Yesterday Ive been to Walgreens to get some essentials and luckily ive stumbled across the body sprays aisle having some time. Theyve got testers for everything..and when I saw the 'Miss Dior Cherie' written on them...I have to test it..and when Ive tested it..I have to have it. Haha.
One more that though its a Body mist..its strong..mean to say its not overpowereing..but i meant strong in the grounds of long lasting. I wore it today in the morning..and now its almost 6 in the evening..and i can still smell it. I LOVE it.. Cant beat the price either.. for 4.2oz, its $8. Where does that compare with the original perfume which retails almost around $90?

I used to like Bath and Body works Body mists..but they never lasted on me more than 2 hrs..why..sometimes i have to carry it and spray it whenever i need. But I dont see that thing happening with this one.
I never heard about this 'Instyle Fragrances' brand..but whatever it is..Just check that out if u hit Walgreens anytime.

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